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Random Five Friday

Thanksgiving week Random Five:

1.) We’ve had some interesting weather this week: near record high temps one day, heavy rain and wind the next, but thankfully, no snow. This was the sunset on Monday evening (taken through the windshield on our way to dinner).

sunset 11-24-2014 5-09-14 PM

2.) Seems that RF5 has become a good way to say Happy Birthday to special people in my life. Tomorrow is my niece, Donna’s, birthday. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, taken during a visit a few years ago.

d and d

3.) This little cartoon has been making the rounds on Facebook. It took me awhile to “get it”. How about you?


4.) We had guests on the lawn recently. This mama deer has been in our neighborhood for several years. She has a crippled hind leg, and it is so sad to watch her walk. But she’s apparently a mommy once again – to twins.

mama deer 2 babies2 11-14-2014 4-41-28 PM

5.) AND we had a special Thanksgiving guest yesterday. At first, I thought Bride Swan had been somewhere and gotten very dirty. But, after a little research, I think this may be a juvenile mute swan.

swan1 11-27-2014 8-48-50 AM

I whistled at her the way we do to call Bride and Groom Swan, and she came toward me. I threw out some bread for her, and although leery of it at first, she finally ate some.  A neighbor just a couple of miles away has exotic animals and many different breeds of waterfowl. Maybe I’ll see him around town soon to find out if she was visiting from his farm.

mottled swan 11-27-2014 8-49-26 AM

Did you have special Thanksgiving guests?

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