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Sugar For My Hummie

Motor Man, Marshall and I are always on the look-out for puns, synchronicities, etc..

The other day, Marshall and I were running a few errands, one being a stop at the supermarket.   I’ve been making my own hummingbird nectar recently, and one of the items on my list that day was sugar.  So, as we shopped, I said: “And I need sugar for my hummie” (hummingbird). As I said it, the lyrics of that old song hadn’t crossed my mind.

But, once I spoke the words, we both immediately said: “Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my ‘hummie'”.

And now, I bring you…..The Drifters:


Yes, it was corny, but it was fun. And that’s what’s important, right?

~These Days Of Mine~

Beach Treasure

Yesterday, my friend, Bev, and I went “shelling”. Yes, we are addicted; why do you ask?

We found several “sweet” pieces of sea glass as well as coral for Bev’s collection and some shells for her niece’s crafts.

But the treasure I found was this:

ruler and fish 7-29-2014 8-46-05 PM

It’s a formation of rock and sea shells. And, oddly enough, it’s the perfect likeness of a fish. Does that make it a rock fish? (Sorry.)

Should I wish to hang it, there’s even a built-in hanger on the back.

rockfish back 7-29-2014 8-20-58 PM

But I think this little rock fish is going to get its own shadow box, complete with a note showing where and when it was found.

Treasures like this deserve special treatment.

~These Days Of Mine~

Later Than Late

Saturday night found Motor Man and me at Langley Speedway, our local short track, in Hampton, Va.  When we arrived, it was a beautiful evening with practically no chance of rain.

This was to be the biggest race of the season.   There are, on average, 15-18 cars entered in the Late Model division on race night at Langley.  There were 37 there Saturday night, with many out-of-town drivers signed up for this special race, called the Hampton Heat. Late Model races are usually either 100 laps, or,sometimes, two 75 lap races during the night’s racing program. The Hampton Heat is 200 laps.

Before race time, Motor Man and I went “in the pits” to visit with our engine customers and racing friends. Everyone was watching the sky, but at that time, it appeared that the rain would move to our east.

pit road 7-26-2014 5-29-02 PM

Shortly before the 7:00 pre-race activities were to begin, it started to rain. It wasn’t a particularly long shower, and, once it stopped,  the  track-drying process began.  If you are a race fan, you’re probably familiar with the jet-dryers at the large tracks. Langley doesn’t have those. There are a couple of small walk-behind dryers, but the main method used to dry the track is a tried and true one: old tires chained to the back of several tow trucks at the track. The trucks make lap after lap after lap around the track, and the tires create friction, which dries the track. When the tires begin to smoke, you know you’re getting close.

drying the track 7-28-2014 6-28-15 PM

Before the races could begin, however, another rain shower came…this one much more intense than the first. This was the view through the windshield of our truck.

rain on windshield 7-26-2014 8-15-52 PM

At least, after this storm passed, we were treated to a rainbow.

rainbow 7-26-2014 6-47-36 PM

But it took much longer to dry the track the second time. Thankfully, Motor Man and I have trackside parking, so we were dry and cozy in our truck.

The Late Model race began around 11:15, and it was around 1:40 when the checkered flag waved.

After the race, the top seven finishers were required to go to “tech”: post race inspection at a building in the infield. And Motor Man had customers who finished second and sixth. So, down to the tech building we went. Teams were required to remove parts of the engines to be inspected. (Inspection showed that everyone was “legal”.)

Motor Man and I left the track at 3:20. A.M. As in morning. It was just about 4:00 when we got home.

We stopped and picked up our Sunday paper as we drove in the driveway.

~These Days Of Mine~

A New Fan

Motor Man and I were on/in/at the Outer Banks last week, and it just so happened that my friend, Donna, was also there on vacation with relatives. As much as Donna loves horses, she had never been to the Corolla area to see the wild horses.

So we were happy to introduce her to “my” horses.

