If You Don’t Like Horses…

…then, you may as well move along.  Nothing to see here today but horses.

Yes, today, I’m sharing pictures from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks. I seem to say this a lot about our trips there, but it was a gorgeous day: temps on the beach were upper 70’s to 80 while we were there, a breeze off the ocean, just a perfect windows-down-arm-out-the-window kinda day.

And the fact that we saw 51 horses was a nice bonus.

I’m thinking this might be a future calendar entry.

Mmmmm….yummy sea oats.

And I also liked this one.

And this one:

But, by far, the highlight of the day was seeing the newest member of the herd: a filly, born just one week ago.

When I first spotted her, she was lying down.   We were stopped a good distance away, so we waited patiently, for probably 15-20 minutes. Thankfully, I noticed her ear twitching, then she swished her tail, so I knew she was okay.  Mom stood watch over her, and I’m guessing that’s dad in the background.

Finally, she awoke from her nap.

Look at that sweet curly little tail.

And a zoomed in (and later cropped) pic as she walked into the brush.  Her name hasn’t been announced yet; hopefully we’ll see her again in our travels.

And I’d just like to publicly thank my Motor Man for being the patient man that he is.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mew: The Inspector

Motor Mommy loves to find old items to use in the yard. Some time back, she bought an old watering can at a vintage market and had been waiting for a good use for it (other than to water flowers).

I heard her tell Motor Man that she’d seen an idea on Pinterest (whatever THAT is) where someone had taken tiny solar lights (whatever THEY are) and made them look like water flowing from the spout of the watering can.

One day last week, she brought the watering can to the shop, so Motor Man could help her with the project.

I immediately went to work.  My little nose was working double over-time.

What in the world IS this thing?  And where has it been?

Eventually, I decided that it was harmless enough and allowed my pawrents to continue with the project.

Motor Mommy says taking night-time pics is so difficult, but this is the watering can project after it was completed. (I think she’s going to try for a better picture at some point.)

I love being chief inspector at our shop.  Now, what’s our next project?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, another Random Five.

1.) Earlier this month, we were out and about on the evening of the Full Buck Moon. There were clouds, so at times, we could see the entire moon, and other times, just a portion of it.  Motor Man pulled over and took this shot from the car window. He seems to have better luck and definitely more patience than me when it comes to nighttime photography.


2.) I continue to occasionally come upon a fawn as I move about our yard. I’m not sure who’s more surprised when that happens: me or the fawn.  We have three, two are twins, and there’s a single baby who’s smaller.  I think this is the baby of the bunch. Those eyes….

3.) Motor Man and I have begun celebrating those crazy special occasion days. This past week included National Ice Cream Day AND National Hot Dog Day. For the latter, we visited a local “hot dog joint”, The Barking Dog.  Motor Man had seen it mentioned in our local paper, so we thought we’d give it a try. We give it a thumbs up.

4.) On our most recent trip to the Outer Banks, we spotted the little colt, Mateo, born earlier this year.  This week, it was announced that a filly has been born into the herd, and we can’t wait to spot her on a future trip.

5.) We recently went on a tall ship sail out of Yorktown with my niece and her son. Motor Man took this picture of me during the sail. I love that, if you look closely,  you can see his reflection in my sunglasses.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


Rain…And Sun

As of last week, things were pretty dry in our neck of the woods.  I was trying, with moderate success, to keep up with watering my plants, but the lawn was almost a lost cause.

The much-needed rain came Friday evening. The first shower brought us a half inch, and later in the evening, another inch and a half fell at a somewhat slower pace.

I took this picture (from inside the garage door) during the first shower.  It was absolutely pouring….while the sun was shining.

There was a rainbow, but, unfortunately, it was too faint to capture.

My plants, and the lawn,  were saying: “ah…….feels so good coming down.”

And I was just thankful.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: The Boxer

Happy Monday, readers! Sundae here, and it’s my turn to share news with you this week.

You may recall, in my last post, I was helping Motor Mommy get ready for company.  Her niece, Donna and great-nephew, Connor, came to visit from Texas.

We had SO much fun while they were here.  I was simply exhausted when their visit came to an end. (Here I am, relaxing on the sofa. Motor Mommy keeps towels on it, because for some reason, she thinks  the fur deposits I leave behind are undesirable.)

Today, I have a video to share. This was taken while our company was visiting. The humans were sitting around one evening, talking and having a good time. And, of course, I couldn’t be left out of all the fun. Motor Man happened to have a zip tie, which we discovered is a great toy.


Motor Mommy was a bit slack in helping me with today’s post, so there’s no music included with my video. Purrhaps the song “The Boxer” would have been a nice addition, Mommy?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five randoms for a hot, humid July Friday.

1.) In our area, the heat index has been over 100 for the past few days.  Early morning is just about the only time to do anything outdoors when that is the case. Bonus: that’s usually a gorgeous time of day.

2.) One of my outdoor chores recently has been trying to cover some of my plants in netting to protect them from these critters.  The deer repellent sprays I’ve been using in the past seem to be ineffective these days. (Yes, the deer are very charming.  And equally as destructive.)

3.) Bacon’s Castle is always beautiful in my eyes, but on a recent day, the white clouds in a perfectly blue sky made for an amazing backdrop.

4.) I think this weekend will be spent purchasing a new computer. “Someone” has so many pictures on this one, it’s running low out of storage space.  That same “someone” is dreading the change.

5.) This post began with a sunrise, so it’s only fitting that it end with a sunset.  Last week, my niece and her son visited, and they joined Motor Man and me for a sail on the tall ship, Alliance, out of Yorktown.  That is the George P. Coleman bridge in the background.

Happy weekend, stay cool and feel free to share any randoms you may have.

~These Days Of Mine~

Like Sunday Morning

 You  may recall previously reading here that early morning is my very favorite time of day.

Sunday morning, I stepped out right around the time of sunrise. As I opened the garage door, I saw our resident fawns, lying in the side yard. By the time I went back inside for the camera and returned, one of them was standing.

They aren’t really afraid of me, but they also don’t like for me to get too close. However, it was golden hour, and I really wanted some pictures of them in that light. So I moved very slowly and used the zoom on the camera.

Once they saw me, they moved over to our old cedar tree (video of them running later in the post).

They were so beautifully lit by the early morning sun.

Hello, sweetie. Thank you for sharing part of your morning with me.

As promised, here’s the video of them running across the yard.  The only sound is that of birds and our nearby bamboo wind chimes.


“…easy like Sunday morning”…

~These Days Of Mine~