Each Trip Is Different

As most of you well know, driving to the four-wheel-drive beaches of Carova on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a favorite day trip for Motor Man and me.

Some things are constant, but yet different each time:  we’re going to be driving along the ocean. But what will her temperament be on that particular day? Sometimes she’s smooth as glass, other time’s she’s very angry.

And each time,  we’re driving ON the beach, but the condition of the sand varies from trip to trip. Some days, it’s like driving on the interstate, and, at times,  we don’t even have to use our four-wheel-drive.  Other times, the sand is so deep and soft, and the ride so rough, we fear losing our teeth…. and getting stuck.

It’s rare that we don’t see wild horses, but how many and where we’ll see them changes with each trip. It’s especially nice to see them by the water.

But even if we only see them from the “back roads”, we’re good.

They’re beautiful regardless of their particular location.

But, one thing we find just happens by chance, and that’s the folks we meet while on the beach.

I’ve shared posts before about Renee and Mike, a couple we met on the beach a few years ago. The four of us “hit it off”, and since then, we’ve arranged a get-together whenever they visit the area.

On one of our recent trips, Motor Man stopped so I could take pictures of the horses on the beach (second one in this post). I noticed three people nearby, taking pictures of each other with the horses in the background. So I asked if they’d like a picture of the three of them together.

They were so friendly, and we began chatting. I learned that the couple, Caty and Jon, had just gotten married the day before in an oceanfront wedding in nearby Kill Devil Hills. Caty’s mom, Cathy, was with them and excitedly shared that happy info with me. I just happened to have some 2018 Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendars in our vehicle, and one of those was my wedding gift to them. And, I couldn’t leave out the mother-of- the bride.

They weren’t from the area, so Motor Man asked if they’d like to follow us, and we’d take them on the back roads in search of more horses. They agreed, and off we went.

We did see more horses, but further up the beach, our new friends were in for another treat. I’ve shared posts on here before about the Gypsy Queen. Yes, the newlyweds (and Mom) were treated to a tour.

Cathy later sent this photo of Caty and Jon on their wedding day and gave me permission to share it here. (I think she looks like a princess.)

Beautiful scenery is a given on our beach trips, and seeing horses is a norm. But chance meetings with friendly folks is definitely a bonus.

~These Days Of Mine~




How Much Is That…

…doggie in the window?

Motor Man and I saw this in our travels over the weekend. That doggie had a long trip home –  while looking back at where he’s been. (We’re in Virginia, and the truck had Pennsylvania license plates.) He looks a little sad to leave, doesn’t he?

When we saw this, Motor Man was the first to make the “doggie in the window” connection, which immediately led to the blog post idea.

I remember hearing this song through the years, but never heard it in its entirety. Very cute lyrics: they sure don’t write (or sing) ’em like they used to.


And, folks, there’s your “earworm” for the weekend! (You’re welcome.)

~These Days Of Mine~



Friends, Fun, Lunch And Goats

Last Friday, a group of six of us “Surry” girls met for lunch. Four of us are former classmates, and we’ve adopted the other two. A couple more girls from our class had planned to join us, but weren’t able to for various reasons. L to r, Judy (an adoptee), Donna, Cathy (an adoptee), Rita, Liz and me.

After lunch, five of us traveled a few miles to our local winery. After a wine tasting for those interested, we went out to visit the winery’s resident goats, including a few babies. These are two of the three babies who have successfully learned how to escape their fence enclosure  Apparently, they heard we had bought goat food pellets while inside the winery.

We had the MOST fun feeding and playing with those baby goats.

It wasn’t long until some of us (who shall remain nameless) lost our balance from the force of baby goats and landed on the ground.  No matter: they just crawled all over us, and we didn’t care.

My friend, Donna, took this picture. When she sent it to me, she commented: “You’re covered in goats!”.  It’s true: I AM under there somewhere.

But then I decided to “share” the babies with Donna and Liz. In the background: The Hampton Roads Winery boasts the world’s tallest goat tower.

There was so much laughter, smiling and picture taking.

What a dilemma: how to play with the goats, feed them and take pictures of them at the same time?

This was one of the goats that remained inside the fence.  Just look at those amazing eyes.

The goats made short work of the pellets. And that was probably a good thing, or we would have stayed the entire afternoon.

Obviously a great time was had by all.

We’ve already planned our Christmas gathering, and we’re looking forward to that, hopefully with more of our classmates joining us.

(But, I have to tell ya: those baby goats are going to be a tough act to follow….)

~These Days Of Mine~



Through The Looking Glass

Sweet Sibyl girl, gazing in the mirror,
I’ll tell you a secret if you come a little nearer.

Don’t be concerned about that kitty who
seems to be looking back at you.

That’s no stranger, Sibby, it’s just your reflection,
a tiny sample of feline purrfection.

Thanks, Marshall, for the interesting picture of your sweet Sibs.

~These Days Of Mine~

Beach Days…Still

Our local meteorologist mentioned this week that September was the warmest one on record for our area.  And October is continuing along the same lines.

So on our recent trips to the Outer Banks. we’re still seeing quite a few folks enjoying the beach.

As well as a couple of canines. This picture just makes me smile.

But, as you know, this also makes me smile.

This was a stallion and his mare.  Why, I do believe she’s curled her mane hair for this date…..channeling her inner Farrah Fawcett.

We also saw the stallion “snaking” her. On our tour with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund many years ago, our guide explained that snaking is the stallion’s way of herding his harem in the direction he wants them to go.

We didn’t really know what was happening between these two: we were just watching from the safety of our vehicle and taking pictures. They briefly put on quite a show for us.

But they soon worked everything out and were back down by the ocean, our favorite place to see them.

In the off season, the horses prefer the shelter of the thick brush behind the dunes, and we’ll see fewer of them on our trips. (Although there is video from a few years ago of them walking along the water’s edge during a snow storm.)

Just like humans, they prefer warm weather for their trips to the beach.

~These Days Of Mine~




Make Your Voice Heard

Now, doesn’t that sound official?

As I mentioned recently,  it seems that writing my blog sometimes seems like homework “these days”.  I’m contemplating perhaps going to no schedule and just posting at will.

So I thought I’d conduct a little poll, my first ever, I believe. If you would, please select what subject you like to see MOST here on the blog.


Hopefully this will give me the little push I need, so that blogging will be more fun than “work”. Writing is easy: it’s the subject matter that’s tough.

Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews….Returns

Hi, efurryone….Gypsy here. You remember me….the shop kitty….the boss lady…the one in charge?

Well, I have to tell you that I think Motor Mommy’s blog has gotten pretty boring lately. There just hasn’t been enough about us kitties: Sundae and me. So we’ve  decided to bring back Monday Morning Mews, at least occasionally. Today, I’m sharing some pics of what I’ve been doing lately, just to liven things up a little around here.

First of all, you probably know that Motor Mommy is somewhat obsessed with giraffes (and horses). The other day, this very interesting box was delivered. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside, thinking that it surely should be something for me. But no…it was this silly-looking thing.  (And to add to the humiliation, Motor Mommy couldn’t even take a decent picture of me looking at it.)

And, then there’s this.  Speaking of humiliation:

Once in a while, I just have to be silly to entertain my pawrents.

But, as you know, everything I have to endure is worth it….for this: my favorite place in the world.

My step sis-fur, Sundae, will probably write a post soon, just to keep us kitties in the limelight around here.

~These Days Of Mine~