We saw twelve during our morning on the beach, including these two. Donna said that she thought it to be a mother and her young colt. Perhaps the two of them realize that soon, he will be forced to leave the harem and find a mare of his own.

horses nuzzlin 7-23-2014 8-33-31 AM

Then Mom decided to roll over and have a good back scratch.  I love to see them do this; it must really feel good to kick up your heels like that.

roll over 7-23-2014 8-34-40 AM

 (groan)….time to get up….  Oh wait, that’s the sound I make when I get up in the morning….

time to get up 7-23-2014 8-35-01 AM

As much fun as it was to see those two, this is probably my favorite picture I took that day.

horse and egret 7-23-2014 8-40-35 AM

 We also saw this “Beach Boy” up on one of the dunes.

beach boy1 7-23-2014 8-57-42 AM 7-23-2014 8-57-42 AM

What a fun morning the three of us had.

db jr donna 7-23-2014 9-15-40 AM

And Motor Man was such a good sport, putting up with our antics. And the horses definitely have a new fan.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday


1.) We had much-needed rain yesterday!  I could almost hear the grass and plants slurping it up as it fell.   No watering for me for a day or two.

2.) Between the rain showers, my friend, Bev, and I went beachcombing. We each have a little plastic sand bucket and a long-handled mini-rake. Sometimes we walk side-by-side, seeking treasures and chatting. Other times, one of us will walk up the beach ahead of the other. It’s a relaxing time, listening to the waves lap the shore and finding the occasional shard of sea glass or coral.

beach 7-24-2014 4-25-31 PM

3.) I’m not sure if Bride Swan is moulting or was just a little over-zealous with her preening this week.

bride moulting 7-20-2014 6-52-21 PM

4.) Tuesday morning’s sunrise was photo-worthy.  Our camera was in the car, so Motor Man went to get it AND took this picture. What a guy.

jr sunrise 7-22-2014 6-13-11 AM

5.)  He and I are once again hosting my family reunion next Saturday. So begins the frequent checking of the extended weather guess forecast.  This morning, the Weather Channel’s forecast for August 2 shows….. rain. 90%.  Not “a chance of showers” or “isolated showers”, but rain. I certainly am hoping we don’t have a rerun of last year’s reunion day weather.

rain 8-3-2013 2-59-05 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

A New Sunset Experience

Even after always living about two hours from the Outer Banks, Motor Man and I learned something new about that area this week.

We never knew before, that from the middle of July until about the middle of September, tens of thousands of purple martins roost under the William B. Umstead  bridge over the Croatan Sound near Roanoke Island, just west of the town of Manteo. Then, in September, they begin their migration to South America.

Since we were in the area Tuesday evening, we researched online and learned that, every day, the birds leave their roosts under the bridge around sunrise and return at sunset. During the day, they fly over the coastal plains of North Carolina in search of insects.  The information suggested that you arrive at the bridge about 30 minutes before sunset to watch the martins return.

It had been an overcast day, and the clouds provided a beautiful sky as we waited.

 walk in golden hour 7-22-2014 7-41-03 PM

Since we had the tripod, we took advantage of the photo op. (Sadly, a light reflection on the lens created spots on my face and Motor Man’s shirt.)

jrdb 7-22-2014 7-39-29 PM

 As the sun was setting, the martin activity began to increase.

pier before sunset 7-22-2014 8-00-54 PM

Most of the birds were about halfway across the approximately 2-mile bridge, so we weren’t able to get really good photos of them from our vantage point at the foot of the bridge.

martins2 7-22-2014 8-12-41 PM

But it was a nice evening and a new experience for us. We also learned of a special sunset boat cruise, sponsored by the Coastal Carolina Purple Martin Society,  so there’s the possibility of a future blog post with better photos of the martins.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wordless Wednesday: Out To Pasture

truck and barn 7-5-2014 8-19-10 AM

~These Days Of Mine~