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Day Trippin’

Motor Man and I recently began taking occasional day trips.   Usually  we head to the Outer Banks, but last week, we decided to go to the Northern Neck region of Virginia, which is about a two-hour drive for us.  We had heard of two tiny ferries in that area, and thought it would be fun to take a ride.

We woke early that morning to a pretty pre-sunrise sky.

sunrise 9-24-2015 6-27-08 AM

 As we neared the first ferry, Sunny Bank, we saw signs that it wasn’t operating that day.  But we decided that we’d continue on, just to see the “dock”.  Once there, we determined that tidal flooding was, most likely, the reason there was no ferry service.

sunny bank 9-24-2015 11-00-57 AM

So….. on to the other ferry, Merry Point. Along the way, we passed through this intersection.  You just gotta love the name “Hoecake Road”.

sign 9-24-2015 12-45-00 PM

We were in luck: Merry Point Ferry was in service. If you look closely, you can see the ferry cables.

ferry 9-24-2015 12-54-26 PM

The ferry crosses the Corrotoman River and has a capacity of three vehicles and six passengers.  A pick-up truck boarded the ferry after we did.  Apparently, the driver was a local, and he and the captain were deep in conversation during the approximately 5-minute crossing.  We didn’t want to interrupt to ask to have a picture taken of us.  So we did the next best thing. I took one of Motor Man:

jr 9-24-2015 12-58-40 PM

And he took one of me.

db 9-24-2015 12-58-33 PM

In the time it took to take a couple of pictures, we were on the other side.

ferry landing 9-24-2015 1-01-03 PM

So that was our most recent day trip: nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just a ride through pretty country on a nice day.

~These Days Of Mine~


You may recall that, for the past two years, I have participated in the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar contest.

And I have been incredibly honored to have had one of my photos chosen both years.

horse calendars 8-13-2015 7-59-38 PM

Now it’s time to submit photos for the 2017 Corolla Calendar.  As in the past, I’m going to share with you today the three photos I chose to send, and ask you  which one you think MIGHT possibly be selected by the judges.

Once I learn IF either of these is a winner, I will randomly select, from the comments on this post, one of my readers who chose that photo. This time, I will pick two winners: one blogger and one non-blogger.  If neither photo is chosen for the calendar, we’ll still have two winners here on These Days: I’ll just pick two readers from the comments submitted. Winners will be chosen from comments left here on the blog.

What will the prize be?  I haven’t decided yet; it will be a surprise!

Here’s picture one:

1 10-4-2014 2-14-51 PM

Picture two:

And bachelor picture number three:

3 6-6-2015 3-59-06 PM

So….tell me what you think.  Which photo do you think has a possibility of being selected for the next Corolla Calendar?

You already know how much I enjoy taking pictures of these horses and how much Motor Man and I enjoy driving on the beach to catch glimpses of them.  The folks with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund work tirelessly to care for these beautiful animals (all the while letting them remain wild and free unless it’s absolutely necessary that they be removed from the herd).  I’m pleased to support that organization in any way possible.

Having one of my photos appear in their calendar is simply icing on the cake.

~These Days Of Mine~



These Days R5F

It’s the first Friday of fall. Let’s talk randomness:

1.) Today, I’m wishing a Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear blogging friend, Pam, who co-writes the blog, One Spoiled Cat, with her kitty, Sam.  I’m not sure how Pam and I discovered each other’s blogs, but it’s been a few years now, and we’ve become close friends. We keep in touch with frequent emails and, along with our hubbies, meet occasionally for lunch and antiquing.

pam and dianna 12-11-2013 12-22-42 AM

2.) Our fall is beginning with blustery winds, high tides and occasional rain from a persistent storm system just off the coast.  But, we’ll take that any day over a hurricane. This was just taken after sunset Wednesday evening.

clouds 9-23-2015 7-04-22 PM

3.) Motor Man has teased me for years about how short my legs are.  (I keep reminding him that they do, in fact, reach the ground.) Gypsy thinks they’re just the right length.

That is a lap full o' cat.

That is a lap full o’ cat.

4.) Yesterday, we took a little day trip (details in an upcoming post).  Along the way, we happened upon this beauty, and gave the driver a smile and a thumbs-up as we passed.

old chevy truck 9-24-2015 11-32-15 AM

 5.) We’ve had several foggy mornings in the past couple of weeks. I knew there was an old saying about how many foggy days there are in a certain month ‘determining’  how many snows there will be the following winter.  So I checked The Old Farmers Almanac, which says that month is August.  I don’t recall if or how many foggy mornings we had in August, so I guess we’ll just wait and see what the winter brings.

marina at sunrise 9-19-2015 7-26-33 AM

Happy first weekend of fall!

~These Days Of Mine~

Outer Banks Sunset

More pictures today from our recent Outer Banks trip. Not horses this time, but rather, the sunset.

