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Days At The Beach

Today, I’m sharing a few pictures from our recent trips to Carova,  NC.

Although we always enjoy our visits to the beach, sometimes the weather is nicer than other times.  On this particular day, the sky provided a pretty backdrop to these beauties enjoying a meal on one of the dunes.

You may recall this picture from my  One Word Wednesday post last week (“Young” for the letter Y). The baby is one of this year’s foals, a little guy named Sebastian. How he came to be given that name is a sad story. Sebastian was born on May 18, one day after a tragic house fire in the Outer Banks area claimed the lives of a young woman and her nine-year-old son,  Sebastian. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund chose to name this baby in memory of Sebastian.

I was able to get a sweet video of this little one with his mom near one of the canals in the Carova area.


And here’s another one of this year’s foals: a filly named Alma, born in mid-April.

This next foal is named Amelia, and her mom is Orlanda. I believe Amelia was born sometime in April.  (Thanks to Meg, the herd manager, for identifying her for me.)  Amelia splashed a little in the water while we watched, but I wasn’t quick enough to get it on video.

And, like some humans, horses enjoy relaxing by the ocean.

We’re so glad the Outer Banks has reopened to visitors after being closed for several weeks, due to Covid. Hopefully, the area will be able to remain open.  Motor Man says I suffer from horse withdrawal when I’m not able to see ‘my’ wild horses. I can’t imagine why he says that…..

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