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400+, But Who’s Counting?

Last week, I mentioned that I’d transferred all of Motor Man’s photos from his cell phone to our computer. We had to: he had reached his limit and had no memory left on his phone.

We began with over 400 pictures. After weeding out the blurred ones, 373 remained. And of those, Gypsy was in 288.  This was one of the sweeter ones:

gypsy curled up in chair 11-21-2013 4-21-39 PM

There are a dozen or so of Gypsy with guests/customers at our shop, a couple of Gypsy with Marshall, and a few of Gypsy with me, including this one:

db and gypsy chin to chin 12-11-2013 11-20-30 PM

And this one, which I titled, “Goofy and Goofier”:

goofy 2-6-2014 7-51-03 PM

But the majority of the pictures are of Gypsy and her Motor Man, like this one:

selfie 9-9-2013 12-14-56 PM

He’s gotten quite good at selfies.

gypsy paws up 11-23-2013 4-24-32 PM

And now that he, once again, has free space on his cell phone, there’s plenty of room for more Gypsy pictures.

jr gypsy stretched out 1-15-2014 8-32-46 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

The New Virginia State Song: Sweet!

Virginia has been without an official state song since 1997. That’s the year “Carry Me Back To Ol’ Virginny” was retired after being the state song since 1940.

The “songless state of our state commonwealth” changed last Thursday when Governor Terry McAuliffe signed legislation naming “Sweet Virginia Breeze” as our new state song. It was written in 1978 by Steve Bassett and Robbin Thompson, two songwriters based in Richmond.

Click on the link below to hear our new official song. Here are the lyrics:

Sweet Virginia Breeze

Woke up this morning- the breeze blowin’ cross my face

And I just had to look up above and thank Somebody for this place
Because He must’ve been thinkin’ bout me
When He planted that very first dogwood tree
It’s where I want to be
Livin’ in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

Take me out to the country- it feels mighty good out there
When I get back to the city of the monuments
It doesn’t matter where I hang my hat it’s home to me
The Blue Ridge Mountains tend to set me free
It’s where I want to be
Livin’ in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

Wakes me up in the mornin’
Rocks me to sleep at night
I’ve got a red bird singin’ on my window sill
I know everything will be all right
Livin’ in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

Just sittin on my back porch
I’m just watchin’ the sun come up
Sweet sweet Virginia Breeze blowin’ ripples ‘cross my coffee cup
Because He must’ve been thinkin’ bout me when He planted that very first dogwood tree
cause when that breeze comes blowin’ through the trees
you know everything will be alright
Livin’ in a Sweet Virginia Breeze
Sweet Virginia Breeze

Congrats, guys. In my opinion, this was an excellent choice, and I think your song will do our Commonwealth proud.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Willy-Nilly Friday

It’s the end of another week and time for five random thoughts.

1.) Last Saturday, as we came home and drove in our driveway, I noticed a hawk perched in one of the pine trees.  I snapped a quick photo of him on the limb, then this one as he took flight. It was nearing sunset, thus the soft golden hour glow.

hawk flying 3-21-2015 6-41-24 PM

2.) Yesterday, I cleaned out two closets. I’m trying not to think about how many more I have to do. How does all that STUFF accumulate?  Oh, and I had some help.  Get ready, thrift shop, here I come!

sundae and closet

3.) The colors of the sky during yesterday morning’s sunrise were quite unusual. Soon after I took this picture, the sun disappeared, leaving us with showers for much of the day.

sunrise1 3-26-2015 7-04-35 AM

  4.) Tuesday evening, I transferred the photos from Motor Man’s flip phone to the computer. I’ll have a blog post next week about that, but this was one of the many photos I discovered. It was taken last April. Gypsy’s apparently very trusting of Marshall.

marshall and gypsy good 4-29-2014 10-21-15 PM

5.) Learning how to transfer those photos required that I visit our local Verizon store. The manager offered us a sweet deal: a new phone, a new tablet and more data….for less money.  That sounds a little too good to be true; I have a few questions before we agree to that.  PLUS, I’m not looking forward to learning a new phone.

Your randomness?

Around Roanoke

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Right Click And Paste

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. The prompt I chose was a challenge to open a blank blog post, then right click and paste.

I wasn’t sure what would happen, but here’s the text I pasted:

Thanks in advance for your consideration.”

And that actually leads to a blog post that I was planning to write in the near future anyway. That sentence was part of a letter I wrote yesterday to the Dare County (N.C.) Water Department. I had edited the letter and moved that sentence to the end, thus the “right click, cut, copy and paste”.

Here’s what happened:

As some of you know, Motor Man and I own a beach house in the Outer Banks. We had been down there the last week of December, and didn’t go again until the first week of March.

We knew the thermostat was on the lowest heat setting, so we weren’t too concerned about frozen and burst pipes.

