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Gotta Have A Horse Post

It’s rare that a week passes here at These Days without at least one horse-related post.  For this week’s entry, I’m sharing pictures from a trip we made to the Outer Banks about 10 days ago.  It was another beautiful day at the beach. We saw 34 horses, and although I’m always excited to see any of them, we had a special treat that day.

foal and parents 6-18-2016 10-47-03 AM

This is the third foal born to the Corolla herd this season; she was introduced on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund page on June 13. (So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to see two of the three. We saw baby North Star with our friends Renee and Mike, as shared in this post from last month.)

I had my lens zoomed in as much as possible while taking these pictures. (I’m trying to be good, hoping Santa may bring me a larger lens for Christmas….)

4 and baby 6-18-2016 10-50-17 AM

Sweet baby, beautiful Mom.

baby and mom 6-18-2016 10-47-48 AM

I’m anxiously awaiting an announcement on a name for this little girl.

Meanwhile, we also saw these two beauties.  In the past, I have referred to them as having “blonde” manes.  A friend of mine with extensive horse knowledge kindly let me know that the correct term is “flaxen”.

2 flaxens 6-18-2016 12-54-46 PM

And I was pleased with this picture of one of the horses having lunch on a dune.

horse on dune 6-18-2016 10-41-42 AM

And that concludes this week’s obligatory horse post.

~These Days Of Mine~

Olden Days, Old Friends

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this weekend was the annual Olden Days festival in our little town. It was started in the 1980’s, and although I think it skipped a few years, it’s back, and bigger and better than ever.

Friday evening, our friends, Donna and Shirley, arrived in town. The four of us parked our lawn chairs on the “village green” in front of the Gazebo stage where the concert was set to take place beginning at 7. We walked a few doors down Main Street to the Ice Cream Parlor, easily found a booth and enjoyed a casual dinner.  During our walk and dinner, we saw several folks we knew, including some we hadn’t seen in many years.

After dinner, we strolled along Main, admiring the classic cars on display and, later, enjoyed the concert.

The next morning, Motor Man joined us for breakfast at Taste Of Smithfield, a restaurant on Main Street. Then he took photos of the three of us with our matching “Farmers Market” totes, which I found at T J Maxx.

3 girls 3 totes 6-25-2016 9-03-13 AM

And, of course, Motor Man had to be a bit different when it came time for our picture together.  (It looks as though he’s wearing a butcher’s apron.)

jrdb 6-25-2016 9-03-41 AM

While the girls and I started in the direction of the Farmers Market, Motor Man visited with several guys he knew who had vehicles in the car show.

tractor and cars 6-25-2016 10-22-43 AM

We shopped at the Farmers Market, as well as the Vintage Market, chatted with folks, petted a few dogs….things you do at your typical small town festival.

Then we met John and his 1960 Lincoln.  We listened intently as he told us its story: his mom bought the car for $1,000 at an estate sale (it was valued at the time at $5,000).  But his dad wouldn’t allow her to spend the money on it, so she borrowed it from her parents. John was the youngest of six children, and the only one his mom ever allowed to drive the car. Later, it was relegated to the garage, where John said it served for many years as the “largest shelf” ever.

Years later, John completely and lovingly restored the car (all 19 1/2 feet of it; at the time the longest car ever made).

donna and john 6-25-2016 11-46-12 AM

He then had it transported cross country, so his, at the time, 94-year-mother could see it, and drive it once more.  He told us she cried when she saw it restored to its former beauty.   His mother has since passed away.

