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An Equine Welcome

Since it’s been quite a long “dry” spell for us recently as far as seeing Corolla Wild Horses, I found some special local horses to photograph.

My cousin, Betty, lives about two miles from us…..or a quarter mile “as the crow flies”. Last Saturday, I went for a visit.

I was greeted by her horses as I drove down the lane.

Welcoming committee: Little Bit and Star

I was thankful that my camera was within reach, and just kept snapping pictures. (You do know that I have some experience taking pictures of horses….)

Once they decided that a): I was family, and b): I had no treats, they decided to let me pass and roamed back out into the pasture.

They were soon joined by Breeze (left)  and Azalea .  When Azalea was born several years ago, Betty asked our eldest aunt, Mattie, to name her.  Mattie, as was most of that family, was an avid gardener, so Azalea was the name she chose.

I just couldn’t stop taking pictures: gorgeous day and beautiful horses.

Finally, I put down the camera and continued my drive.

As usual, Betty and I had a wonderful visit.  And next time, I’ll pack treats for the welcoming committee.

~These Days Of Mine~






Monday Morning Mews: I Was Good!

Hi, readers. Gypsy here, reporting the Mews today.

Last week, I had to go for the dreaded check-up at the vet’s office.  It’s SO furry traumatic for us kitties: being coaxed crammed put in that little cage-thing, then riding in whatever that big noisy thing on wheels is, then arriving at the vet’s office and hearing those other kitties meowing and dogs barking and panting and slobbering….. well, you get the idea.

But I love my vet, Dr. Betty. She tells me I’m a beautiful kitty and that helps ease my anxiety about being prodded and poked.  I like the assistant too…. he’s furry gentle and was so nice to me.

I had to get TWO shots, but I sat still as could be for those. And I’ve lost a few ounces, and you know how us girls always like to learn that we’ve lost a little weight.  AND Dr. Betty says I’m purrfectly healthy.

Motor Mommy took this picture of my in my pretty blue carrier while we were waiting for my appointment. That’s one of Motor Man’s shirts in the bottom of my carrier. . He and Motor Mommy put that in there, so I would have something I was comfortable with to make me feel better. I do love my Motor Man.

Mommy said I was a furry good kitty.  I only meowed a few times on the short distance to the vet’s office, and on the way back to our shop, I didn’t make a sound. I just knew I was heading home then, and efurrything was going to be okay.

~These Days Of Mine~

Triskaidekaphobia Random Five Friday

How about five randoms for this Friday, the 13th? Did I stump you with the title of today’s post?

1.) While looking through photos on my computer, I happened upon this one, taken in January, of the early morning sky.  There is a LOT going on in this picture, so much so that it was difficult for me to determine whether I needed to straighten the image or not.

2.) Marshall was at our house Monday morning, and spotted the harbor seal at the marina. We stepped out on the deck, and I whistled to get the seal’s attention. Marshall asked if I were prepared with fish to feed him if he decides to pay us a visit.  And Marshall had a suggestion for a name, should we determine (?) that the seal is a female: “Lu-seal”. My friend, Pam, also suggested “Ce-seal-ia” or “Seal-ine” as in Dion.

3.)  April, the giraffe’s son, Tajiri, celebrates his first birthday on Sunday. Animal Adventure Park, home to April, Taj and dad, Oliver, is planning a birthday party for him that morning at 10. It will be shown on the April the Giraffe web-cam. You may remember that Motor Man took me to AAP last June as part of my birthday celebration. I thought Taj looked like a stuffed animal in this pic.

4.) Every two weeks, my niece, Barb and I meet for lunch, and we did that yesterday. We always enjoy our visits; we chat about what’s going on in our lives and sometimes share memories of family members no longer with us. It’s a tradition that we started after my sister (Barb’s mom) passed in 2015, and one that means a lot to me.

Barb and me….a ‘few” years ago

5.) This weekend, our little town is having its first “Pickers’ Market, which is scheduled to be a monthly event. My friend, Donna, and I are planning to attend to see if we can find any treasures. The weather looks to be great.

Care to share your randoms?

* Triskaidekaphobia: the fear of the number 13

~These Days Of Mine~


The Sky At Sunset

A couple of weeks ago, the sky at sunset was definitely photo-worthy.

Motor Man and I had run an errand in Newport News, and thankfully, I had thought to bring my camera. On the way home, he stopped me at a park by the river  to take pictures.

As we traveled across the four-mile-(plus) long James River Bridge,  the sky became even prettier. Traffic was fairly light, which allowed Motor Man to slow down just a bit for me to get this photo.

