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The Same Year’s Children

When I was growing up, that was a phrase I heard my mom say many times: “They’re the same year’s children”. Meaning, of course, that said children were born in the same year.

My cousins, Lona and Christine, and I were the “same year’s children”. Lona was born in April, I came along in June, and Christine was born in December.

This was taken during the summer of the following year. No, I’m not going to say what year it was.

That’s my mom holding me on the left.  In the center is my aunt Betty holding her daughter, Christine, and my aunt Doris is on the right, holding her daughter, Lona.

This was taken in front of my grandmother’s little country store. Mom and I lived within a half mile of Grandma, and Lona and her family lived about five miles away. But Christine and her family lived in Pennsylvania, and they only came to visit for one week during the summer.

 I love that all three of the moms are wearing June Cleaver-type dresses.

I love that, although the little town has changed quite a bit since then, I could show you the exact spot where this picture was taken. The scenery in the background, although fairly nondescript, gives it  away.

My mom, Aunt Doris and Christine have passed on. Aunt Betty still lives in Pennsylvania. Lona and I visited yesterday.

And time marches on.