Monthly Archives: October 2016

To The Hills

Last Friday, Motor Man and I  “headed for the hills”(as my friend says) . We took our annual ride to the Blue Ridge mountains to see the fall foliage.  Since it was to be a one day trip, we left very early in the morning.  There was just the right amount of fog over some of the fields along the way.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the photos you can take while riding down the highway at 60 miles per hour.


Mountain roads and scenery just intrigue me. This was one of the pretty scenes we passed.


As I’ve said before, perhaps growing up across the highway from a dairy farm  was the beginning of my fascination with barns…and cows.


Later in the day, we drove up on the Skyline Drive. We don’t really think we were there for the peak foliage time, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we couldn’t complain.


 Not surprisingly, I also found a horse, who was hanging out with his sheep buddies.


And this was taken from the other side of that sweet little red barn.


We remembered the tripod so we could get pictures of us without having to ask strangers to take them.


Perfect weather, gorgeous scenery and time with my Motor Man:


It was a wonderful day.

~These Days Of Mine~