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Remembering Frances

Our friend, Frances, passed away Saturday at the age of 94.

Although I knew Frances before 2000, it was then that she hired me as a guide at Bacon’s Castle.  Frances was the site director, and she did love that house.  She also hired Marshall that summer, and although I would only work there one year, Marshall was there for ten years.  I knew Frances was fond of me, but when it came to Marshall….well, he was just special to her.

In 2001, Motor Man proposed, and Frances, knowing my family connection to the house, gave us permission to be married at Bacon’s Castle.   These are the ladies that helped with the wedding: l to r, Ann (who was my florist and wedding director), Frances, and Dottie on the far right. Dottie was also a guide at the Castle, and she passed away just about a year ago. She and Frances are probably now reminiscing about their days at the Castle.

Marshall and Frances at the Castle during the time he was a guide there.

Frances retired in 2010, but Marshall and I continued to visit her often, taking her to breakfast as long as she was able to go. Later, we would take breakfast to her. Her home was so warm and inviting with her antique oak furniture and her flow blue collection. (In fact, her wedding gift to us was one of her flow blue plates.)

Her sun room was filled with houseplants, and they all thrived under her care. She definitely had a green thumb.

Isn’t it nice to look at a photo, and just feel the love in it?

Like us, Frances loved kitties, and her most recent one, Greer, posed with us for a picture the last time we visited Frances in her home, September 2021.

A few years ago, Bacon’s Castle held a picnic for current and former employees. Frances was in attendance.

It was near the time of her birthday, so Motor Man and I brought a cake, featuring a picture of the Castle.

I’ve always liked this picture I took of Motor Man and her that day.

This afternoon we’ll be attending Frances’ funeral. Yesterday, at the visitation, we were honored to see that, included in the slide show remembering her life, there was the photo shown above of Frances, kitty Greer and me. There was also this one of Frances and Marshall, taken a few weeks ago when we visited her at her daughter’s.

And in looking back on photos, I discovered this one. I don’t recall when it was taken, but I believe it was when Marshall and I took Frances to breakfast one morning. It seems a fitting picture to end this post.

We love you, Frances, and we’ll always remember how special you were to us.

~These Days Of Mine~