Even after sunset, the sky remained colorful.

So, I kept snapping pics as we continued our trip home.

Although I try to take the camera with me everyday, that doesn’t always happen. I would really have been disappointed not to have it with us on this particular day.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews: Oops

Motor Mommy made a confession to me over the weekend.

March 14 was the anniversary of a furry special event, and Motor Mommy completely furgot about it.  You see, seven years ago on that date, I was adopted by my pawrents. I almost wrote about it last month in one of my posts, but I decided to just wait to see when IF she remembered.

I was a tiny little girl back then, and it took me a long time to become comfortable in my new surroundings.

But now, I’m happy and loved in my furever home.

Every night, Motor Mommy and I have cuddle time.  When she sits down in the recliner to relax and enjoy the newspaper, that’s when I make my way to her lap.

Sometimes I look so cute, she takes a selfie of us.

Yep, I’m a furry loved and happy kitty. If only all kitties (and doggies, too) could be this fortunate.

~These Days Of Mine~


Another One For Our Menagerie

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you know that we have somewhat of a “wild kingdom” here on our property. There are deer, ducks, Canada geese, squirrels, rabbits, birds…..  And although it wasn’t actually IN our yard, this week we had something quite different in the area.

Motor Man had come home Wednesday afternoon and was relaxing in the recliner. He glanced out the window to the marina, and something caught his eye. He said to me: “What in the world is that out there on the dock?”

I immediately ran to get the binoculars and then the camera.

Motor Man has lived in this house for over  25 years, and he’s never seen this here before.

A friend of ours is the commissioner of a state marine agency, so Motor Man called him. Our friend thought, at first, that perhaps it was an otter and asked that I text a picture to him. Meanwhile I also texted a picture to Marshall, who “googled” it and texted me back that it was a harbor seal.  Our marine agency friend texted me just a few minutes later to say the same.

The seal seemed to be enjoying the sun, and at one point, rolled over on his back. Unfortunately,  I didn’t get a picture of that. My camera lens was zoomed in as far as possible, and I cropped these photos once they were uploaded to the computer; I wish I could have gotten closer.

Although we kept watching him for quite some time, he must have slipped in the water when we weren’t looking.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for him in the future.  I’ll let you know if he starts coming around for dinner.

~These Days Of Mine~



Sunday: Stuck And In “Love”

When Motor Man and I learned that last Sunday was to be a pretty day, we decided to ride to the Outer Banks. (No surprise, there, right?)

This was our second trip in a row with no wild horse sightings. In the pocket of my door in our Tahoe, I keep a calendar where I jot down the number of horses we see on each trip, along with any other interesting facts of the day.  I’ve been doing that ever since we started our “horse journeys”.  Looking back in those calendars, it seems that we routinely see fewer horses in March and April than other months.

But it was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed our day at the beach.


We were attempting to cross over one of the dunes by way of the “exit”. But it’s tricky in that you really can’t see over the dune as you’re approaching the top. When we reached the top, Motor Man stopped just to be sure: 1) we weren’t meeting another vehicle head-on, or 2) there wasn’t a horse standing in the middle of the “road”, or 3) there wasn’t a dramatic drop-off. And when we stopped, we were stuck.

Please note that the top of the black “running board” under the door is normally 14 inches above the ground (I measured when we got home).

When we first began our trips to the 4-wheel-drive beach, we made sure we had a battery jump box, a tow strap and a collapsible camping shovel. That little shovel saved the day on Sunday. Motor Man dug out behind all four tires, put the Tahoe in reverse and backed down the dune. Whew. That’s the first time we’ve ever been stuck on the beach… and hopefully the last.

The remainder of our time there was uneventful.

On the way home, we passed by a wood-carving business. Motor Man and I stopped there a few years ago to watch the owner as he was using a chain saw to carve a “statue”.  But Sunday, something really special caught my eye as we drove by, and it was worth a turn-around.

We’ve seen several of these “love signs” in Virginia. Since our state motto is “Virginia Is For Lovers”, they are several all around our state. But this was in North Carolina. We don’t know if it’s going to be a permanent fixture there at this business, or if someone commissioned the owner to make it for them.

In the past, we’ve had our picture taken at each of the LOVE signs we’ve seen. But there wasn’t anyone else nearby when we stopped, and we didn’t have our tripod.

Motor Man to the rescue for the second time that day. He spotted this and decided it would be perfect to place our camera on for a picture.

And it worked. (There was some “stuff” in the background, so I tried to camouflage that a bit for our official photo.)

Another day: another adventure.

~These Days Of Mine~