Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sundae Says…..Here’s My List

As the title of today’s post implies, it’s Sundae here, wishing you a Happy New Year.  Several of my feline blogging buddies have recently posted their New Year’s Resolutions.

And, since reading those, I’ve been thinking about my list. It has required A LOT of thought.

 But I’ve come up with a few things in my life which could use just a little improvement:

1.) I resolve to watch my weight. Goodness, but this picture shows my extra wide girth. Motor Mommy! This is not the most flattering picture to share!

2.) I resolve to stay in contact with my friends. This is my very own Christmas card I received from Sammy. Don’t tell anyone, but I think he’s sweet on me!

3). I resolve to be more of a lap kitty. I’ve already been working on that one. Motor Mommy took this picture yesterday of me on her lap while she was sitting at her desk. (Pardon Motor Man’s shoes in the background, as well as my plastic bag.) Motor Mommy  snapped this with her cell phone, and doesn’t think it’s a very good picture. But I’m in it, so I ask you: how bad can it be?

Do YOU make resolutions? Motor Mommy says she should probably make one to watch her weight too. But I don’t really think she needs to……

Her lap is the perfect size.