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Day Trippin’

Motor Man and I recently began taking occasional day trips.   Usually  we head to the Outer Banks, but last week, we decided to go to the Northern Neck region of Virginia, which is about a two-hour drive for us.  We had heard of two tiny ferries in that area, and thought it would be fun to take a ride.

We woke early that morning to a pretty pre-sunrise sky.

sunrise 9-24-2015 6-27-08 AM

 As we neared the first ferry, Sunny Bank, we saw signs that it wasn’t operating that day.  But we decided that we’d continue on, just to see the “dock”.  Once there, we determined that tidal flooding was, most likely, the reason there was no ferry service.

sunny bank 9-24-2015 11-00-57 AM

So….. on to the other ferry, Merry Point. Along the way, we passed through this intersection.  You just gotta love the name “Hoecake Road”.

sign 9-24-2015 12-45-00 PM

We were in luck: Merry Point Ferry was in service. If you look closely, you can see the ferry cables.

ferry 9-24-2015 12-54-26 PM

The ferry crosses the Corrotoman River and has a capacity of three vehicles and six passengers.  A pick-up truck boarded the ferry after we did.  Apparently, the driver was a local, and he and the captain were deep in conversation during the approximately 5-minute crossing.  We didn’t want to interrupt to ask to have a picture taken of us.  So we did the next best thing. I took one of Motor Man:

jr 9-24-2015 12-58-40 PM

And he took one of me.

db 9-24-2015 12-58-33 PM

In the time it took to take a couple of pictures, we were on the other side.

ferry landing 9-24-2015 1-01-03 PM

So that was our most recent day trip: nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just a ride through pretty country on a nice day.

~These Days Of Mine~