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Blog Awards and a Sundae Tease

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I’ve been the recipient of several new blog awards.

“Mama”, at Mama’s Empty Nest, nominated me for the Sunshine Award. That one actually hit home with me. Back in the prehistoric old CB radio days, “Sunshine” was my handle. Here’s the pretty Sunshine Award logo.

Accepting The Sunshine Award requires that I answer these questions:

Favorite color:  Blue. Always has been.

Favorite animal:  Cats. There haven’t been many periods in my life that I wasn’t owned by a kitty.

Favorite number:  Two.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Diet Coke

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

My passion:   My family. (Motor Man says blogging runs a close second.)

Prefer getting or giving presents:  Giving. I love finding just the right something for someone.

Favorite pattern: Hmm. Never really thought about it. I love a country stripe. In blues.

Favorite day of the week:  Friday.  Motor Man, Marshall and I have dinner together every Friday evening.

Favorite flower:  Blue hydrangeas.

AND, my good blogging buddy, Georgette, presented me with four (count ’em: 4) awards: The Liebster and Versatile Blog Awards (which I had been given previously), The Genuine Blogger Award and The Hug Award.

The Genuine Blogger award doesn’t come with any stipulations, but I’m really tickled to receive it. Genuine is good.

As for the Hug (Hope Unites Globally) award, you can read all about the origins of that here. And the only requirement for accepting the HUG award is to pass it on to at least one other person.

I am passing along these awards to the following bloggers.

Linda at The Road Awaits.  I actually knew Linda years ago when my sister was good friends with her parents. Her blog is fairly new, but I look forward to reading it every day.

Sam at One Spoiled Cat.  Okay, so Sam’s “mom”, Pam, really writes for him. It’s a combined effort, because I’m pretty sure Sam dictates what he wants Pam to write. Pam’s an author, so all this writing comes naturally to her.

Cheryl at The Farmer’s Daughter. Cheryl shares beautiful photos and posts about a variety of topics.

MJ at Emjay And Them. I just love MJ’s outlook on life.  And I can count on her to leave nice comments on my blog.

Renee at Writingfeemail. Renee is also an author. She “cuts right to the chase” in her posts, and many times, I find myself learning something new after visiting her blog.

So there you have it. My new blog award collection. And for those of you who aren’t into blog awards, here’s a tease. Just what is Sundae girl about to pounce on in this picture? The answer when Sundae takes over this blog for another edition of “Sundae Says” on Monday. Tune in!

Barn Charm – Uh Oh

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I motored to Nag’s Head. As we traveled along a rural section of the Chesapeake Expressway, we glanced over at an old farm house.

Since we travel that way fairly frequently, we were surprised to see that the barn near the house had collapsed. So, Motor Man, being the wonderful hubby that he is, (and knowing I wanted photos for Barn Charm) exited the Expressway and drove down country roads til we were in front of the farm house and the collapsed barn.

We have no way of knowing when this happened, but feel confident that it was a recent event.

This was the best Google Earth image I could get, showing the barn still standing.

Google Earth image

Linking up to Barn Charm.

Wild Kingdom

Frequently, Marshall will say that our yard is a Wild Kingdom.

The past few days have proven that statement to be true. One day last week, I glanced out the kitchen window to see these ducks visiting. They stopped just short of walking up the steps to our deck.

A day or two later, I returned from my morning walk to find a duck….perched on the old boat in our yard.

The next day, I walked out on the deck and frightened several deer that were in our yard. They scurried into the marsh, and almost disappeared in the reeds. You can see the brown of one deer between the tree to the left and the center tree. But look to the very far right of the photo. See that sweet little face staring at me?

Here’s a cropped version of that picture, which makes the hidden deer easier to see.

These next two pictures were taken Monday afternoon.  Motor Man and I backed out of the garage, glanced over toward the other end of the house and realized we had company again.

The afternoon sun added a little golden light to this scene from our Wild Kingdom.

Marshall knows of what he speaks.

Sunset Sunday

Tuesday evening’s sunset.

Motor Man and I had errands to run in Newport News, so once again, after we crossed the James River Bridge, we pulled over at the park.  The western sky was cloudy, but there was a break between the clouds and the horizon. Motor Man suggested we wait a few minutes.

He had a feeling the sun would reappear as it sunk below the clouds. As is usually the case,

He was right.

Sunrise Saturday

When you hear the words “beautiful sunrise”, you probably think immediately of a sky filled with color.

This was last Saturday’s sunrise.

The water was as smooth as glass. “Good boat racing conditions”, as Motor Man says.

Just proves that you don’t need a colorful sky to have a beautiful sunrise.

Linking up to Weekend Reflections

Finding Fences For Friday

One day last week, Motor Man had a check-up with the eye doctor. Since his eyes were dilated, I drove home. We took the “back roads” and just happened to find the perfect shots for today’s Friday’s Fences.

Another view, showing the slightly rolling landscape.

But this is my favorite. Because we had turned around to go in the opposite direction, the horses were on Motor Man’s side of the vehicle. He took this picture. I love that his hands are reflected in the rear-view.

Linking up to Friday’s Fences.

The Quarter Horse

After taking a little hiatus from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, I’m back this week. This is my prompt:

2.) A time you were tricked.

Although Motor Man and I have only been married 10 years, we’ve known each other for 40. He’s the biggest practical joker I know. And no one is exempt: not his business associates, his racing customers, his friends, his family, and certainly, not me.

In the early days of our “courtship”, we were driving along the highway one day, and this conversation ensued:

Motor Man: “Did I ever tell you about the time I saved a little girl’s life when she was falling off a quarter horse?”

Me: “NO!  You saved a little girl on a horse?!”

MM: “Yeah. It was a quarter horse.”

ME: Where did this happen? Did you know her? How old was she?” (I should have been a reporter.)

MM: “It was up near Farm Fresh.”   (a local grocery store)

Me: “What happened? How did you save her?” (I wanted details.)

MM: “Well, she was falling off and was really scared, and I saved her.”

Me: “What did you do? How did you stop the horse?”




MM: “I unplugged it.”

image from The Carousel Workshop

Yeah.  I married him anyway.

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