Comedy Show

I find myself, more than ever, looking for something to smile or laugh about these days.

Although the squirrels are so annoying hogging all the bird seed in our feeders, they do provide us with some entertainment along the way.

This feeder is just outside our kitchen window, so we have a front row seat for the daily squirrel show.

I couldn’t help but laugh at seeing the bird seed that had collected on this guy’s (gal’s?) tummy.

‘scuse me, squirrel….um….you have a little something there in your teeth on your belly.

I do believe this show has the potential to be a hit. Stay tuned.

~These Days Of Mine~




Poetic Thursday: Grandma’s Store

It’s Thursday, once again, and time for some poetry with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats.  Each week, they  host Poetic Thursday, and it’s always fun to participate.

Today’s photo inspiration was so special to me.

Although it’s much smaller, it immediately brought back memories of my grandmother’s country store. Here’s my poem for this week:

Grandma’s Store

Beside the highway sat Grandma’s country store,
where you could buy canned goods, candy, chips and more.

Hoop cheese by the pound, and stick ‘baloney’, too.
A gingersnap with that cheese? Don’t mind if I do.

It was a daily stop for local folks,
who poured peanuts in those ice cold Cokes.

Warmed by the wood stove in winter’s cold;
around it, countless stories were told.

At Christmas, cardboard ‘Co -Cola’ Santa signs:
had we only known to save them at the time.

Screen doors in the summer with the Nolde bread ad;
us kids slammed those doors. That made our moms mad.

On a nail by the door, Grandma’s brown crocheted hat,
made by her. Sure wish I’d thought to save THAT.

In the evening, Grandma’s store was where
her family gathered, more stories to share.

That old store holds memories, both happy and sad;
it played a big part in the childhood I had.

I was fortunate to be given this old family photo taken in 1955, in Grandma’s store. That’s my sister, Rose, on the left, and my aunt, uncle and cousin, Lona, also sitting on the counter. To Rose’s right is the holder of butcher paper that Grandma used to wrap the meats she sliced for her customers. At the lower right corner of the picture is just the edge of the old wood stove.

Grandma’s store is all boarded up now and covered with vines.

I pass by it occasionally. My eyes always look in that direction. And I remember.

~These Days Of Mine~


One Word Wednesday: Mischief


~These Days Of Mine~

From A Distance

So much has changed in our lives in the past few weeks. I’ve read that we should practice “physical distancing”, rather than “social distancing”, because we need to still have our friends and family (our support system) in our lives.

My friend, Donna, and I arranged to meet at a nearby state park on Friday. She brought a 6-ft long section of PVC pipe, so we could gauge how far we needed to be from each other.

I believe it’s the first time we haven’t greeted each other with a hug.

We walked along the banks of the James River and took pictures of the huge cypress tree root systems.

We couldn’t help but mention all the world events these trees have ‘witnessed’. Even more meaningful when you consider that this area is directly across the river from Jamestown Settlement, a distance of about four miles.

We brought a picnic to share after our walk on the beach….vintage tablecloths, picnic basket…

and our 6-ft long measuring stick.

picture taken with a timer on the camera

This is quite a different type of selfie for us.

And later in the day, we learned that a few hours after we left, the picnic shelter was officially closed to the public.

As we were leaving the park, we stopped to visit with the two resident donkeys. They don’t require a distance of 6-feet.

We were happy to devise a way to spend some time together, while still being in compliance.  There may not have been our usual hugs and selfies, but the girl talk and laughter was in abundance.

Stay well, everyone.

~These Days of Mine~


Poetic Thursday: Friends

I just love Thursdays! It’s so much fun participating in Poetic Thursday with Pam, Teddy, and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats.

This is our photo inspiration for today’s poem:

And here’s my poem:


Come on, buddy, let me show you my land.
I know this place like the back of my hand.

I’m so glad these paths are safe to roam.
Since I was born, this has been my home.

It’s a neat place to share a walk with a friend;
after lunch we’ll go exploring again.

We’re young now, but friends we will be,
even when we’re old….like thirty.

This photo brought back memories of this picture of my friend, Donna, and me:

And we, too, are going to be friends even when we’re thirty.

~These Days Of Mine~


One Word Wednesday: Local


~These Days Of Mine~

Fun: From A Distance

So, how is your social distancing coming along?

As you know, Motor Man and I normally take a day trip to Carova, NC most weekends. However, the Outer Banks has a visitor restriction right now (understandably so: their medical facilities are somewhat limited). So we decided to ride to the Northern Neck area of Virginia.

And along the way, we found some fun while avoiding contact with anyone else. We saw this old building, and stopped to investigate. It’s an old jail, built in the early 1800’s, located in Lancaster, Virginia.

On the same property was a wonderful old red barn, so we took the opportunity for a picture. Once again, we hadn’t thought to bring our tripod, so we placed the camera on a fence post, and I rushed to join Motor Man before shutter clicked.

A little further along, we passed this beautiful old home. The sign in front said: “Woodlawn, 1750”.

A better view of the side and an outbuilding.

And to my delight, we saw something quite rare (for us anyway). Motor Man had seen a road sign alerting motorists to ‘horse and carriages’ in the area, so we assumed there might be Amish nearby.

As we drove along, we saw someone riding a horse on the shoulder of the highway. Since this is most unusual, Motor Man made a u-turn, so I could take pictures.

When I saw the way this young man was dressed, I realized that he was, indeed, Amish.

We pulled over at a safe location, thinking he might ride right by us. But, just before he reached us, he made a turn.

I LOVE this picture. The horse obviously realized that he was on the home stretch, and I love that the young man is adjusting his hat. (In a perfect world, the house wouldn’t be there, and I wouldn’t have needed to do a little less-than-ideal photo editing.)

Obviously the two of them were getting ready for the ride down this long lane.

What fun did you discover this weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~