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Random Five Friday

Five randoms for the final Friday in April:

1.) Last weekend, there was an air show at a local Air Force Base.  Although we didn’t actually attend the show, we did stop for awhile in the area after lunch on Sunday with Motor Man’s mom.  We caught some of the stunt planes in action.

air show2 4-24-2016 1-11-16 PM

2.)  A recent soft sunrise:

sunrise 4-19-2016 6-38-58 AM

3.) Gypsy and I took a few selfies one day this week.  We obviously need a little practice: neither of us knew where to look.


4.) On my way home from an appointment Wednesday afternoon, my low tire pressure warning light/alarm on my dash let me know there was a problem.  I pulled over at the village post office, and immediately upon opening my door, heard the air hissing out of the tire.  In less than a minute, this happened.  See that little silver object at the top of the tire?  That’s the business end of an X-acto knife.

flat tire1

I called Motor Man, and he arrived in a few minutes.  A very nice young man who lives next door to the post office saw us and offered to help. He soon had his floor jack and tools there to put the “run-flat” on until we could get to the repair shop. No repairing this tire: we had to buy a new one.

5.) We currently have two Canada Goose couples in our yard, and each couple has two goslings.  Yesterday, I glanced out to see this cute sight: a baby asleep on Mom (or Papa). The other parent  was sleeping nearby, but I couldn’t see where the second little one was.

mom and gosling 4-28-2016 3-20-36 PM

Care to share your randoms?

~These Days Of Mine~

The Most Beautiful Sky

Our friend, Bev, joined us for our most recent trip to Corolla to see the wild horses. She and Motor Man were laughing at me because I kept commenting on how beautiful the sky was. They really teased me when I finally announced that it just may have been the most beautiful sky I’d ever seen.

But, later in the day, when Bev saw some of the photos I’d taken, I think she agreed.

clouds and dunes 4-23-2016 12-24-26 PM

Oh, and by the way, we saw wild horses under that perfect sky. Among them, this stallion and his two mares.   I learned a new horse term compliments of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page: when a stallion steers the mares in his harem in the direction he wants them to go by lowering his head like this, it’s called “snaking”. (Motor Man wishes….)

snaking 4-23-2016 12-38-52 PM

Further along, we saw another stallion with his harem of three mares.

4 horses 1 fin 4-23-2016 12-56-51 PM

Did you happen to notice something else in the photo? Dolphins, very close to the shore.

2 horses 3 fins 4-23-2016 12-56-36 PM

Once I uploaded my photos at home and compared them to some on the Corolla Wild Horse Facebook page, I learned that this handsome boy is the son of Amadeo, the blind stallion rescued from the ocean, who’s now a pampered resident of the Corolla Wild Horse Rescue Facility.  (We met him at the Open House last fall.)  You just never know who you’ll meet on the beach.

amadeos son and 1 mare4-23-2016 1-12-49 PM 4-23-2016 1-12-49 PM

On our way back through the tiny village of Corolla, I took this picture of the Currituck Light.

currituck light 4-23-2016 1-34-26 PM

And if that’s not the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely in the top two.

~These Days Of Mine~

Big Time In A Small Town

Yesterday, as I was writing today’s post, I thought for sure that I had scheduled it to publish this morning. Somehow (I’m not at all sure how), it published while I was smack dab in the middle of a sentence.

My stats show me that I have 72 followers who receive an email each time one of my posts is published.  So, 72 of you were left wondering what in the world happened.

Even more interesting, I had just about decided to trash that entire post. And now I feel that I must finish it. So here goes:

If you’re a Nascar fan, you know that Smithfield Foods is a sponsor of Richard Petty Motorsports.  And most of you probably know that Smithfield Foods headquarters is in our little town of ….Smithfield.

Last Thursday, Richard, himself, came to town as part of an event on the “Foods” headquarters campus.

Although Motor Man had met Richard many years ago and spent time with him at a drag race in Richmond, we decided to join the crowd and take a couple of items to be autographed by “King Richard”.

The first was a model of his race car from 1992, the year that Richard retired from racing.

db and petty 4-21-2016 5-11-45 PM

And the second was a collage print  from that same year. (For those of you not familiar, Gwaltney Packing Company was a sponsor of Petty’s at that time.  Gwaltney was later purchased by Smithfield Foods.)

petty collage 4-24-2016 4-41-26 PM

Someone had given this collage to Motor Man during that time period.

jr and richard 4-21-2016 5-11-59 PM

The thought crossed my mind:  I wonder just how many autographs Richard Petty has given?  Does he ever tire of signing his name?

richard and jr 4-21-2016 5-12-06 PM

Apparently not.  He graciously greeted every person in line, signed whatever item(s) they had and wished them a nice day.

richard petty 4-21-2016 5-16-32 PM

And, now, you know the rest of the story.

