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Random Five Friday

Thanksgiving week Random Five:

1.) We’ve had some interesting weather this week: near record high temps one day, heavy rain and wind the next, but thankfully, no snow. This was the sunset on Monday evening (taken through the windshield on our way to dinner).

sunset 11-24-2014 5-09-14 PM

2.) Seems that RF5 has become a good way to say Happy Birthday to special people in my life. Tomorrow is my niece, Donna’s, birthday. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, taken during a visit a few years ago.

d and d

3.) This little cartoon has been making the rounds on Facebook. It took me awhile to “get it”. How about you?


4.) We had guests on the lawn recently. This mama deer has been in our neighborhood for several years. She has a crippled hind leg, and it is so sad to watch her walk. But she’s apparently a mommy once again – to twins.

mama deer 2 babies2 11-14-2014 4-41-28 PM

5.) AND we had a special Thanksgiving guest yesterday. At first, I thought Bride Swan had been somewhere and gotten very dirty. But, after a little research, I think this may be a juvenile mute swan.

swan1 11-27-2014 8-48-50 AM

I whistled at her the way we do to call Bride and Groom Swan, and she came toward me. I threw out some bread for her, and although leery of it at first, she finally ate some.  A neighbor just a couple of miles away has exotic animals and many different breeds of waterfowl. Maybe I’ll see him around town soon to find out if she was visiting from his farm.

mottled swan 11-27-2014 8-49-26 AM

Did you have special Thanksgiving guests?

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Thanksgiving, Throwback Thursday And Mama Kat’s

I agree: that’s quite a title; today’s  is a busy post here on These Days. This is the prompt I chose for today’s Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop:

1. Write a post, poem, or story about something you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

This is the Throwback Thursday portion of the post:

Marshall’s first Thanksgiving 1980

And this is the giving thanks part:

We are fortunate to have the basic essentials necessary for life: food, shelter and clothing. I would also includ “love” on that list. I am thankful to have never NOT known the love of family and friends.

And we have the extras: pets, transportation, technology (which enables us to blog), hobbies, entertainment…that add so much to our lives.

But there’s one thing that I’m especially thankful for today, and that is good health.

Some of my friends have had health scares during the past few months, one even being in ICU on life support for a few days. But, thankfully, all the scares were just that: scares. My friends are all, thankfully, doing well now.

And, just in the past week, a close family member received good test results on an MRI.

Many years ago, I read this quote, and it’s stayed with me. I wasn’t able to determine its origin; Google let me down on that one.

Good health:  rich man’s blessing, poor man’s wealth.

I hope good health is one of your blessings this Thanksgiving day.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Uncle Bennie’s Desk

After my cousin, Lona, passed away last year, her brother, Robert, was faced with the task of emptying the home their late parents lived in for over fifty years.

He asked if there were anything in the house I would like to have, and I mentioned a couple of things, one being an old desk.  Robert lives out of state, and has had no reason to hurry the cleaning-out process, but he called last weekend to say we could come pick up the desk.

old desk side 11-25-2014 3-19-30 PM

I remember it being in the same location at my Uncle Bennie and Aunt Doris’s home since I was a child. Robert didn’t know any history on the desk before his parents came to own it.  Although I had every intention of taking a picture of it before we moved it, that slipped my mind. These photos were taken of it in its new home with us.

old desk 11-25-2014 3-19-21 PM

Just look at the “lid”; that beautiful patina on those old, old boards.

desk lid1 11-25-2014 3-20-15 PM

And the interior, with all those cubbies. I’d love to know where it was originally used.

desk interior 11-25-2014 5-57-26 PM

I knew there had always been a second, nearly identical, but newer, desk in another room at Uncle Bennie’s, but I didn’t know the story, until Robert recently told me.

Uncle Bennie and Aunt Doris had two children: Lona and Robert. Uncle Bennie, years ago, said that when he passed on, he didn’t want their two children arguing over the old desk. So he made an identical one.  Of course, then the two siblings both wanted THAT desk, since it was made by their dad.

