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Random Five Friday

Wrapping up another week with Random Five Friday:

1.) Sundae had her yearly check-up yesterday and got a good report. I was very proud of her: she was so well-behaved. She didn’t meow or try to fight the vet or the assistants. Good girl!

sundae 12-30-2013 9-01-10 PM

2.) Not quite yet, but we’re getting close to seeing jonquil blooms.

buds 2-25-2014 9-25-21 AM

3.) My friends and I celebrated Shirley’s birthday Wednesday at a little Italian restaurant. The servers there know us well and seem to enjoy us coming in for lunch.  We were having fun, posing for pictures and pretending to “cater to” the birthday girl. (“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” ~ Chili Davis)

bd girl 2-26-2014 2-07-05 PM

4.) One of the perks of blogging is “meeting” new people.  Yesterday, I “met” a VERY distant relative. She’d found my Friday’s Fences post about Smith’s Fort Plantation from April of last year, and left a comment that she was researching a mutual ancestor, Thomas Warren. Thomas was my 8th great grandfather and her 10th great grandfather.  Wonder exactly what “kin” that makes us?

5.) All together now:  “GOOD-BYE FEBRUARY”!

sun setting 2-9-2014 5-31-18 PM

Stop over at Nancy’s for more random thoughts.

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Gypsy’s Journal – Page 5

Happy Thursday, folks; Gypsy here with another page of my journal.

I had some excitement on Monday evening. When Motor Man came into the shop on Tuesday morning, I immediately led him to the mouse I had killed during the night!  (Sorry: no photo.)

But, as the day went on and Motor Mommy got there, they noticed that I was not “myself”. I spent almost all day in my bed; I didn’t play, I didn’t run around (launching off the back of Motor Mommy’s chair onto the filing cabinet), I didn’t “talk” to Motor Man like I usually do, I didn’t eat very much.  They were very concerned about me.

gypsy in bed-001

But yesterday, I was fine!

Why I was pokey on Tuesday, we don’t really know. Was it the excitement of catching a mouse?  Did I wear myself out, chasing him around the shop?

Whatever the reason, my pawrents were SO relieved yesterday to see that I was back to normal.

db and gyp 2-18-2006 11-37-36 AM

I overheard a conversation they had, and guess what? I’m being promoted to Chief Executive in charge of pest control!

I love my job!

~These Days Of Mine~


Our view here at home is ever-changing.

Sunrise, January 31, ice on the water.

icy marina at sunrise 1-31-2014 6-58-36 AM

February 12, a snowy afternoon.

deck 2-12-2014 4-31-48 PM

February 21, severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. Yes, that’s wind on the water.

storm clouds 2-21-2014 1-04-37 PM

February 25, a lavender sky at sunrise.

lavender 2-25-2014 6-40-10 AM

(Although beautiful in their own way, I’m ready to replace the winter views with spring ones.)

~These Days Of Mine~

“Catchin’ A Wave”

Today, I’m sharing last weekend’s adventure with Motor Man and his mom. And let me just say that it was something quite different for her.

We picked her up around mid-morning and headed for the Outer Banks.  She thought we were just going to check on our beach house, have lunch and drive back home.


Once we were in the Outer Banks, we helped her into our Jeep and off we went out onto the beach at Corolla.  She didn’t care much for bumping across the sand. She didn’t care much for Motor Man driving so close to the ocean. We only saw four horses, and none of those were on the beach (or even in good spots for photographs). She didn’t seem to be enjoying the adventure very much.

But then, she happened to mention that she might like to dip her toes in the Atlantic . Here’s the rest of the story:

By the time Motor Man got the step stool from the back of the Jeep, she had already taken her shoes and knee-hi's.

By the time Motor Man got the step stool from the back of the Jeep, she had already taken off her shoes and knee-hi’s.

dip1a 2-22-2014 2-28-55 PM

Hmm…I don’t know about this…

dip2 2-22-2014 2-28-56 PM

Motor Man thought she was just going to get her toes wet; he’s still wearing his socks and shoes.

dip3 2-22-2014 2-28-59 PM

I love this picture!

dip4 2-22-2014 2-29-01 PM

Motor Man’s smiling here, but he had to endure soggy socks and shoes for the entire trip home.

