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Random Five Friday

It’s F-r-i-d-a-y! Time for Random Five!

1.) Have you been missing the kitties on These Days recently?  Here’s what Miss Gypsy’s been up to….with her mischieveous “human brother”.

marshall and gypsy bunny ears 3-12-2006 4-57-44 PM

2.) As Motor Man was leaving for the shop earlier this week, he spotted this: our backyard version of the “Tortoise and the Hare”.

hare and tortoise 5-28-2014 6-34-26 AM

3.) Wednesday evening, I saw the first lightning bug of the season — and caught it.  I was reminded of Marshall’s childhood. After gently catching a lightning bug, he was taught to open his hand and let it crawl to the tip of his finger. “Fly away home to your family, Lightning Bug”.

4.) We had heavy storms and much needed rain Wednesday night; I won’t have to water plants for awhile.

boats 5-28-2014 7-05-52 PM

5.) This week, I was contacted by a reader in Florida (a native Tidewater Virginian) asking permission to make one of my photos into a cross stitch graph for her private use.  As a former cross stitcher, I can’t imagine how involved this will be. But I agreed and asked only that she send me a picture of her completed project. When she does, with her permission, I’ll share it with my readers.

late aftn

That wraps up another week!

~These Days Of Mine~