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Windowpane Wednesday: The Bluies Are Back

“Bluies”, as in bluebirds. And they’re back on the blog today, but thankfully, we’ve been seeing them in our yard ever since the spring. They always make me smile.

There was a lot of bluebird activity outside our bedroom window yesterday afternoon. Motor Man and I enjoyed watching this little exchange:

Baby Bluebird: “Oooh, yes, lunch time!  I’d like a big serving of those yummy meal worms please, Dad!”

“Wait!  Where are you going, Dad? You forgot to feed me!”

Dad: “Now, be patient, little one. I have to run back to the nest. I’ll be right back.”

Baby: “Hmmm…. I should be able to figure this out on my own.”

“Wow, this seems to be more difficult than I thought.”

Mom: “Your dad had to run an errand, so I thought you and I would have a little chat about your appetite.”

I was hoping to get a video of the little one being fed, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to capture that….yet.

~These Days Of Mine~