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Random Five Friday

I’d like to report a missing month: exactly what happened to June?

1.) During this (very quick) month, we celebrated my birthday, Marshall’s birthday and Father’s Day.  It may be a short month, but it’s a very busy one.

2.) Recently, I purchased a chair for my sunset evenings. It may not be too comfy, but I like it. My mom, the butterfly lover, would approve.

3.) Although we see lots of deer in our yard, we rarely see a buck.  Check out those little antlers. I’m far from being a deer expert, but I think during this time, they’re said to be “in velvet”.  (Repeat after me, little guy: I must not eat flowers, I must not eat flowers…)

4.) Speaking of which: so far, so good.  I’ve never known the deer to eat Angelonia, so that’s what I planted in my old bicycle basket bucket.

5.) What are your plans for the long holiday weekend?  I’m looking forward to putting up buntings  on the deck railing and these “column flags” on our front porch.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Wildlife Wednesday: “The Figurehead”

As most of you know, we have an abundance of wildlife in our yard: squirrels, rabbits, deer, ducks, Canada geese (please may I ship some of those to you?).

Yesterday, as I was out and about doing yard work, I happened to notice something on our old wooden boat.

Normally,  they’re very easy to spook and will fly away, squawking up a storm, if you come near them.

But, I was able to get some pictures of this one with my zoom lens.

And, although certainly not the most handsome of birds…

…I couldn’t help but think that he resembled a figurehead on our “ship”.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews: Mani-Pedi

Hello, These Days fans! Gypsy reporting in with this week’s Mews.

As most of you know, my home is the office at my pawrents’ shop. I’m actually in charge there: I even have a plaque near my bed that says “Boss Lady”. But a kitty with claws in an office with carpet can present some challenges.

Motor Mommy is very good about keeping my claws trimmed, so I won’t have claw snags. She frequently says that I need a “mani-pedi” (whatever THAT is).  And Motor Man always helps.  Ever since I adopted them when I was two months old, he and I have had a special bond.

So when it’s time for my mani-pedi, Motor Man holds me and talks softly to me. (You can even see the little claw snippets on his shirt.)

I immediately relax, and Motor Mommy is able to trim my claws with no problem.

Mom, really?! What happened to my head?

Do I have the life or what…?

I wish every kitty had a family like mine.

PeeEss: the plaque on Motor Man’s desk says: “Living in the fast lane, until I married a speed bump”. He and his racing buddies think that’s pretty funny.

~These Days Of Mine~

Here A Horse, There A Horse

It’s been a while since I’ve shared wild horse photos with you, so today’s the day.

When Motor Man and I spot the first horse on one of our beach trips, one of us will usually say: “Well, it won’t be a zero day”. Thankfully, we’ve only had a few of those over the years we’ve been going to see the horses.

On our most recent trip, we set a personal record: the highest number of wild horses we’ve ever seen.  We counted 92….ninety-two.  That’s just about the entire herd. Our beach day started with this gorgeous line-up. There were horses standing by the ocean:

There were horses resting by the ocean:

There were horses by the dunes:

There were horses ON the dunes:

And horses running OFF the dunes:

There were horses in front of sand fences:

And horses by the sound:

There were horses everywhere!


~These Days Of Mine~








The Mischief Of Motor Man, Part I

My Motor Man was, apparently, a very mischievous child. He has told me many stories of his childhood, so I thought I’d do a sort of “mini-series” here on These Days and have him relate some of that mischief to my readers.

In today’s inaugural episode, Motor Man shares his early attempt at rocket launching.


Those of you who know Motor Man personally know that mischief has continued to follow him through the years, so trust me, there’s no shortage of material for this series.

Stay tuned.

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: Twins!

Good morning, efurryone! Another Monday has rolled around, and it’s Sundae, here to bring you this morning’s mews.

We had some excitement around our house a few days ago.  Motion outside the bedroom window caught Motor Mommy’s eye, and when she realized what it was, she was so surprised.

Tiny twin fawns!

She apologizes for the poor photo quality: these were taken through the windowpane.

Motor Mommy said those babies aren’t much bigger than me. (Look at that cute little face.)

I could tell that it was something that definitely needed my attention, too. So I quickly made my way to the window and jumped up on the sill for a better look.

Yes, Motor Mommy realizes that those babies will be eating her plants, but she just couldn’t help but think they’re so cute.

I plan to do my best to alert Mom whenever they’re out in the yard by “chattering” at them.  Of course, I do that when I see squirrels…or birds…or rabbits…or hummingbirds.  Maybe I could come up with a special “baby deer chatter”, sort of like a special ring tone?

~These Days Of Mine~


Celebrating Marshall

Birthday month continues in our family, and today, we celebrate Marshall.

When the birthday of your adult child comes around, I think it’s only natural that your thoughts travel back through the years….from the very first birthday to all the childhood birthday cakes: Smurfs, Tom & Jerry, Batman, General Lee, dinosaurs.

And all those old sayings ring true: “they grow up so quickly, where does the time go….”

Today we’ll celebrate with a meal at one of Marshall’s favorite restaurants, and, in place of birthday cake, he’ll probably be presented with a complimentary slice of their famous pie.

Last year’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Marshall!

~These Days Of Mine~