Monthly Archives: August 2021

Visit Surry!

You may recall that, in May, Motor Man and I visited Bacon’s Castle during the filming of a short tourism video for Surry County.  The filming had been promoted on the Castle’s Facebook page, and volunteers were needed to appear in the video. I shared about our visit in this blog post.

As I wrote in that post (and many times in the past, I don’t really need an excuse to visit the Castle.

The video had completely slipped my mind, but a few days ago, I happened to see it on the  Surry County, Virginia Facebook page.

And there we were!  Around the 16 second mark. You have to look quick, or you’ll miss us.

This was quite a surprise. Most of you know how special Bacon’s Castle is to me, and it’s fun to add this to my list of Castle experiences.

~These Days Of Mine~