Monday Morning Mews – Celebrating

Hello, readers! Gypsy here today with the mews, which, this week, is a celebration!

Four years ago this past Saturday evening, I adopted my pawrents and became their shop kitty.  This picture was taken that night; look how tiny I was in Motor Mommy’s lap.

It soon became obvious that, although I dearly love Motor Mommy, I am definitely Motor Man’s kitty. (He looks pretty content with the idea, don’t ya think?)

Now I’m all grown, but still love my pawrents SO much.  Just the other day, Motor Man spoiled me by giving me a good brushing.

Ahhhh, have I got “the life” or what?

I definitely picked the right family to adopt, and am so thankful to be celebrating my Gotcha Day anniversary here on Monday Morning Mews.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all kitties (and doggies) could have a happy home and a family to love them this much?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Friday again and time for five random thoughts:

1.) I’m still enjoying the zinnias in our yard.  When I snapped this pic, the butterfly and bee were both on the bloom, but in that split second, the butterfly took flight.

2.) Marshall sent me this picture of his newest kitty, Scream, and gave me permission to share it here.

Marshall believes Scream may be part-Bengal.  His coat is striped on his back, but he has spots on his tummy.

3.) If you’re looking for something to do during the eclipse (other than chance looking at it), check out the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page and “be there” at 2:00 on Monday afternoon. Here’s what they’re going to attempt: “Our plan is to locate a harem of horses and do a live Facebook video documenting their behavior during the eclipse. There are a lot of variables (the horses, our internet connection, etc., etc.) but we’re going to do our best! Be sure to tune in.”  I plan to be watching and wish them much success with this project!

4.) These horses live just “down the road” from us, and one day this week, they were standing near the highway.  I turned around and went back for a picture. They happily posed for me.

5.)  My friend, Donna, and I are hoping to make it to the Farmers Market tomorrow.

I’d love it if you’d share your Friday randoms.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wild Horse Wednesday

Today I’m sharing a few photos from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks to see “my” wild horses.

The first ones we saw were enjoying a lunch of sea oats up high on one of the dunes.

Further up the beach, we saw these two nose-to-nose.

Many of the roads were flooded because of recent heavy rains.  It may be that the water isn’t really that deep in some places, but since we don’t know for sure, we err on the side of caution.  That limits us to how much distance we can cover to look for horses.  So on this particular day, we only saw 14.

But, by far, my favorite picture of the day was this one, which I affectionately titled “Miss Tina Turner”.

“Maybe she’s born with it: maybe it’s “Neighbelline”.”

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: The Apology

Hello, efurryone. This is Sundae, and today it’s my turn to post.

If you read Motor Mommy’s post last Friday, you know that I’ve been quite a naughty girl recently…..I’ve been biting her on the arm while she’s at the computer.

I really wish I could say what my reason is, but sometimes, it’s difficult for us kitties to put our feelings into words. Yes, I know that I’m doing something wrong when I bite. And I’d like to publicly apologize to Motor Mommy for hurting her.

Several of our readers left comments with ideas about WHY I might be doing that, and some included suggestions on how to break me of the habit.  Ideas included ignoring the bad behavior, swatting me on the nose when I bite (huh?!) and perhaps some calming meds from my vet.

I’m really, really going to try to stop biting my mommy.  I even agreed to pose with her for a selfie.

Okay, I admit it:  judging by my look in this picture, I don’t really appear to be “on board” with a change in my attitude, do I?

I think I have my work cut out for me….

~These Days Of Mine~



Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted five randoms on Friday, so today’s the day:

1.) Motor Man and I hosted my family reunion last Saturday. My earliest memories of that event were when I was a child, and the family met at my uncle’s farm. We all brought wire coat hangers and roasted hot dogs over an open fire.  Over the years, there have been reunions with more than 70 people in attendance. This year, we had 14. But the weather was perfect, and we all had a great time.

2.) Last night, for the first time ever, I put a cat in time out.  Sundae has bitten me on the arm three times this week – all unprovoked and “breaking the skin” each time. Every time that it’s happened, I’ve been sitting at my computer, not paying any attention to her. Perhaps that’s the problem. I think she knows what she’s doing is wrong, because she immediately runs from the scene.  Last night, when she ran from the room, I closed the door, leaving her in another part of the house from Motor Man and me.  I’m open to suggestions….

3.) I took this picture on our most recent Outer Banks trip to see the wild horses. It wasn’t until I uploaded the pics to the computer that I noticed the neck-scratching taking place.

4.) I’m sharing a sunset picture from earlier in the week. It was at the end of an overcast day, and I had to wait for the sun to clear the clouds. So worth the wait.

5.) I recently purchased a “super size” external hard drive, and Marshall came to transfer all my photos off the computer. (YIKES….the idea of doing this is keeping me awake at night, even though they’re already backed up on another hard drive.) When we connected the hard drive to the computer via USB, we expected it to be assigned a drive letter.  But that didn’t happen. So, unless we can figure this out, I may be returning that hard drive for a more user-friendly one. Searching for solutions online has us even more confused. We aren’t IT folks: just regular people. Again, I’m open to suggestions….

Have a good weekend; looks to be a rainy one for us. At least, we have no family reunion planned.

~These Days Of Mine~


Wildlife Wednesday: Mama Trusts Me

Although there have been goslings in our yard many times, we’d never seen ducklings.

That changed a few days ago when a Mama Duck showed up, with her three babies proudly in tow.

Look! Look who I brought for you to meet!

Since I only had whole corn, which the babies couldn’t eat, our neighbor graciously gave me  a small supply of cracked corn. The little ones have been enjoying that (far left).

I made sure to have a low-to-the-ground bird bath close by for them to have fresh water.  I suppose it’s now officially a “duck bath”.


Seeing these little ones make me smile, and knowing that Mama Duck trusts me enough to bring them so close is just a bonus.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews: In Training

This week’s mews is brought to you by….ME, Gypsy!

I have a huge announcement: I’m in training for a new position in our company.

Miss Gypsy: “Director of Accounting”.  I think it has a nice ring, don’t you?

Motor Mommy says I still need lots more training, though, focusing particularly on finger paw placement.

~These Days Of Mine~