But, when we got there, we immediately heard water running down the sewer pipe in the garage, and we thought “uh-oh”.

As we headed upstairs, and checked the bathrooms, there were no problems.

Until we opened the door to our bedroom. And heard water running.

When we walked in our bathroom, we saw that the suction-cup magnifying mirror (a necessity for me to put on make-up, put in my contact lenses, etc.) had fallen off the vanity mirror.  As it fell, it struck the faucet handle, turning on the water.

Thankfully, nothing had blocked the drain, so none of the water (for however long it had been running) had flowed over the basin.

Dare County only sends out water bills every three months, so, although we had no physical damage,  we waited to see how much financial damage that little mirror had caused.

The bill arrived earlier this week.

obx water edit

So, we’ll wait to hear Dare County’s reply to my letter, and I’ll let you know how this ends. Even if they don’t offer us a discount,  we’ll just look at it as a funny $419.87 story that we can share.

I thought this was a great writing prompt, so let’s have a little fun. When you leave your comment (you ARE planning to comment….?), right click and paste to see what appears. Explain if you like, or just leave us wondering.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Sun-Puddle Sundae

Sunday afternoon, we came home to find Sundae basking in a sun puddle on the dining room floor. (Sundae: what in the world are you doing down here on the floor, Motor Mommy?!)

sundae sunpuddle last 3-23-2015 2-42-52 PM

“Sun puddle” is a term I first read in the blogosphere. I wish I knew who coined the phrase. (More pictures, really?)

sundae sunpuddle1 3-23-2015 2-42-20 PM

It just perfectly describes the scene when a kitty is enjoying the warmth of the sun shining through a window. (Are we done, yet?  You’re interrupting my basking.)

sundae sunpuddle right 3-23-2015 2-42-41 PM

I don’t think Sundae gives much thought to what it’s called. (Purrlease don’t share these pictures if this angle makes me look fat.)

sundae sunpuddle last 3-23-2015 2-42-52 PM

She’s just too busy enjoying it… least when I’m not annoying her with the camera.

~These Days Of Mine~

Dear Deer

Here’s the latest post featuring “our” deer. I’ve decided that I’ll just enjoy them and try not worry about all my shrubs they’ve been munching on all winter.

This was Friday evening. We noticed them from our bedroom window, and I quietly slipped out on the deck to get photos. Obviously, I wasn’t quite as stealthy as I thought.

looky1 3-20-2015 6-05-04 PM

I love how they seem so interested in what I’m doing.

looky3a 3-20-2015 6-05-34 PM

Is it just me, or does that little one resemble a llama? His legs just seem a little short….

3 looking 3-20-2015 6-07-05 PM

But, as I told Motor Man years ago when he mentioned how short MY legs are: they DO reach the ground!

little one stepping 3-20-2015 6-07-07 PM

The little one was so curious, he looked as though he would have liked to come closer, but didn’t.

hello 3-20-2015 6-07-31 PM

There were eight in our yard that evening.

Dear Deer, please just munch on the grass, preferably the weeds.  Those pretty shrubs (called hydrangeas, by the way) are really not good for you. Thanks.

~These Days Of Mine~

It Was Vintage

Spring sprang Saturday in Smithfield, just in time for the second annual Vintage Market. Sunshine, no wind and temps in the upper 60’s made for a perfect day.

My friend, Donna, and I arrived shortly after the market opened at 10 and found it packed with shoppers. The first booth we saw had delightful vintage architectural elements, such as this beautiful wooden door.  We persuaded a fellow shopper to take our picture.

donna and db 3-21-2015 10-15-17 AM

There were vintage toys for boys:

firetrucks 3-21-2015 10-26-55 AM

And girls:

dolls 3-21-2015 10-28-56 AM

There was much to “catch the eye”;  for instance, this repurposed window, decorated with “marbles” and lids from dishes.

blue window best 3-21-2015 10-48-59 AM

And this charming little table featuring old love letters:

love letter table 3-21-2015 10-49-46 AM

Although a few folks brought their dogs to the market, we also spotted this little cutie. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photo that I noticed her “nail” polish. (I sure hope her owner didn’t tell her that she was in the ham capital of the world...)

pig 3-21-2015 11-41-52 AM

But, this….this was the THE moment.  My friend, Donna, discovering, for sale, burlap bags from her late father’s peanut business.

donna and peanut bag 3-21-2015 11-13-59 AM

She bought a few for herself and family members. And I bought one, just because.

We browsed and shopped for about 90 minutes.  Although the market was open until 2:00, many of the vendors (including those selling food) had sold most of their wares by the time we left.

Before our adventure came to an end, Donna and I had a nice lunch (seasoned with laughter), did a little more shopping and had a visit with Motor Man and Gypsy at our shop.

It was a fun day.  It was vintage.

~These Days Of Mine~