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Random Five Friday

Here we are again: time for Random Five Friday.

1.) As you can imagine, my thoughts this week are mostly on the weather. We’re still covered in snow, and although it’s hindered travel for some, it’s made for some outstanding photo ops.

icy trees and shrubs 1-30-2014 8-04-09 AM

2.) If you aren’t an e-mail subscriber of These Days, here’s a programming note: although I don’t usually post on weekends, there will be a special post this Sunday. And, no, it isn’t Groundhog Day related, nor Super Bowl related.

3.) Have you ever heard the expression: “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!”? When Motor Man and I met with my friend, Pam, and her husband, Dave, back in December, Pam gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas. It’s now blooming, and everytime I walk by it, I think of her. And yes, Pam, I would definitely pick you!

amaryllis 1-30-2014 2-32-43 PM

4.) This week, I’ve been thankful again for the genealogical information that I am so fortunate to have inherited.  A distant cousin (90 years old) passed away on Monday, and I’ll be attending her funeral this afternoon. How is she related to me? Her grandmother and my great-grandmother were sisters. We’re cousins, but I have no idea how many times removed. She was a sweet person, and I’ll miss visiting her in the nursing home.

hazel  1-30-2014 3-15-12 PM.bmp-001

5.)  Thursday evening’s sunset was simply amazing. I trudged across our side yard in snow to the top of my boots to get this. (It was worth it.)

winter sunset1 1-29-2014 5-39-18 PM

Happy Friday, everyone, and I’m joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for:

~These Days Of Mine~

Snow Day

Tuesday evening, we had a rare (for our area) snowfall of about six inches. When I was a child, we’d have that much snow quite often, but that isn’t the case these days.

Our old cedar tree has weathered another snow storm.

cedar tree 1-29-2014 9-43-56 AM

Motor Man and I spent most of the day at home, but we ventured out for awhile around mid-day. Believe it or not, there are four lanes under all that snow.

road 1-29-2014 12-09-45 PM

Back home, it’s rare that we see the Pagan River with this much ice. This was taken from our balcony.

marina 1-29-2014 1-32-031

Motor Man and I played in the snow.  Well, we stood in the snow for the 15-seconds it took for the timer on the camera to snap this picture.

dbjr snow 1-29-2014 12-37-017

And how did Sundae spend the snow day? Trying to decide whether to lie under or on top of her blanket.

sundae on blankie 1-29-2014 5-43-11 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

Gypsy’s Journal – Page 1

Hello, it’s Gypsy, and this is the first edition of my journal. Last week, my Motor Mommy “teased” you with this photo:

gyps hangover 1-21-2014 11-36-40 AM

She promised that I would explain to you what Motor Man did after that photo was taken. But, before that, here’s another view:

gypsy hangover2 1-23-2014 7-16-52 PM

As you can see, I had a serious “hangover” issue.  Some of you guessed that Motor Man “dumped” me on the floor after these pictures were taken.

But, no. Motor Man came to my rescue!

hangover fix 1-23-2014 3-22-31 PM

Motor Mommy and I aren’t sure exactly what this is. It’s some gadget/gizmo from an engine. Motor Man used it to make a bracket and wrapped it in 200 mile-per-hour duct tape (it was sharp).

But that wasn’t enough, because then I was “hanging over” the other side….so he had to make a second bracket.

gypsys bed

That man really does love me, and you know what?

gyps and jr 1-21-2014 9-25-39 PM

The feeling is completely mutual.

(We had a significant snowfall last night. Pictures tomorrow!)

~These Days Of Mine~

While We Wait….

Well, winter storm #2 is scheduled to hit us later today.   The weather folks are guessing predicting 2-5 inches for our immediate area. Or 7-10 inches, depending on which tv station you watch.

I can’t help but think that, if my mother were here, she’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect. She’d either say that she wasn’t “studyin’ {worrying} about that storm”, meaning that the storm won’t amount to anything. Or she’d say: “Papa used to say when you see {insert reference to some sign in nature}, we were going to have a heavy snow”, meaning we’d better batten down the hatches.

Yesterday, our high temp was 63. Around sunset, I happened to glance out the window, and immediately ran to get the camera out of my car.