I had set up our camera on the tripod as Motor Man was helping his mom out of the Jeep, so even though both of them had cold, wet feet, we managed to get a “group picture”.

dbjr mrs k 2-22-2014 2-29-41 PM

We helped Mom dry her feet right away and turned on the heat in the Jeep. Then, with her socks and shoes back on, we treated her to a nice dinner and delivered her safely back home. I think this trip will give her something to talk about…until her next adventure.

~These Days Of Mine~

Prints Charming

If you’ve spent much time here on These Days, you know that Pam, who writes whose cat, Sammy, writes the blog “One Spoiled Cat“, is a good friend of mine. She’s also an author, having written the novel, The Mystery of David’s Bridge, as well as two childrens’ books. In addition, Pam is also a talented artist. Not long after we became friends, she gifted me with an 8×10 of one of her prints, The Old Boat. To read more about this painting and a poem Pam wrote about it, click here.

Being the procrastinator that I am, it’s taken me awhile to have it framed. But I took care of that last week. I have always been in awe of anyone who can draw/paint/sketch….. Thanks, Pam! Love you, girlfriend.

pams print 2-23-2014 11-20-53 AM

Also, a few months ago, I was contacted through my blog email address by Mary Lou Troutman. She explained that she’s an artist who lives in Maryland, and one of her friends had requested a painting of the buy boat, Samuel Bailey, passing by the Blackistone Lighthouse.  Through research, Mary Lou had  found my blog post on buy boats and was writing to ask if she could use my photo as a reference for her painting.

Even better, she offered to either pay me, or, once the painting was done, send me a print. Or, if I preferred, I had the option of choosing another print from her web-site. I immediately replied and gave her permission to use my picture for reference.

Here’s her beautiful painting, which I had framed at the same time I had Pam’s done.

samuel bailey 2-23-2014 11-23-45 AM

I apologize for the weird angle, but it’s almost impossible to get a reflection-free photo of anything behind glass.

Thanks again, Pam and Mary Lou; we’re honored to display your beautiful artwork in our home.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Time once again for Nancy’s Random Five Friday!

1.) A thank-you to those of you who read yesterday’s blog post (before I corrected it) and didn’t mention that Valentine’s Day was actually last Friday. I had mistakenly written that it was Saturday. Motor Man pointed it out to me (by phone) and asked if I were trying to make him look bad, as in being a day late to bring me roses and a card.

2.) Unfortunately, I was on the road when he called, and unable to edit the post on my phone. Marshall and I were on our way to take Frances, a long-time friend, to breakfast.  We always enjoy visiting with her, and we think the feeling is mutual.

marshall db and frances 2-20-2014 10-53-38 AM-horz

3.)  We are hinderedaggravatedbothered, exasperated by Canada geese  in our yard. We were told that chasing them with radio control vehicles sometimes convinces them to move on to another location. So we recently bought an RC Jeep. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough “oomph” to travel across the grass. So Motor Man carries it and revs the engine in it while walking toward the geese. They really don’t like the sound. (Perhaps he needs to build a high-performance engine for that Jeep.)

goosebuster3 1-25-2014 1-01-29 PM

4.)  Daytona 500 on Sunday!  I’ve been to Daytona twice; Motor Man has been several times.  We’re glad that we had the opportunity to see races at some of the large tracks, but now we just like watching from the comfort of home. (But I do miss the sound of the cars and the smell of tire rubber. Yes, I’m a redneck, why do you ask?)

5.) Our forecast today is for rain and possibly severe thunderstorms. Sounds like a good day to spend (rubber) stamping in my little “craft” loft.

rainy window 2-15-2014 4-47-19 PM

Feel free to share your randomness.

~These Days Of Mine~

Made Me Smile

Today, for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, I chose this prompt:

5.) Something that made you smile this week.

Last Friday, Valentine’s Day, Motor Man and I had breakfast together at home, and he left to work at the shop for awhile.  Within an hour, I heard the back door open and close and knew that he had come back home.

I was at the opposite end of our (long) hallway, and wondered if something was wrong, since he hadn’t planned to be back home so soon. When I looked around the corner, this is what I saw:

jr roses card 2-14-2014 8-07-49 AM

My sweetie, in his work clothes, clutching a dozen red roses in one hand and a Valentine card in the other.  I’m so glad the camera was within easy reach, so I could have a photo as a reminder of the smile this brought.

I posted this picture as my status on Facebook Saturday, and my sister, June’s, comment gave me another smile: “And love walks in….”.

Mama’s Losin’ It

~These Days Of Mine~