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400+, But Who’s Counting?

Last week, I mentioned that I’d transferred all of Motor Man’s photos from his cell phone to our computer. We had to: he had reached his limit and had no memory left on his phone.

We began with over 400 pictures. After weeding out the blurred ones, 373 remained. And of those, Gypsy was in 288.  This was one of the sweeter ones:

gypsy curled up in chair 11-21-2013 4-21-39 PM

There are a dozen or so of Gypsy with guests/customers at our shop, a couple of Gypsy with Marshall, and a few of Gypsy with me, including this one:

db and gypsy chin to chin 12-11-2013 11-20-30 PM

And this one, which I titled, “Goofy and Goofier”:

goofy 2-6-2014 7-51-03 PM

But the majority of the pictures are of Gypsy and her Motor Man, like this one:

selfie 9-9-2013 12-14-56 PM

He’s gotten quite good at selfies.

gypsy paws up 11-23-2013 4-24-32 PM

And now that he, once again, has free space on his cell phone, there’s plenty of room for more Gypsy pictures.

jr gypsy stretched out 1-15-2014 8-32-46 PM

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