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Countdown To Two Decades

Motor Man and I were married twenty years ago this Wednesday. The date was 02-02-02.

Our family and friends, and those of you who’ve been following the blog for awhile, likely know most of what I’m sharing today.

But here are a few fun facts about our engagement and wedding:

1.) Motor Man proposed on November 10, 2001, at the beach cottage he owned in the Outer Banks. When we sold the cottage a few years later, we used our tripod to take pictures in the exact spot.

2.) Our plans for the evening had been to go to a movie, so after the proposal, we continued on to the theater. The movie was:  “Shallow Hal’.  Motor Man was so confident in his decision to ask me to marry him that he fell asleep during the movie.  I was so excited, I had trouble keeping my mind on the story line.  I think it’s safe to say we wasted the money for those movie tickets.

3.) We began looking at dates for our wedding, knowing we wanted to wait til after the holidays. When I mentioned to Motor Man that the date of the first Saturday in February would be 02-02-02, that clinched it. He knew he’d never forget our anniversary (I doubt that he would, anyway).

4.) Soon after Motor Man proposed, I secretly entertained the idea of getting married at historic Bacons Castle. (Click here to read about my family’s connections to that property if you aren’t familiar.) At the time, a dear friend of ours was the site coordinator there. When she and I had lunch so I could share the news of our impending marriage, she actually brought up the idea of us being married at “The Castle”. Done.

5.) As I began thinking about my wedding dress, I searched on E-bay, and soon found THE one. That was my first experience with E-bay, so I created an account and began bidding on the dress.  The auction came down to ‘the wire’, and my bid was the last one in before the time was up. The dress was new and was being sold by a bridal shop that was reducing its inventory. And it fit like it was made for me. The only thing it needed was to be hemmed, and our friend (the site coordinator) who was also a seamstress, did that for me as part of her wedding gift to us.

Tune in Wednesday for more fun facts about our wedding.

~These Days Of Mine~