Meeting John and hearing his family’s history with that car was one of the highlights of our day.

john and lincoln 6-25-2016 11-41-16 AM

Another Olden Days is in the books. The weather was perfect, the company was fun, and we’re left with special memories of the weekend.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Here are today’s random thoughts from our little corner of the world:

1.) All those early morning and late evenings I spent spraying Liquid Fence have been worth it.  I actually have a decent gladiola crop this year.  In the past, the deer have enjoyed the blooms before I even had a chance. Glads always bring back memories of my grandmother.

glads 6-23-2016 6-41-51 PM

2.) A couple of evenings ago, Sundae was just “hanging around” on the arm of the recliner while I read the paper.  I took this picture of her from an odd angle with my cell phone. (A selfie, of sorts.)  It reminds me of a stodgy old gentleman in a library.  Marshall says she looks as if she’s ready to say: “Oh, yeah?!  Well, let me tell you this….”


3.) Wednesday morning’s sunrise.

sunrise marina 6-22-2016 5-50-38 AM

4.) However, yesterday morning was an entirely different story. We had thunderstorms move through around 8:30.  Later, several people, myself included, said they’d never seen it as dark during daylight hours. It was practically impossible to get a good photo. Although the flash of my camera illuminated the raindrops,  you can also see that our neighbors’ exterior photo-eye lights were triggered by the darkness.

raindrops 6-23-2016 8-35-52 AM

5.) This weekend is the Olden Days Festival in our little town.  It begins tonight with a concert (oldies/beach music), a classic car show and vintage market.  Saturday will be more concerts, along with the car show, vintage market, craft and food vendors and the farmers market. My friends, Donna and Shirley, are arriving this afternoon to attend tonight’s activities with us, spend the night, and “do the town” tomorrow.  Tonight’s weather is a bit iffy, but tomorrow looks great.

You may recall my post about last year’s Olden Days weekend, where I hitched a ride on a picnic table on wheels. Wonder what adventures we’ll have this weekend?

db picnic table on wheels1 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM

What’s your randomness today?

~These Days Of Mine~

Climb In!

You may recall my post from November of 2013,  Up, Up And Away, where we helped launch a hot air balloon.

Or this post, where the hot air balloon event we recently attended at a local winery had to be cancelled because of wind.

Motor Man and I are in touch quite often with Mark, the owner of the balloon company. I received a message from him last Saturday night, saying that they would be launching early Sunday morning.  He thought I may like to come take pictures. (Now where would he get an idea like that?)

So it was a very early morning for us.  This was taken around 5:30, just as we were heading out the door.

sunrise 6-19-2016 5-23-04 AM

About an hour later, the crew was filling the balloon with air.

filling balloon 6-19-2016 6-27-01 AM

 This is an interesting view from the other end of the balloon.

inside balloon 6-19-2016 6-32-20 AM

Things were definitely heating up.

fire3 6-19-2016 6-35-00 AM

Soon, everyone was in the basket and ready for take off.

ready to ride 6-19-2016 6-38-05 AM

Well….almost.  Just a few seconds later, Mark yelled to Motor Man and me: “Two folks didn’t show up, y’all climb in!”

And that may have been for the best, since I didn’t have time to get nervous.

What an absolutely beautiful morning for a balloon flight.

smfd station bridge windsor castle 6-19-2016 6-47-06 AM

Remember the photo I took last week from the James River Bridge of the recovered helicopter?  In this picture, you can see the bridge (to the far right) where I took the picture.

morning jrb6-19-2016 6-49-38 AM 6-19-2016 6-49-38 AM

We became quick friends with another couple on the flight.  They had misplaced their Go-Pro camera, so Motor Man loaned them ours to use – with a promise that I would send them the images. (Hello? Tech support?)

There was just one small problem with our balloon flight: there was NO wind at all that morning. So our ride, although beautiful, was a short one. I took this of our shadow as we were landing.

shadow1 6-19-2016 7-06-02 AM

It was another fun experience with my Motor Man.

dbjr balloon 6-19-2016 7-31-49 AM

And, yes, I do believe I would do it again.

~These Days Of Mine~

Beach Storm

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I made a trip to the Outer Banks on a day that had started out sunny. But, during our visit, an afternoon storm approached.  We saw 50 horses that day, including these five down by the water.

