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Favorite Memories: 2015

Somewhere in my internet travels this week, I saw this prompt:

Share your favorite memory from 2015.

I guess I’m a bit too “long-winded” to narrow it down to ONE favorite memory, so today, I’ll share several.

  • Motor Man and I went sleigh riding in Maryland in late January. Since it was just a few days before our anniversary, we deemed it our anniversary celebration trip. (He will find it amusing that I’m sharing this as a favorite memory, but not our parasailing experience in June.)

jrdb sleigh silhouette 1-30-2015 2-34-30 PM

  • So many of my memories are made with Motor Man and Marshall.  Whether it’s celebrating a birthday or a holiday or just dinner together, those are some of my most treasured times.

us 3 6-16-2015 9-46-30 AM

  • My long-time friend, Bev, and I get together quite often.  We go for walks along the river, looking for treasures, we go shopping and, with our hubbies, enjoy train rides. This year we rode two trains, one being a Valentine’s Day ride in Pennsylvania.

4 of us train1 2-14-2015 3-03-16 PM

  • Since reconnecting with my classmates, Donna and Shirley, a few years ago, we’ve made quite a few memories together. Those gatherings usually include our friend Linda. This picture was taken during my birthday celebration.

fun 6-4-2015 6-41-12 PM

  • Two special memories this year were made when I met blogging friends for the first time.   Dor in May…

db and dor at her house 5-2-2015 4-58-15 PM

and Emjay in June.

dbmj3 6-11-2015 12-39-28 PM

  • Of course, special memories were made with my Motor Man, driving on the beach at the Outer Banks, looking for wild horses.

horse 6-6-2015 4-04-04 PM

  • Speaking of horses, this year we lost sweet Aggie, so our visits with her are now just memories.

db and aggie may22 5-22-2015 1-11-17 PM

  • And yet another “horse” memory from this year: meeting Baby William, the Corolla foal who had serious health issues, was removed from the herd and is now doing well. I love this picture of my friend, Donna, with him.

donna and william 10-31-2015 9-31-39 AM

So, even though there was some sadness this year, it was also a time of wonderful memories made with family and dear friends.

How about you?  Care to share a favorite memory  – or many –  from this year? Feel free to be long-winded… me. It’s the sign of a good year.

Happy New Year!

~These Days Of Mine~

Pea Soup At The Beach

After the busyness of Christmas, Motor Man and I decided to take a trip to the Outer Banks on Saturday.  It had been about a month since we last visited, and I was having “horse withdrawal”.

During our two-hour ride to the beach, we ran through quite a variety of weather conditions: sunshine, extreme cloudiness, mist and fog.  The closer we came to the Outer Banks, the sunnier the skies were, so we were hoping for a pretty ride on the beach.

Not to be.

foggy beach 12-26-2015 2-19-34 PM

We’ve never been on the beach in such foggy conditions.  It was rather scary, because, although it’s officially winter, our temps that day were in the 70’s.  That means there were folks walking along the beach.  And, of course, you never know when there will be horses down by the surf.  Thankfully, we only saw one person driving in what we considered to be a careless manner.

We didn’t see horses on the beach, but we saw several on the dunes, including this husky one all decked out in its winter coat. I’m sure these warm temperatures are making life a bit uncomfortable for the horses right now.

on the dune 12-26-2015 3-58-03 PM

I love the color of the mane on this one. This certainly looks like a winter photo, even if the temperatures were summer-like.

blonde 12-26-2015 2-55-21 PM

This picture also gives you an idea of just how foggy it was in certain parts of the area.

6 on the dunes 12-26-2015 3-56-37 PM

Motor Man and I both thought the horses looked stockier than usual. Perhaps they’ve gotten heavier in preparation for a severe winter?

two 12-26-2015 3-02-58 PM

And, finally, the old Wash Woods Coast Guard Station on a foggy day.

wash woods 12-26-2015 4-00-19 PM

Although it may not have been considered a “pretty” day, Motor Man and I found it to be an interesting drive on the beach. And it’s always a good day when we see horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Reason

nativity1 12-24-2015 4-58-14 PM 12-24-2015 4-58-14 PM

Merry Christmas

~These Days Of Mine~

Wordless Wednesday: Morning At The Marina

Christmas lights aren’t just for nighttime.

morning at the marina 12-14-2015 7-42-29 AM

~These Days Of Mine~

A List Of Threes

I was tagged by my blogging friend, MJ, to play along with this meme:

Three names I answer to:

  1. DB
  2. Mom
  3. Dianne

Three places I’ve called home:

