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Just Foggy Enough

Motor Man and I had a business errand out of town last Friday, so we got an early morning start.

The day began with cloudy skies and scattered fog, which always makes for interesting photos.

This beautiful old barn is located just outside of our little town, and is a favorite of mine to photograph. It has been recently renovated and was especially pretty in the early morning fog.


From a distance…


The sun was trying to break through the clouds (and succeeded as the day went on).


This property is home to a greenhouse/nursery business.  It’s a scenic spot, with the equipment adding a rustic touch.


Thankfully, the fog that morning was mostly over land and didn’t affect our drive, other than causing Motor Man to stop a few times for me to take pictures. (What a guy.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, effuryone, and welcome to a very special edition of Monday Morning Mews.

Motor Mommy has shared with you before about a very talented young man named Matthew.   If you missed those posts, you can learn a little about Matthew in this link.  We came to know Matthew’s mom, Mary,  because she was online friends with my Aunt June (Motor Mommy’s sister).

Motor Mommy was so honored last year when Matthew (through Aunt June) asked to use her photos as inspiration for some of his sketches.

Then….one day last week, a package came in the mail for Motor Mommy. It was from Matthew!  And THIS is what was inside:


A framed sketch of ME, wearing my Santa Hat (and looking none too happy about it, I might add).   Matthew used this photo, which Motor Mommy had shared on her blog on Christmas Day, 2012.

cattitude in a hat

Now, I ask you:  did Matthew not purrfectly capture my grumpy little expression?

Needless to say, Motor Mommy was so very touched by this gift.   She and Mary are Facebook friends, and according to his mom,  Matthew has been wanting to do this as a gift for Motor Mommy for a long time.

With Mary’s permission, I’m sharing her FB message to Motor Mommy:

“When June first asked you if Matthew could draw from your pictures, he had shared with her that he eventually wanted to share an original drawing of his from your photo. June was so touched by this. Today she is smiling down from heaven as their secret has been carried out.”

And after reading that message…..Motor Mommy reached for the tissues.

Thank you, Matthew, for such a wonderful gift.  We all really hope to meet you and your family in person one day.  We think you’re a very special young man.

Love, Sundae

PS. Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “M”!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five randoms for the final Friday in November.

1.) The skies cleared later in the afternoon, but our Thanksgiving Day began with clouds and a few showers.


2.) We had a nice holiday.  In keeping with tradition, Marshall joined us for breakfast.  We keep it simple.


3.)  On a recent trip to T.J. Maxx, I found this cute little jingle bell tree and placed it in my cart.  For some reason, as I walked through the store,  I was reminded of our horse drawn sleigh rides….?

4.) Motor Man’s allergies have been especially bothersome lately.  Hmmm…could have something to do with all this going on in our area…

harvesting soybeans

harvesting soybeans

5.)  You won’t catch me in the Black Friday crowds today.  But, I will be participating in Small Business Saturday tomorrow on our little Main Street.


Care to share your randoms?  How was your Thanksgiving?  Plans for your weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~

Thanking The Giver


“Count your blessings….and thank the Giver.”  (unknown)

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Hi, there! Hello, furriends! My name is Gypsy, and I’m writing today’s post!  If you’re new here,  allow me tell you a little about me.  I was a tiny stray when Motor Man and Motor Mommy discovered me behind their shop in the summer of 2013.  After doing all they could to make sure I didn’t belong to someone, they took me to the vet to be checked out, then gave me a home in their office I adopted them and quickly became the official greeter at their shop.

Today is my first turn to write a post for Monday Morning Mews, and I’m so excited!

A few weeks ago, Motor Mommy bought a little bag of catnip, just to see what my reaction would be.    At first, I did what kitties usually do when they experience catnip: acting kinda crazy. But, then I remembered that I was a feline and controlled myself.

Then last week, she took the bag out of her drawer and placed it on her desk. I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself.


And then…..I gots a hangover.


And the hangover gots worser.


But never fear, I soon recovered and was my usual lazy composed self once again.


The End.

~These Days Of Mine~

It’s Been Awhile….

Have you been missing the beach and horse pictures recently here on These Days? Yeah, me,too.  Let’s see if we can remedy that today with a few  photos from our recent trips to the Outer Banks:

We love driving on the beach this time of year. We practically have the place to ourselves.  On pretty summer days, this place is packed with vehicles, sunbathers, swimmers, fishermen, children and dogs playing, folks flying kites. But, now that the weather is cooler, this is usually our view.


Of course, you’re also a little less likely to see horses on the beach. But, on our last trip, there was one lone horse, walking along the water’s edge. We didn’t see any other horses nearby, but they could have been out of sight on the other side of the dunes.


The trip prior to that, we saw this handsome stallion with the windblown mane. (Picture was taken with a zoom lens, then cropped once it was downloaded to the computer. I wasn’t nearly as close as it looks.)


I’m guessing this was his mare; she was close by.  You can tell the horses have started getting their woolly winter coats. They’re beginning to look “fuzzy”.


Thankfully, most of the flooding from Hurricane Matthew has receded, so we’re able to travel the “back roads” once again.


See? Although it’s rare, I do occasionally take a beach picture that doesn’t include a horse.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wanna Go Halfsies With Me?

The latest Hammacher Schlemmer catalog arrived the other day. I’m not quite sure how my name got on their mailing list, but it makes for some interesting reading.

This item, in particular, caught my eye.


It sounds as though the only thing it needs is a few horses.

So how about it? Wanna pool our resources?  It’s only $7 mil.

~These Days Of Mine~