5 horses 6-12-2016 6-26-14 PM

This was the view to the west at that same time. Those were some dark clouds.

cloud to the west 6-12-2016 6-30-35 PM

This picture was taken of those same five horses less than ten minutes after I took the above photo. Conditions definitely “deteriorated”, and quickly.

five in rain 6-12-2016 6-35-08 PM

Lightning, thunder and pouring rain…..and those horses didn’t seem bothered at all.

horses in pouring rain 6-12-2016 6-37-26 PM

This video I took (with the car window down) will give you an idea of the storm. You can see the lightning, but the wind was so strong, I’m not sure you can hear the thunder.

Although we’ve been on the beach in the rain, this was our first time being there during a thunderstorm.  It was very impressive. But, soon, the sun was beginning to break through the clouds.

clouds and dunes 6-12-2016 7-01-22 PM

And, on our way back, we stopped in the little village of Duck to watch the sun set.

sunset 6-12-2016 8-03-01 PM

Once again, we found that a trip to the beach is never boring.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Two birthdays, two fawns,  a recovered helicopter, horses….all in today’s R5F:

1.) Yesterday was Marshall’s birthday.  For over ten years, we’ve celebrated his birthday every year at a restaurant in the Williamsburg area.  And each year, “my two guys” oblige me by posing for a family picture.

marshall db jr 6-16-2016 9-15-59 AM

2.) Marshall’s isn’t the only birthday this week.  When Gypsy adopted us, the vet estimated her to be about two months old and gave her the birth date of June 15. Nearly every morning, Motor Man sends me a selfie of him and Gypsy.  She doesn’t do this when anyone else is at the shop, but when the two of them are there alone, she demands his attention. Spoiled? Not much.

jr and gypsy

3.) Tuesday morning, a Navy helicopter crashed in the James River, which connects our county to the city of Newport News.  The three crew members weren’t injured and were rescued by a nearby boater.  Wednesday evening, Motor Man and I went to dinner in Newport News.  We just happened to be driving back across the bridge as the barge carrying the recovered helicopter was passing under.

helo on barge2 6-15-2016 5-26-00 PM

4.) A couple of weeks ago, I shared pictures and a video of a newborn fawn in our yard.  Earlier this week, I glanced out and saw that we actually have two fawns. I’m not sure if they’re related, but they’re cute.  I’m hoping they don’t care for SSS.

2 fawns 2 6-15-2016 7-17-57 AM

5.) And now, a sneak peek at one of next week’s posts….horses, the beach, a thunderstorm.

horses running 6-12-2016 6-22-13 PM

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Spicy Garden Salad

Last week, I shared that something had been eating the blooms off my petunias, and that I had started using crushed red pepper in addition to Liquid Stench Fence to help deter the critters.

That combo seems to be working.

wash tub 6-14-2016 1-20-48 PM

I’ve also now begun adding a little cayenne pepper to the mix.  And I have petunias again.

petunias 6-14-2016 1-19-33 PM

These pink ones were never affected (perhaps they’re a different flavor?), but I also doused them with my new concoction, as well as the budding white glad there to the right. Deer just love glads.

petunias and glad 6-14-2016 1-21-19 PM

While I was at it, I also used the SSS (stinky spicy stuff) on these pots of petunias and sweet potato vines. Yes, they’re on the front porch, but you may recall that a deer recently climbed the steps to our deck, so I don’t put anything past those rascals.

wheelbarrow 6-14-2016 1-26-16 PM

Although I haven’t seen any signs that deer find this begonia appetizing, I’m not taking any chances. It’s also getting the SSS.

peach begonia 6-14-2016 1-22-30 PM

So far, so good.  Hopefully the deer/rabbits/whatever won’t develop a taste for the SSS; if so I’ll be looking to change the recipe.

Ah…..the challenges of a wannabe gardener in the summertime…..

~These Days Of Mine~