~These Days Of Mine~



Earth Mover?

Yesterday afternoon, when I arrived home, I stopped in our driveway to check the mail. Something caught my eye: one of the river rocks edging the flowerbed was moving….

Keep in mind, the rock in the lower part of the video is nearly a foot long and weighs ten (10) pounds. (I weighed it before I wrote this post so I would be accurate.)

A few minutes later, I went out with a garden trowel and (cautiously) lifted the rock.  I didn’t see a thing, but I must admit, I didn’t spend much time in my search.

I’m thinking I don’t really want to see whatever that is underground that can move a ten pound rock.

Your thoughts?

~These Days Of Mine~

Woo-Hoo Wednesday!

Can you bear two horse-related posts in as many days? I sure hope so, because I have wonderful news:

Yesterday, I posted about the Burr-Tillis amendment, regarding the herd size of the Corolla Wild Horses .  It went before the Senate yesterday…..and…..


This is such a good thing for the horses. It means that the herd size will now be mandated to be not fewer than 110, and possibly as many as  120 to 130. A herd of this size means more blood lines and less chance for genetic problems for the horses.

stallion on the beach 1-30-2016 2-47-53 PM

As I said yesterday, politics is a subject I know very little about, so I have no idea how this bill came to pass after it had stalled in the Senate in the past. And that’s not important; what matters is that it did.

Here’s the link to a funny moment during the vote.

(I’ve researched, but haven’t yet been able to learn which Senator provided that little bit of humor.)

For those of you who called your Senators, thank you.  Whether or not our calls made any difference, we may never know.  And that’s okay.

This has been the hope of the folks at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund for quite some time. I’m happy for all of them, and I’m delighted for “my” wild horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

For The Horses…

Those of you who know me personally know that I abhor politics.   But, today, I guess you could say that I’m dipping my toe in political waters.

I’m sharing a message with you from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund:

Please save our horses. The amendment to mandate our herd size to a genetically and physically healthy level is up for a vote THIS afternoon. PLEASE, call (do not write or e mail – not enough time) your US Senator. The link to find their names and phone numbers is below. Tell them that you want them to vote YES on the Burr-Tillis Amendment, #3175. Time is running out for the wild horses and we need your help to flood the Senatorial offices with constituents from all over the country. If you love these horses, PLEASE SAVE THEM.

Please note that voting for this amendment is expected to be THIS AFTERNOON. For the phone number of your senators, click on this link:

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know how much Motor Man and I enjoy our rides on the beaches of Corolla in search of the wild horses.  The herd size is dangerously small, and it is causing genetic problems among the horses.

I’ll be calling my Senators this morning, and I hope you will, too…regardless of where you live.

By the way, for my Virginia readers, I’ll save you the trouble of clicking on the link:
Tim Kaine: 202 224-4024
Mark Warner: 202 224-2023

Hopefully, this amendment will be passed today, and those beautiful horses will continue to run wild and free.  And healthy.

Thank you.

4th horse

~These Days Of Mine~


Biker Dudes And AAA

Saturday afternoon, Motor Man and I attended the 10th anniversary celebration for Currituck Barbecue. That’s the restaurant whose owner purchased and moved the Rosenwald school that I wrote about in last Wednesday’s post.

While there, we officially met the owner, Paul, and wished him well with the restoration of the school house.

db and paul 4-16-2016 3-56-003

Free food (barbecue, catfish and fixings) was part of the celebration under the pavilion, but Motor Man and I had lunch in the restaurant so we could order our chicken chunks.

It just happens that this past weekend was Bike Week at the Outer Banks, and a group of bikers en route to the beach was also having lunch at the restaurant. Motor Man and I had chosen seats in a small area off to the side of the main dining room, and Motor Man was sitting in the corner. As the bikers were leaving, one of them smiled at me and said: “Well, how are you today, young lady?”.   I was waiting for him to step around the corner and spot Motor Man, but he never did. He was just being mannerly, I’m sure. But, yes,  it gave Motor Man some material to work with, and he has teased me ever since about nearly getting “picked up” by a biker.

We spent some time under the pavilion, looking at photos of the Rosenwald school project, and as we were leaving,  Motor Man realized that he’d locked the keys in our vehicle.

 Thankfully, we have AAA.

jr and AAA guy 4-16-2016 5-03-04 PM

When the young man arrived and started working,  it took him less than five minutes to unlock our doors.

AAA guy

And for Motor Man to retrieve his keys.

jr with keys 4-16-2016 5-05-19 PM

Chicken chunks, biker dudes and AAA – all in a Saturday afternoon.

~These Days Of Mine~