The desk made by Uncle Benn

The desk made by Uncle Bennie still in place at his home

When Lona passed away, that, of course, left both desks to Robert. Since he preferred the newer desk, he was glad for me to have the old one….with one stipulation:

I also became the owner of this sweet old ceramic puppy vase/planter.

puppy closeup 11-25-2014 5-57-00 PM

Robert never recalled that planter being anywhere else but atop the desk, and, although he certainly didn’t mean that I had to display it there, I have no intention of separating the two.

puppy on desk 11-25-2014 5-57-13 PM

Old things, especially those with family ties, have always meant more to me than new ones. The old desk and planter will always be reminders to me of Lona and her family. I’m happy we’re able to give them a new home.

 ~These Days Of Mine~




Explaining “The” Picture

Many of you guessed correctly when I posted this picture on last Friday’s Random Five:

closeup 11-20-2014 1-52-36 PM

My friend, Bev, and I had taken advantage of  a fairly warm day to go shelling. Although we use the word “shelling”, in the few months since we began this hobby, in addition to shells, we’ve also found sharks teeth, sea glass, coral and other treasures.

On the day we went last week, we both wore several layers to block the wind. Under my hood, I also had on ear muffs and a sun visor. With my sunglasses on top of my head, the photo brought back memories of “Cousin Itt” on the Addams Family.

internet photo

internet photo

Motor Man had some free time that day, so he accompanied us to the beach. He ventured out for a few minutes, but while waiting for us in the truck, he had access to the camera. And I’ve learned that can be dangerous…

This photo of Bev proves that sometimes we get rather serious about our beachcombing.

bev - combing 11-20-2014 1-55-38 PM

It just brings to mind, once again, one of my favorite quotes:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing.”     ~George Bernard Shaw

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Since it’s Friday, here are five random thoughts:

1.) Fire on the water? No, just the early morning sun, peeking under the clouds last Sunday.

fire on the water 11-16-2014 7-28-05 AM

2.) Today is my friend, Doris’s, birthday. Happy Birthday, Doris! I’m looking forward to celebrating with you next week.

doris 6-6-2014 1-14-22 PM

 3.) Bride and Groom swans made a brief appearance here yesterday.  It’s probably been two months since we’ve seen them, and no, they didn’t divulge any info about where they’ve been.

4.) There’s a story behind this picture, and I’ll share it in a blog post next week.  Any guesses?

db 11-20-2014 1-52-36 PM

5.) With the holidays approaching, I may be taking a day off from blogging here and there.  So if you’re a regular reader, and there’s no post, not to worry.

Feel free to share your randoms. Happy Weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Throwback Thursday

As I was composing a post-that-didn’t-happen for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop yesterday, I came across these photos.

db mascot 1-22-2010 8-44-29 PM

When I was three, I was the mascot for my late sister, Rose’s, high school graduating class.

Although I’m sure my family considered this an honor, It’s easy to see that I was not happy about having my picture taken for the event .

And in this shot, you can actually see tears in my eyes.  (And, gosh, don’t I just look evil?)


(For good reason, the first picture in this post is the one that was chosen for the yearbook.)

One of my earliest memories is that of being called a “cry-baby”. Apparently, I was a fussy infant, and that began a trend. Once I started school and had to leave my mom, my crying career really took off. That caused the other children on the bus to begin teasing me, which just gave me more reason to cry.

Thankfully, I finally grew up, the tears didn’t come so easily,  and I realized that crying didn’t solve anything. Too bad it took so long for that to happen.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wordless Wednesday: Reflecting

reflection 11-9-2014 5-42-48 PM


“What are the best times to reflect on the course of your life? Whenever you are near water, such as the ocean, a quiet pond, or a small stream….”
~Jeff Davidson


~These Days Of Mine~