Randoms ‘Round The Yard

It’s smack dab in the middle of summer, so, today, I thought I’d share with you some photos from around our yard.

1.) Every summer, I buy hanging baskets of geraniums for our front porch. If I can find them, I prefer the ivy-leaf variety with the variegated blooms. This year, I purchased them from a different location than in the past, and they’ve been prettier than I can ever recall. (I have been very faithful in watering them regularly.)

2.) Gold finch continue to be regular visitors. They always make me smile.

3.) I don’t recall planting this rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), but I don’t know that they ‘volunteer’, so perhaps I did. The deer enjoyed munching on the leaves before I discovered it, but apparently they don’t like the taste of the bloom. Now, the entire plant is covered in netting.

4.) I shared this photo on Facebook earlier in the week. Several years ago, I planted this petunia and placed it in the old wooden boat we have in our yard. I never water it, never pay it any attention.  I walked out to take a picture of the sunset one evening, and something pink caught my eye. (Shhh….evidently the deer haven’t noticed them either.)

5.) And a sunrise shot.  I’ve often mentioned that early morning is my favorite time of day. I love to watch the sun rise from our deck: listening to the birds, the ducks and the hum of work boats in the river.

Feel free to share your randomness today, and I hope your weekend is a good one.

~These Days Of Mine~




They’re There…If You Just Pay Attention

You may recall my previous posts about synchronicities. I think the most common of those occur when you’re reading and have the tv on at the same time; you may read a word at the exact second that word is spoken on tv.

Last year, the AM radio station that was popular during my teen years returned to a format playing music from the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s. So that’s what I usually listen to while I’m driving.

Here a few recent synchronicities related to the radio:

Remember the Fontella Bass song “Rescue Me”?  That came on the radio recently as I was crossing the bridge into the tiny village of Rescue, just a few miles from where we live.

One of the station’s sponsors is a company that repairs overhead garage doors. Last week, one of their commercials came on the radio just as I was pulling into our garage.

Saturday night, as we were leaving our local race track, I turned on the radio. The song just coming on was “59th Street Bridge Song” (Feelin’ Groovy) by Harpers Bizarre.  Do you happen to recall the first line of that song?  “Slow down, you move too fast.”

vintage race cars at our track Saturday

And even though the Outer Banks is two hours from us, we’re able to pick up the radio station perfectly while riding on the beach. Last Sunday, while we were driving along the ocean, the song “Wipe Out” was playing.

Marshall introduced the word “synchronicity” to me several years ago. (Prior to that, I always referred to them as coincidences.) He and I usually text each other whenever either of us experiences one.  And, I think Motor Man has heard us talk about them so much, that he is quick to recognize them, too.  They happen quite often.

I think synchronicities are fascinating, and I would love to know if any of you ever experience them.

~These Days Of Mine~




The Only Way To Celebrate

Yesterday was “National I Love Horses Day”.

Well, you know that required a celebration on my part. So we headed off to one of our favorite day trip destinations: Carova Beach, N.C.,  home to the Corolla wild horses.

It was gorgeous day: low 80’s, beautiful blue sky and a nice breeze.

A perfect day for a stroll in one of the many canals.

Or to kick up a little dust.

Motor Man captured me celebrating the holiday.

But then, any day that we visit Carova is “I Love Horses Day” to me.

~These Days Of Mine~


Friday Fawns

It seems that, every summer, we have at least one set of twin fawns here at our little impromptu wildlife refuge. And this summer is no exception.

Yes, I still get upset when I see that the deer have destroyed some of my perennials (hydrangea, gladioli, garden phlox, Mexican petunia, hosta, liriope). I planted those before I knew that deer consider them to be delicacies. This year, I’ve had volunteer sunflowers for the first time, and apparently, they are the candy of the deer world.  I’ve finally learned which annuals deer ignore, and these days, I plant nothing else. (If you’re interested: marigolds, salvia, zinnia, vinca, and  lantana are usually pretty safe.)

Some would say the deer and I have a love/hate relationship.

But, really….how can you possibly hate something so beautiful? Sometimes, flowers just may be overrated.

~These Days Of Mine~

And….She Now Has A Name

I recently posted about Marshall’s new baby kitten. And I’m please to announce that she now officially has a name.

Those of you who are fans of the British comedy “Fawlty Towers” will be familiar with the character named Sybil.  From the time she arrived,  Marshall’s new kitty has reminded him of that character.

So, allow me to introduce…. Sybil….

As all of you feline-owned folks know, a cat doesn’t just have one name. That name evolves into several nicknames. So I’m sure she’ll be called “Sibbs”, “Sibby”, and probably several other adaptations.

Marshall also shared this picture with me.  That’s Snugg putting on a show on the dresser, while Sibby is just looking tiny on the sofa.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Sibbs; I’ve asked Marshall to keep the photos coming. The only problem, so far, is that she scurries around so quickly, it’s difficult to get a good picture.

But that’s what baby kitties (and Sybil) do best.

~These Days Of Mine~


Remembering….With No Memories

My dad was born on July 9, 1899.  Seeing that date, most folks would probably expect me to be a good bit older than I am. But, my dad was in his 50’s when I was born. Sadly, he became ill and died when I was only eight months old.

So I never knew him. But Mom made sure I knew the important dates: his birthday, their anniversary, the day he died.  I think about him especially on those days and wish he could have been a part of my life.

This is an old snapshot of the little house where my dad was born. It was destroyed by fire many years ago, but during my childhood, it was still standing less than a quarter mile from where Mom and I lived. I stopped in the driveway one day, opened my car door and snapped a picture. You can see my radio antenna in the picture.

I’m guessing Daddy was about three years old when this picture was taken. I have one of the chairs from that set…(perhaps this very one?), and had this picture enlarged and printed on canvas. That’s now hanging over the chair. My late cousin, Lona, gave me the original of this picture many years ago; my dad and her maternal grandmother were siblings.  Her gift brought me to tears.

One of the few pictures of my Mom and Dad together.  Date unknown, but probably long before I came along. She never told me one negative thing about him.

I love this picture of my dad mowing grass. In it are things that bring back so many memories: the old shed in the background, the driveway, that tree… but no memory of my dad….

And finally, Mom had this photo colorized after Dad died and told me she did that so I could have a nice picture of him.

So Happy Birthday, Daddy. Sure wish I could made some memories with you.

~These Days Of Mine~


The “Shearing” Of Snugg

Marshall now has four kitties, and he texts photos of them to me quite often (which I love).

Recently, he sent this one.

This photo definitely needs a little explanation.  The orange kitty is Snugg.  And, let’s just say that Snugg had some extra fur. So this was the result of an extensive combing, not really “shearing” as my title states. But “The Combing Of Snugg” just didn’t have the same ring.

What Marshall and I think is so funny is, not only is Snugg looking over his shoulder as if to say: “ALL that came off of me?! No wonder I was hot!”, but his sister, Chessie, also seems to be looking at that pile of fur in disbelief.

Needless to say, Snugg is now enjoying these hot summer days much more than before.

~These Days Of Mine~