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I took this first picture. I was afraid the sun would slip below those dark clouds, and I’d lose that gorgeous golden light on the marsh.

marina1a 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM

 I’ve taken dozens, maybe hundreds, of photos of the marina in all sorts of weather (and shared many of them with you), but I’ve never seen the colors as vivid as they were yesterday afternoon.

marina 1-27-2014 4-55-10 PM

And the entire time I was taking pictures, these friends were waiting impatiently for corn. (I fed them an extra amount to fortify them for the storm.)

duckies 1-27-2014 4-55-33 PM

The light was changing quickly; the dark blues were becoming more aqua.

snow clouds2 1-27-2014 4-55-26 PM

Quite a change in our weather today. This morning, it’s 26.

And now, we watch and wait…

~These Days Of Mine~

Frozen In Time

Motor Man and I began taking his mother to lunch on Sundays after his father passed away in September. Usually, we take her out for a ride afterward and call it our Sunday adventure.

Yesterday, we rode to Mathews County, Virginia. It’s about 60 miles northeast of us and is located on the Chesapeake Bay.

Nearby is the New Point Comfort Lighthouse, built in 1805. It’s the third oldest of the Chesapeake Bay lighthouses still standing.

npc lighthouse 1-26-2014 3-08-45 PM

These next pictures were taken from the New Point Comfort Reserve. In the distance is the Chesapeake Bay, and Mobjack Bay is to the far right.

new point comfort reserve 1-26-2014 3-17-08 PM

Although the temperatures were in the 40’s for the first time in several days, there was still a nip in the air, but the scenery was well worth braving the cold.

npc with walkway 1-26-2014 3-15-34 PM

Motor Man and his Mom waited in the truck while my camera and I ventured out to the end of this walkway.

npc reserve walkway 1-26-2014 3-17-47 PM

Mathews County is very rural, and the town of Mathews is your typical small town.

When Motor Man was a teenager, his Mom was a realtor and owned her own real estate business. She sold a few pieces of property in Mathews. Motor Man’s parents had considered purchasing one house in particular, and relocating to the area (at the time, they were living in Newport News).

still 15 1-26-2014 3-11-24 PM

Yesterday, Motor Man told his mom that it’s a good thing they didn’t buy that house back then. The area has changed so little, that, if they had, he would probably still be fourteen.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, another Random Five Friday. Here’s what’s happening in my world this week.

1.) We had a winter storm Tuesday afternoon/evening, resulting in an inch or two of snow. Motor Man and I took a little drive Wednesday morning to check out our local scenery. This is Jericho Road, one of the little streets in our town.

jericho rd 1-21-2014 10-00-30 PM

2.) It’s been a busy week of lunches with former classmates and co-workers. That’s probably the best thing about being (semi) retired; having the freedom to get together with friends.

3.) Last night we celebrated the birthday of one of Motor Man’s sisters. Her two granddaughters were there. This is Lily, who really wasn’t posing in this picture. Precious.

lily2 1-23-2014 4-43-17 AM

And this is Lily with big sister, Livy. Can you tell we had spaghetti for dinner?

lily and livy 1-23-2014 5-37-33 AM

4.) In kitty news, next week,  Gypsy will begin writing an occasional post here, titled “Gypsy’s Journal”. Perhaps she’ll explain what Motor Man did not long after this photo of her “hangover” was taken.

gyps hangover 1-21-2014 11-36-40 AM

And Sundae will have some big news next week, too.

5. Motor Man and I are planning a little get-away for one weekend next month. Anyone care to guess what type of trip we’re hoping to take….? Hint: it’s the same type trip we were on when the photo on my sidebar was taken.

What randomness would you care to share this Friday?

~These Days Of Mine~

Winter Comes To The Beach

Yesterday, Motor Man had to run an errand in Chesapeake, and since Chesapeake is only about an hour from the Outer Banks…well, you probably can guess the rest of the story.

Yes, we rode a little further south.

winter coats 1-22-2014 3-49-37 AM

And we found beautiful horses, wearing warm, wooly winter coats, grazing on snow covered dunes.

2 horses 1-22-2014 3-48-35 AM

Look at those colors!

horse two colors 1-22-2014 3-49-27 AM

Seeing horses actually out ON the beach is always a gamble, but finding them on the dunes is second best.

horse and fence 1-22-2014 4-04-35 AM

As you can see, the Outer Banks had a dusting of snow beginning Tuesday afternoon. The following video was posted on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page yesterday. It’s a good thing the horses are wearing their thick winter coats.

I can’t imagine seeing this in person.

~These Days Of Mine~