A few years ago, we discovered a tiny “park/beach” on Kitty Hawk Bay.  During the summer months, it’s very busy at sunset.  This time of year, you definitely won’t be alone, but you don’t have to jockey for position to take pictures.

sunset and tree 9-17-2015 6-55-43 PM

Some sunsets are vibrant and dramatic. This one was soft and tranquil, and the water was as smooth as glass.

sunset tateway 9-17-2015 6-56-38 PM

This is the same tree that was in my first photo. It was perfectly reflected in the water.

tree at sunset tateway 9-17-2015 6-58-59 PM

And the reflection of the pier in the background made for an interesting picture.

pier 9-17-2015 6-56-51 PM

Overhearing snippets of conversation from people nearby, “oh, how pretty”, the sound of cameras clicking…

sun 9-17-2015 7-02-03 PM

…we were all there for the same reason.

~These Days Of Mine~

More Horses…

Yes, I admit to being horse-crazy. Oftentimes, that obsession strikes girls at a young age. For me, it happened many years decades later.

These photos are from our most recent trip to the Corolla/Carova area of the Outer Banks.  Once again, it was a beautiful day. As we were riding around on one of the side roads just off the beach and rounded a turn, we heard a loud noise; it almost sounded like someone screaming.

Soon we realized the sound we heard wasn’t made by humans. Yes, they’re responsible for all that dust in the air. This picture reminds me of a scene from an old western.

dust 9-17-2015 11-58-00 AM

Although my camera is never far from reach, it seemed to take forever to get it aimed in the direction of the horses. I can never remember how to quickly set it to record, so I was recording this video with my cell phone in my left hand, and taking pictures with my camera in my right hand. (I am a Gemini, after all....) Motor Man was also recording with the Go-Pro, but it was very similar to this, and trimming it to include in this post gave me some technical difficulties.*

I apologize that portions of the video are shaky, and I left the audio (including the camera clicks) so as not to delete the sound the horses were making.

At the beginning of the video, you may have noticed the cattle egret on the back of one of the horses.  It flew away when things got heated, but waited patiently on the sidelines, then returned once it was safe.

horses and bird 9-17-2015 11-58-46 AM

Oops, this “discussion” isn’t over quite yet. I love  both front legs off the ground.

dust2 9-17-2015 11-59-06 AM

A little sidestepping…

dust3 9-17-2015 11-59-09 AM

Guess they settled it, at least for now.

its over 9-17-2015 11-59-17 AM

 You just never know what we’ll see when we head to the beach. That’s why the camera(s) must always be within easy reach.

*Thanks, Marshall, for the video editing.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, five random thoughts.

1.)  Our weather for the past couple of weeks has been just about perfect.  Sunny with daytime temps in the low 80’s, crisp, cool-ish nights, low humidity and spectacular skies. I took this picture with my cell phone Tuesday evening during golden hour.


2.) I’m not the only one enjoying the nice weather: my company for Wednesday evening’s sunset.

swan reflected 9-16-2015 7-03-15 PM

3.) This is one of three “outback” kitties at our shop.  Anyone familiar with ears like that?  The other two kitties won’t get near me, but this one comes when I’m putting out food for them and allows me to get fairly close.

outback kitty

4.) I’m tempted to take a picture each time I see one of my little hummies these days. I know they’ll soon be on their way south for the winter. This one was visiting recently during morning’s golden hour.

hummie2 9-14-2015 7-57-38 AM

5.) Five years ago this week, I registered my blog with WordPress. My first post, This House Has My Heart, was published on September 20, and has a whopping two whole comments.  Five years of blogging: that’s a lotta words and pictures. I’ve made many, many friends, some of whom I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person. Although I  sometimes struggle for blog topics, I really can’t imagine NOT blogging.  Thanks to  all of you for stopping in to visit.

Happy  weekend!

~These Days Of Mine!

Fun In A Flowerpot

Recently, as I walked by, something just outside our guest room window caught my eye.

 squirrel best 9-9-2015 3-43-03 PM

It seems a squirrel had discovered this flowerpot with what’s left of a Creeping Jenny/Goldilocks plant in it.

squirrel1 9-9-2015 3-43-19 PM

I had wondered why the plant wasn’t doing very well.

hanging around 9-9-2015 3-43-39 PM

Do you suppose he saw me at the window and decided to play ‘possum? He definitely wasn’t asleep, because just a few seconds later, he was up to his cute little antics.

nite squirrel 9-9-2015 3-43-08 PM

This was the view yesterday.  It seems our mischevious friend had a bit TOO  much fun in the flowerpot.

overturned flowerpot 9-15-2015 6-16-04 PM

(These pictures were taken through the window; wish I could have gotten them without the glare.)

~These Days Of Mine~