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Friday’s Fences – Tiered

Do I dare ask if you can stand a couple more pictures from the beach? Of horses, no less?

horse and fence1 6-22-2013 4-15-04 PM_Snapseed

I promise to find something else to post about next week.

horse and fence2 6-22-2013 4-15-11 PM_Snapseed

When I saw this horse walking along this tier of sand fences, I, of course, immediately thought of Friday’s Fences.

horse and fence3 6-22-2013 4-15-19 PM_Snapseed

Happy weekend!

fridays fences

Wild, Beautiful Nature

One of the prompts for today’s Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop is

During our trip to the Outer Banks last weekend, nature was evident all around us. For example:

We saw this group of horses walking along the beach. Jimmie, my “horse expert” told me that was a stallion at the rear, and to watch the position of his head as he followed the mares. His head in the down position meant he was moving his harem.

stallion and harem 6-23-2013 6-55-38 AM

Suddenly, something over on the dune (behind us) caught his eye.

suddenly 6-23-2013 6-56-17 AM

He was very interested. (This picture makes it appear that he is very close and is heading toward me. I was using a long lens on my camera and I cropped the photo; he wasn’t nearly this close and wasn’t paying any attention to me.) And no, those aren’t whiskers: it’s grass – hanging out of his mouth!

stallion sees other horse 6-23-2013 6-56-26 AM

This is what had his attention: another stallion up on the dune.

stallion on dune 6-23-2013 7-00-50 AM

The horse on the beach left his harem and headed toward the dune, while we all waited for the showdown.

2 stallions 6-23-2013 7-08-40 AM_Snapseed

And then…..both of them ran down the other side of the dune, and we couldn’t see a thing. But, we didn’t hear any sounds to indicate there was an altercation.

Nature at its most beautiful and exciting, even if it was a bit anti-climactic.

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Mama’s Losin’ It


This started out as a Wordless Wednesday post. But I decided there was just too much to be said about these pictures.

snugg1 6-19-2013 1-00-00 AM

You may recognize the subject: Marshall’s kitty, Snugg. He’s been the star of some of my previous posts.

snugg2 6-19-2013 1-00-00 AM

A cat (who’s a camera hog) impersonating a bird.

snugg3 6-19-2013 1-00-00 AM

Good thing that’s a LARGE bird bath.

(Photos by Marshall)

Barn Charm – Running On Empty

Motor Man isn’t aware of this yet, but we have a slight emergency.  My supply of barn photos is running dangerously low.

I had to go all the way back to March for this one. It was taken during our trip to meet our friends, Pam and Dave (pawrents to Sammy, One Spoiled Cat) for lunch and antiquing in Sperryville, Va.

This was our first glimpse. As you can tell, it was an extremely overcast day.

1st 3-17-2013 8-58-01 AM

This old barn sits right at the edge of the highway.

barn  by road1 3-17-2013 8-58-26 AM

And from the looks of it, I don’t think I’d want to risk keeping anything of value inside.

barn by road2 3-17-2013 8-59-01 AM

And now, I’m off to let Motor Man know that we need to start planning a barnstorming trip – ASAP.

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It was a perfect weekend for a trip to the Outer Banks.  We invited our friends, Wayne and Jimmie to join us. (You met them when I wrote about our trip to see the Gypsy horses a few weeks ago).

I must say the wild horses at the beach were feeling quite frisky this weekend. I’ll be sharing more photos over the next few days, but today, I’ll concentrate on this little incident.

beginning 6-23-2013 7-49-20 AM_Snapseed

Jimmie is much more of a horse person than I am; she’s actually owned horses, not just admired them from afar. But we couldn’t tell if these were two stallions, or a stallion and a mare. They were either having some spirited horseplay or a rather serious disagreement.

This has to be near the top of the list of my favorite wild horse photos.

horse rearing 6-23-2013 7-49-29 AM_Snapseed

“This isn’t over….”

discussing 6-23-2013 7-49-32 AM

When I uploaded my pictures and saw this one, I thought of those gorgeous Friesians.

manes 6-23-2013 7-49-37 AM_Snapseed

And this reminds me of male athletes when they “bump shoulders” (sorry I don’t know the official term for that).

together 6-23-2013 7-49-41 AM_Snapseed

Motor Man had stopped our Jeep quite a distance from the horses.  (I was using a long lens to take the pictures; that’s why the lighting is a bit off.) Suddenly they began running right toward us. I was standing behind the door of the Jeep, so I was protected. When they started our way, we didn’t have time to move from where we were parked.

running 6-23-2013 7-50-37 AM_Snapseed

And then…they were gone.

running3 6-23-2013 7-50-45 AM

But not before putting on quite the show.

Friday’s Fences – The Storm’s Aftermath

Last Thursday, the weather forecasters predicted the possibility of potentially severe late-afternoon storms.

But while the storms were still a good distance away, brief heavy winds hit our county.  We heard that our neighboring county, Surry, suffered worse damage than we did.

So the next day, Motor Man and I took a little trip to Surry.  This was the first damage we saw. Thankfully, it was out in a field and didn’t involve any structures.

tree top

The winds toppled this mobile home.

mobile home flipped

Then, within the town of Surry, there were many tree limbs down.

downed limbs and fence

And a tree uprooted in front of this beautiful old home, which didn’t appear to have any damage.

uprooted tree and house

Thankfully, there were no injuries, just some major clean-up.

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fridays fences

Summer Days

As I often do on Thursdays, today I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This is the prompt I chose this week:

2.) Describe what summer is like at your house.

My summer days usually begin by catching the sunrise.

sunrise on deck 5-28-2013 6-11-24 AM

Then it’s putting the final touches on the day’s blog post, answering e-mails, then going for my morning walk (weather permitting).

I’ve become very fond of flowers.  A friend, who shall remain nameless (okay, it’s Pam, Sammy’s mom at One Spoiled Cat) calls it an addiction. Of course, this fondness means lots of time spent outdoors: planting, water, pruning and just enjoying.

lillies 6-5-2013 6-02-37 AM

Many Saturday nights during the summer find us at our local short-track, Langley Speedway, for stock car racing. (We have trackside parking in turn three.)


Our summer always includes a couple of hydroplane races.

5 litre start 8-16-2009 4-59-14 AM

And then, there’s this horsepower – on the OBX.

black horse_Snapseed

But there’s nothing quite like ending the day with a sunset at home, especially if these two are visiting.


Care to share what summer’s like at your house?

Mama’s Losin’ It