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If You’re Ever In Cape Charles…

Last week, Motor Man and I had reason to be in Cape Charles, a small, old, beautiful waterfront town on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Although we’d visited the area several times in the past, this was our first time really spending any time in the town. We were unexpectedly there around dinnertime, so I did a quick Google search for local restaurants.

We decided on Kelly’s Gingernut Pub, located in an old bank building, circa 1907.

We were seated in the vault, where the ceilings are 16 feet high.

According to their web-site, some of the wood used in the bar area was from nearby buildings and is over 200 years old.

This room reminded me of a parlor.   Through that doorway and to the right is where Motor Man and I were seated.

We loved the atmosphere at Kelly’s, and our food was delicious. I had grilled chicken and steamed veggies and Motor Man had a BLT.  We each had enough of our meal left for lunch the following day.

I regret that I don’t recall the name of our server. She was so personable and efficient and made our dinner even more special.

Isn’t it nice when you just “come across” a really charming restaurant?

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: A Troubling E-mail

Hello, blog readers! This is Gypsy, and on today’s Monday Morning Mews, I have an upsetting email to share with you.

First of all, I’ve been exposed to a computer ever since I was a very young kitty and came to live at my pawrents’ shop.

I’ve helped Motor Man with plenty of research on horsepower.

And I love checking out one of my favorite blogs. It started out as ‘One Spoiled Cat’ and was written by my good friend, Sammy.  When Sammy went to Rainbow Bridge, he continued writing a bit. His pawrents adopted  a new ginger kitty named Teddy, and now he writes many of the posts.  Their mommy, Miss Pam, changed the name of the blog to ‘Two Spoiled Cats‘. You should check it out!

Now….Motor Mommy doesn’t know this, but I recently figured out to log on to her email account when she wasn’t at work. And I wish I hadn’t, because I saw THIS:

Hello Dianna!

We wanted to send you a friendly reminder because our records indicate that Gypsy is due for the following services and items:

Date Due Services and Items for Gypsy
Mar 9, 2018 FECAL EXAM
Mar 9, 2018 RABIES FEL 1YR

Hmmmm…. I have a very strong feeling that there is some poking, prodding and needle sticks in my immediate future.

But, my vet is a super nice lady who tells me what a pretty girl I am, so it won’t be TOO bad.

And, Motor Mommy, purrhaps you should change your password…..

~These Days Of Mine~

Frogs In Ditches

Although we haven’t had any flooding in our area recently, we’ve had enough rain to have water standing in the ditches.

And I’ve noticed that sound the past few evenings…..that sound frogs make…coming from the ditches.

It’s a sound that takes me right back to summertime when I was a child.  Oddly enough, I was never afraid of frogs.  Spiders…now, that was a different story. But my nieces and nephews and I would catch those tiny little frogs that were found around the foundation of our house. We never kept them or harmed them; we’d “catch and release”.

There was a pond (when there was enough rainfall) beside my  childhood home. Judging by the sounds they made, the frogs in there were HUGE. They sang me to sleep “many a night”.  Once, when I was in elementary school, my friend, Carol,  spent the night.  She told me the next morning that she couldn’t sleep because it sounded to her like those frogs were saying “CA-ROL, CA-ROL, CA-ROL“.

The “pond” was to the right of my childhood home

Back to the frogs in the ditches…. I’m wondering: is that just a Southern thing?  Do you have frogs in ditches where you live? Does the sound make you think of summer time?

If you’ve wondered how frogs make the sounds they do, here’s a link I discovered while doing a little research for this post. It includes a couple of pretty amazing video clips.

They’ll cry out like little frogs in a ditch at sundown.”
~Tom Gautreaux

~These Days Of Mine~


On The Map

Motor Man and I aren’t big fans of tv. When I’m at home during the day, I never even turn it on.  In the evenings, sometimes Motor Man will “channel surf”, which usually results in him hitting the power off button on the remote.  There just isn’t much that interests us.

But, for the past few weeks, there has been a show that has definitely kept our attention.  It’s on Discovery, and the name of the series is Killing Fields. You may be familiar with it: cold cases are featured as the authorities revisit and attempt to solve them.

The most recent one, Murder Isle, was filmed in our county.  I recall hearing about the woman’s body found in a field just a few miles outside of town in 2004.

I’ve never been a crime drama fan, most likely that stems from losing my sister to domestic violence when I was a teenager.  But there’s just something fascinating to me about forensics.  Killing Fields Murder Isle is especially interesting to us because we see local landmarks and also recognize some of our law enforcement officers/investigators. And, although it’s for a sad reason, it seems to have put our area “on the map”, so to speak.

There have been a few occasions to “meet and greet” the cast recently, and Motor Man and I were able to attend one of those last week.

If you’ve happened to catch any of the shows, you may recognize these folks. This is Investigator Kris Coughlin.  He and Motor Man met several years ago (yes, Motor Man was on his side.)

I’d actually spoken with this next gentleman on the phone a few years ago, but we’d never met in person. This is Lt. Tommy Potter.

Investigator Randy Patrick.

And, last but not least, Investigator Susan Morgan.

These folks and many others have spent countless hours over the past 14 years attempting to solve this case.  Through this series, we’ve learned that technology involving DNA now is mind-boggling.

I’m told that it’s possible to view this series online, but I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that, perhaps it’s our server…?

The final episode is tomorrow night.  We’re certainly hoping that all the hard work has paid off and that someone is either in custody (or soon will be) for this horrible crime.

Oh, and count Motor Man and me among those who are so thankful for those in law enforcement.

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: Tech Support

Happy Monday, readers! Sundae here, and it’s my turn to share mews with you this week.

As most of you know, Motor Man builds race engines. And he does lots and lots of research on the computer, looking for ways to increase horsepower in the engines he builds. He has a desktop at the office, but at home, he uses a laptop.

So this weekend, I decided that he needed my help with some of his research.

What’s that?   You say that’s not helping?

Well, from a kitty’s perspective, I’m not sure I know what you mean.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Rev To My Engine

You are the jets to my carburetor.
You are the degree to my cam.
You are the octane to my fuel.
You are the lash to my valve.
You are the spark to my plug.
You are the fire to my piston.
You are the gray area to my rules.
You are the viscosity to my oil.
You are the timing to my chain.
You are the green flag to my race.
You are the rev to my engine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Motor Man.

*Originally posted on Valentine’s Day, 2011.  Some things never change.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: “Chaos”

Hello, efurryone! Gypsy here with the mews today.

It was a really interesting week around our shop.

Someone replaced a couple of fluorescent light bulbs in our office early in the week.  The cover is one that’s hinged on one side and opens on the other. Later in the day, while my pawrents were out running an errand, the cover fell open.  It scared me SO badly that, when my pawrents got back, I was hiding under a desk.  It took a while for me to regain my composure, which as you know, is very impawtant for us kitties.

THEN, Motor Man needed to do some work: he needed to “CC a cylinder head”.   It was very cold out in the shop, so he put the head on a big rolling cart and brought it in the my office where it was nice and warm.  That was quite a shock to me- having that strange THING in my space, but before long, I jumped up on one of the shelves to investigate. I also watched closely as he worked on the cylinder head.

All passed my inspection, and once Motor Man finished his work,  he moved the cart back out into the shop.

Whew! So maybe “chaos” was a little too strong a word, but I do hope this week is a quieter one at my office. I’m simply not accustomed to all this STUFF happening.

~These Days Of Mine~