  1. Bacon’s Castle, Va.
  2. Surry, Va.
  3. Smithfield, Va.

Three places I’ve worked:

  1. Packing company
  2. Five and dime
  3. Engine building shop

Three things I love to watch:

  1. Sunrises (or sunsets)
  2. Our kitties, Sundae and Gypsy
  3. Wild horses on the beach at Corolla, NC

Three things I love to eat:

  1. French Fries
  2. Bacon
  3. Veggies

Three things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Playing Santa to a very unsuspecting friend this week
  2. Antiquing and lunch this week with my blogging friend, Pam, her husband and Motor Man
  3. Christmas with my family

Three fond Christmas memories:

  1. Our Christmas “pageants” at church
  2. A freshly cut cedar for our Christmas tree
  3. Mom taping Christmas cards we received around the living room windows

dianne and christmas tree

Three  bloggers I think (might) play along, too:

  1. Pam/Sammy at One Spoiled Cat
  2. Beth Anne at It’s Just Life
  3. Cindy at Mama’s Empty Nest

Now, here’s where you come in, bloggers — copy & paste, replacing your answers with mine.  And for my other readers, if you’d like, choose one prompt from the list and share your answers in the comments.

~These Days Of Mine~


Random Five….Ornaments

A couple of years ago, Motor Man and I decided to buy a pencil-type Christmas tree.  So it doesn’t require as many ornaments as a larger tree.

Today, I’m sharing a few of the ornaments with special meaning. (Note: for garland on our tree, I use burlap ribbon, so that’s in the background of the pictures.)

1.) On our tree, there are six of these stockings that I crocheted many years ago.  Three are “multi-colored” like this,  there’s also a solid green one, and two red ones. Marshall was just a little boy when I made these.

stocking1 12-17-2015 6-09-56 PM 12-17-2015 6-09-56 PM

2.) Speaking of Marshall, this ornament was new for his first Christmas.

babys first 12-17-2015 6-53-56 PM

3.)  When Motor Man and I were first “seeing” each other, we took a day trip to the Outer Banks, specifically Manteo, to The Christmas Shop.  The only thing I bought was this tiny tug boat ornament.  Motor Man has always told me of his childhood days, when his family lived not far from the waterfront. He loved hearing the tug boat captains communicate with each other by tooting the boat horns.

 tug1 12-17-2015 6-28-01 PM

4.) And, speaking of the Outer Banks, a few weeks ago, we discovered a new shop there with items crafted by local artists. This ornament, made of glass, features a hand-painted image of one of “my” wild horses of Corolla.

corolla ornament 12-17-2015 6-08-55 PM

5.) And, finally, this ornament isn’t dated, but it was cross-stitched by our pastor’s wife for my mom (whose name was Donnie).  I’m thinking this was probably in the mid 1980’s. Although the frame looks black in the picture, it’s actually Christmas green. From the time Mom no longer put up a Christmas tree, it’s been displayed on mine.

donnie ornament 12-17-2015 6-08-30 PM

But, of course,  according to Sundae…

sundae under tree 12-15-2015 9-36-13 PM

she’s the only reason we even put up a tree.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Wreath Project

Today’s post is, once again, about horses.  So, please bear with me.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Donna, suggested that we get together and work on a craft project for Christmas.  We really didn’t make any plans, and I forgot about our conversation…..until someone posted a picture on my Facebook page of a Christmas wreath they thought would appeal to me.

Donna and I began our crafting day early last Saturday morning. We started with three purchased wire frames and a frasier fir tree.

db donna wreath forms 12-12-2015 10-52-06 AM

We toiled nearly all day, snipping branches and tying bunches of fir to the forms. Finally, Motor Man dragged us away for a quick lunch break.  By late afternoon, we were finished.  These were our creations:

donna db wreaths 12-12-2015 3-52-52 PM

I won’t say who’s responsible for this next photo – other than: it wasn’t Donna nor me. Oh, and I will mention that Motor Man was our photographer.

donna db silly horse pic 12-12-2015 3-54-13 PM

Here is that poor fir tree after we finished gathering our greens.

bare tree 12-13-2015 9-09-46 AM

In addition to making one for each of us, we also made a third wreath.  This one was for sweet Aggie.

 donna db aggies wreath2 12-12-2015 5-07-59 PM

Motor Man and I drove to her pasture Sunday afternoon and placed it on a fence post in front of her barn.

aggies 12-13-2015 3-41-43 PM

The wreaths weren’t particularly difficult to make (although we had our doubts when we first began). They were time-consuming, but it was a fun day, with Motor Man lending a hand when needed, and Christmas music playing on the radio.

~These Days Of Mine~