A Horse, A Carriage, A New Little Friend

Our little town really comes alive this time of year with all the Christmas festivities.  Saturday, there was a Christmas Craft Market, an antique show and sale as well as a homes tour.

A couple of friends and I toured the homes, then Motor Man met me downtown for a horse and carriage ride. We’ve done many carriage rides in other areas, but had never taken one in Smithfield.

The horse was a Percheron, and his name is Casey.  Does he look especially tall to you?  According to our driver, Casey is the second tallest horse in the world.  19 1/2 hands.


It was a beautiful day for a ride through our historic town.


After the ride,  Casey agreed to have his picture taken with me.


And with Motor Man, too.


Along with Motor Man and me on our ride was a mom and her little girl. And this little girl does love her some horses….

I took soooo many pictures of her, and her mom graciously gave me permission to share.  I ask you: is this love?


I’m glad I don’t have to choose a favorite, but this one would be in the running:


Casey was enjoying the hay she was giving him.


And the nose rubs.


I told Motor Man later that this was so much fun, perhaps I should consider childrens photography.

But only if Casey would consider moonlighting as my ‘prop’.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Good morning, readers: Sundae here.  It was my sisfur, Gypsy’s, turn to write the post today, but she graciously allowed me to write instead.  She’ll return to the blog next Monday.

The pet blogosphere was so sad when we learned the news on Friday that our dear furriend, Sammy (One Spoiled Cat), had crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Sammy would have been 17 years old in a few weeks, and his body was just tired. If you’ve been a long-time reader of These Days, you may recall that Sammy was my “boycatfriend”.

sundae5 8-16-2015 7-57-35 AM

Sammy and I “attended” many social events together: parties, picnics, dances….


Valentine’s Balls….


Isn’t he handsome? And such a gentleman.


I am so very sad, but we are all happy to hear from Sammy’s Mom, Miss Pam, that his blog will continue.  We’re looking forward to posts from “Angel Sam”.

sundae in the sunrise 8-19-2011 1-19-59 AM

Sammy,  I miss you, and I was always honored to be your “girl Sundae”.

~These Days Of Mine~

Come Fly With Me, Sammy!

Today, we are participating in a VERY special blog hop to honor our dear friend, Sammy, One Spoiled Cat.

For those of you who aren’t bloggers (or aren’t familiar with Sam’s blog), Sammy is a senior kitty (nearly SEVENTEEN!), who has been blogging for several years. Recently he began having some serious health issues.  All of us in the blogging world who know Sammy and his mom, Pam, just love them.  They have fans – really – all over the world. And we all wanted to show them just how much they mean to us. After all, Sammy is Sundae’s “boycatfriend”.

Sammy’s blogging friends, Madi and Easy, are responsible for this wonderful idea.  Sadly (and suddenly), Easy passed over Rainbow Bridge earlier this week, and his blogging friends are devastated and in shock. But his Mom knew Easy would want this blog hop to take place as planned. Rest easy, Easy, we are carrying out your wishes.

 So, today, we are to share a photo of a place in our neighborhood/city or state that we think Sammy would like to visit. This is a different take on Sammy’s famous “Tuesday Teaser”.  Each Tuesday, Sammy and his mom post a photo -taken somewhere in the world – for his fans to try to identify.

We, of course, chose Bacon’s Castle. Those of you who are familiar with my blog  already know all about it. But, since there may be some new visitors today for this special occasion, here’s a short paragraph to describe it:

Bacon’s Castle is located in Surry County, Virginia, and was built in 1665. It is the oldest datable English built brick home in the U.S. My mother, along with her family, lived in the house during her teen years when it was a private residence.  It’s now open to the public, and my son, Marshall, was a guide there for several years. Motor Man and I were married there in 2002.

And it seems especially appropriate since, as all of Sammy’s friends know, he does love his bacon.

So, Sammy, Sundae says: “Let’s you and I hop in our hot air balloon and enjoy a slow, leisurely ride to “the Castle” and I’ll show you around this beautiful old place that means so much to my mommy.


Thank you for always being such a wonderful gentleman friend, Sammy. You know you have my heart.”

Love, Sundae


To see all the other places Sammy travels today, click here.

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Just Foggy Enough

Motor Man and I had a business errand out of town last Friday, so we got an early morning start.

The day began with cloudy skies and scattered fog, which always makes for interesting photos.

This beautiful old barn is located just outside of our little town, and is a favorite of mine to photograph. It has been recently renovated and was especially pretty in the early morning fog.


From a distance…


The sun was trying to break through the clouds (and succeeded as the day went on).


This property is home to a greenhouse/nursery business.  It’s a scenic spot, with the equipment adding a rustic touch.


Thankfully, the fog that morning was mostly over land and didn’t affect our drive, other than causing Motor Man to stop a few times for me to take pictures. (What a guy.)

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Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, effuryone, and welcome to a very special edition of Monday Morning Mews.

Motor Mommy has shared with you before about a very talented young man named Matthew.   If you missed those posts, you can learn a little about Matthew in this link.  We came to know Matthew’s mom, Mary,  because she was online friends with my Aunt June (Motor Mommy’s sister).

Motor Mommy was so honored last year when Matthew (through Aunt June) asked to use her photos as inspiration for some of his sketches.

Then….one day last week, a package came in the mail for Motor Mommy. It was from Matthew!  And THIS is what was inside:


A framed sketch of ME, wearing my Santa Hat (and looking none too happy about it, I might add).   Matthew used this photo, which Motor Mommy had shared on her blog on Christmas Day, 2012.

cattitude in a hat

Now, I ask you:  did Matthew not purrfectly capture my grumpy little expression?

Needless to say, Motor Mommy was so very touched by this gift.   She and Mary are Facebook friends, and according to his mom,  Matthew has been wanting to do this as a gift for Motor Mommy for a long time.

With Mary’s permission, I’m sharing her FB message to Motor Mommy:

“When June first asked you if Matthew could draw from your pictures, he had shared with her that he eventually wanted to share an original drawing of his from your photo. June was so touched by this. Today she is smiling down from heaven as their secret has been carried out.”

And after reading that message…..Motor Mommy reached for the tissues.

Thank you, Matthew, for such a wonderful gift.  We all really hope to meet you and your family in person one day.  We think you’re a very special young man.

Love, Sundae

PS. Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “M”!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five randoms for the final Friday in November.

1.) The skies cleared later in the afternoon, but our Thanksgiving Day began with clouds and a few showers.


2.) We had a nice holiday.  In keeping with tradition, Marshall joined us for breakfast.  We keep it simple.


3.)  On a recent trip to T.J. Maxx, I found this cute little jingle bell tree and placed it in my cart.  For some reason, as I walked through the store,  I was reminded of our horse drawn sleigh rides….?

4.) Motor Man’s allergies have been especially bothersome lately.  Hmmm…could have something to do with all this going on in our area…

harvesting soybeans

harvesting soybeans

5.)  You won’t catch me in the Black Friday crowds today.  But, I will be participating in Small Business Saturday tomorrow on our little Main Street.


Care to share your randoms?  How was your Thanksgiving?  Plans for your weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~

Thanking The Giver


“Count your blessings….and thank the Giver.”  (unknown)

~These Days Of Mine~