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Sundae Says…..Here’s My List

As the title of today’s post implies, it’s Sundae here, wishing you a Happy New Year.  Several of my feline blogging buddies have recently posted their New Year’s Resolutions.

And, since reading those, I’ve been thinking about my list. It has required A LOT of thought.

 But I’ve come up with a few things in my life which could use just a little improvement:

1.) I resolve to watch my weight. Goodness, but this picture shows my extra wide girth. Motor Mommy! This is not the most flattering picture to share!

2.) I resolve to stay in contact with my friends. This is my very own Christmas card I received from Sammy. Don’t tell anyone, but I think he’s sweet on me!

3). I resolve to be more of a lap kitty. I’ve already been working on that one. Motor Mommy took this picture yesterday of me on her lap while she was sitting at her desk. (Pardon Motor Man’s shoes in the background, as well as my plastic bag.) Motor Mommy  snapped this with her cell phone, and doesn’t think it’s a very good picture. But I’m in it, so I ask you: how bad can it be?

Do YOU make resolutions? Motor Mommy says she should probably make one to watch her weight too. But I don’t really think she needs to……

Her lap is the perfect size.

A Few Of My Favorite….Pics

A little recap of some of my favorite photos from this Christmas:

Christmas morning found all 19 of Motor Man’s family members gathered at the home of his sister and brother-in-law.

Motor Man and I were happy to sit back and watch all the hustle and bustle.

With three little ones in the family under the age of three, there was plenty of activity. And lots of photo ops.

Our niece Ashley sharing a fun moment with son, Christian, on his first Christmas,

Sweet Livy and Great Grandaddy exchanging Christmas smiles,

Our great-nephew Josey was given an old camera to play with, but preferred to use it as a telephone. Hello, Santa? Thanks for my goodies!

Later in the day, Marshall visited, and we exchanged gifts. Before he was born, I stitched this “Chessie” picture for his nursery. It had been stored away at his house for many years, but he searched the attic, found it and gave it to me for Christmas.

I realize that I shared this photo of Sundae last week. But she reminded me that it’s my favorite Christmas picture of her and insisted that it be a part of today’s post.

Our Christmas was just the right mix of busy and quiet. To use one of Marshall’s expressions: “good times”. I hope yours was too.

2011- The Year In Blog Posts

This week, I chose the most complex prompt that Mama Kat offered for her Writer’s Workshop.  So get comfy, folks:  this is gonna be a long one.

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

January 6 – That Martha – My last remaining aunt passed away on December 31 of last year. This was a post I wrote in memory of her and her sunset funeral.

February 2 – I Do, I Do, 02/02/02 –  Motor Man and I celebrate our anniversary on February 2. This post includes some photos from our wedding day.

March 24 – The Hope Of A Shelter Kitty. We had just been recently adopted by our kitty, Sundae, when I wrote this poem.  I made a donation to the humane society based on the number of comments on this post.

April 19 – I’ve Been Pressed – Having my blog recognized by resulted in many new readers… and friends.

May 13 – Toes.  I wrote this post about the day that my son, Marshall, at four-months old,  discovered his toes.

June 16 – Just Yesterday. Celebrating Marshall’s birthday.

July 21 – “L” As In Yellow – This post was one of my favorites because the photo was perfect for the story.

August 4 – Saving The Day – A favorite post because it’s about my two favorite guys.

September 22 – Where I’m From – This post took some thought, and is one of my all-time favorites.

October 31 – Halloween Haunts –  Bacon’s Castle is a special old house to  my family. It was featured in a PBS video a couple of years ago, and Marshall had a role in the video.

November 27 – Quick! Detour To The Park – You knew I’d have to have at least one sunrise/sunset post in this collection.

December 17 – Moonrise-Moonset – This is my favorite post for this month, because I shared my first (semi-successful) attempt at night-time photography.

And there you have it: my favorite posts from 2011.  So tell me: which of these was YOUR favorite?

Mama’s Losin’ It

Man Nor Beast

Yesterday, for the most part,  was just a miserable weather day here: cold, windy, rainy, damp, dark. As the old saying goes: “not a fit day for man nor beast”.


The two neighborhood fawns didn’t seem to be bothered by the wicked weather. They were, however, on high alert because of some Canada geese in our yard.

Seconds after I took this picture (from the garage window), the fawn turned tail and, as Motor Man would say: “got the heck outta Dodge”.

A short time later, I happened to look out of a window at the other end of the house, and saw not only the two fawns, but also Mama Deer. I apologize for the poor quality, but it was such a cute picture, I wanted to share. Hopefully, you can click it to enlarge.

Apparently deer pay no mind to the “man nor beast” expression.

Williamsburg Barn Charm

Occasionally, , Motor Man and I will take a Sunday afternoon drive to Williamsburg, so I can do a little shopping at a wonderful antique mall there.

It’s located in a rural area, on the outskirts of the city. And just before you reach the mall, there’s a barn.

And there are sheep.  I think I’ve mentioned before that sheep are rather unusual in our area. These appear to be very inquisitive; perhaps they don’t have their picture taken often.

Motor Man really looks out for me.  We’ve been to this antique mall many, many times. But I’d never thought of taking a picture of the barn until he suggested it last week when we were driving by it.

Guess he’s tuned into Barn Charm too!

Sundae Says….. Tis The Day After Christmas

Happy Day After Christmas, everyone. Motor Mommy had quite a busy day yesterday, so I told her to sleep in today: I’d handle the blog writing duties.

Evidently Santa Claws thought I was a good kitty (guess I had him fooled, huh?), because he brought me quite a few toys for Christmas. First, this crinkle bag that feels soft, but crinkles like a paper bag.  There’s even a sound like a bird chirping inside.

Santa also brought this little toy lion with a bell on his tail. I had fun playing with that for awhile. From the looks of this picture, it brought out the “wild” cat in me.

Even though I’m declawed, Santa’s elves must have seen me “clawing” at the base of the Christmas tree, because Santa brought me a scratching post. I may decide to use it, but only after the tree is put away.  (Those are Motor Man’s gold-toes in the background.)

Because it’s my first Christmas with the “Motor” family, I was very much in demand for holiday photos.

Is it obvious that being held is not my favorite pastime? I made an exception, since it was Christmas. But it WAS fun getting toys and having Marshall come to visit.

Motor Mommy will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, how was your Christmas? Did Santa bring YOU a scratching post?

A Child At Christmas

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.                                                                     ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

(Our great-niece, Livy. Photo taken by her Dad, Will.)