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Another Saturday, another beach trip for Motor Man and me.
Another Monday, another blog post featuring horses.

Saturday, we were treated to some action by the wild horses while we were in Carova. Perhaps the sunshine and fairly mild temps caused them to feel a bit frisky.

First, there was this handsome young guy, who was very interested in us. If he isn’t already named by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, I think an appropriate one would be Diamond Jim.

diamond 2-27-2016 1-03-17 PM

After staring at us for a few minutes, he walked in front of our vehicle, plopped down and took a bath.

diamond bath 2-27-2016 1-04-53 PM

But then, we saw some REAL action.  Allow me to share this clip of a stallion, apparently “calling” one of the mares in his harem.

 And I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this next video.  But it was so exciting (to me, anyway), I just had to share. His mare (or one of them) came running up to him, then another stallion happened along, and the two males had a bit of a “discussion”. (Note: that’s the mare getting the heck outta Dodge, and I can’t say as I blame her.)

I realize that, for those of you who are familiar with horses and are around them frequently, you see sights like this all the time. But it’s a rarity for us, and it was quite a show. Neither horse was harmed, thankfully, and they both ran off in separate directions. (Probably to meet again another day….)

Seeing these videos, it’s easy to understand why there’s an ordinance requiring that you stay at least 50 feet from the wild horses. We were stopped and safe within our vehicle while all this happened. I can’t imagine being in the path of these powerful stallions during one of their battles.

~These Days Of Mine~

Small Town Tragedy

When I was growing up, I don’t recall us EVER having a tornado in our area. It was just unheard of. Hurricanes, yes. But no tornadoes.

Then, maybe 30 years ago, there was a tornado in our town.  There were no injuries, and although there was damage, no homes were destroyed. But it was still scary to realize that it COULD happen here.

Since that time, there have been maybe three or four within about 25 miles of us.  I posted about one in this post in 2011.

Wednesday, it happened again, this time less than 30 miles (as the crow flies) from us, in the small town of Waverly.  That town is special to me, because my friends and I meet occasionally for lunch at a little restaurant there. The restaurant had some damage, but no one there was injured.

Others in the town weren’t as fortunate.  There were three deaths from this storm, including a 2-year old boy.

Motor Man and I rode to Waverly yesterday, and although we’ve seen coverage of the damage on tv, it isn’t the same as seeing it in person. One of the residents of this home was interviewed on the local news last night. He was there when the storm hit.

demolished 2-25-2016 2-59-14 PM

We were amazed at this huge piece of sheet metal/aluminum hanging from a power line.

sheet metal on power lines 2-25-2016 2-55-43 PM

A tree fell on this home, demolishing it.

tree on house 2-25-2016 2-57-26 PM

And debris is strewn throughout the town.

debris 2-25-2016 3-12-19 PM

Motor Man and I commented on how many tv news trucks we saw, and then we realized why:  we just happened to be in town at the same time our governor, Terry McAuliffe, was surveying the damage.

gov etc 2-25-2016 3-02-50 PM

The town was a busy place: electric company employees repairing equipment, National Guard removing debris. And The Salvation Army and The Red Cross: helping.

The area affected isn’t an affluent one, but supplies and aid are coming in from not only the local community, but other locations as well.

We aren’t meant to understand why things happen as they do, but it’s so easy to think:  if only that storm had hit a few miles away in an uninhabited area, maybe no lives would have been lost.

~These Days Of Mine~

Oh, So Thankful

Most of us have had those times when we are just so thankful. So very thankful. As in weak-in-the-knees thankful.

We had one of those experiences last night.

We got home from dinner around 6, and I put some eggs on to boil. Usually I set the timer, but last night, I didn’t. I went to the other end of the house and got busy on the computer, intending to go back and check on the eggs in a few minutes.

About an hour later, Motor Man (in the same room with me) said: “I smell something burning.”.  Those are such frightening words until you can determine the cause of that odor.  I had clothes in the dryer, so I immediately thought that might be it, but it wasn’t.

We both walked down the hall toward the kitchen…and then I remembered.

eggs 2-23-2016 7-48-50 PM

When I first realized what had happened, I was worried that the pan was about to catch fire, so I put it in the sink and added water. (And, yes, before I moved it, I stopped to think was grease involved.)

There was no smoke….yet….so that’s why the smoke detectors weren’t activated.

We immediately opened windows, turned on exhaust fans, breathed sighs of relief…

…and lifted up thanks.

~These Days Of Mine~

Spring-like Saturday

Saturday, Motor Man and I made another of our quick one-day trips to the Outer Banks. Most folks would balk at driving that distance and back in one day, but not my Motor Man.

The beach was perfect for driving, probably the best we’ve ever seen it.  We only had to use four-wheel-drive when we crossed over the dunes. The remainder of the time, it was like a drive on the interstate….(except with seashells).

beach 2-20-2016 9-38-32 AM

We saw a total of twelve horses, but none of them down by the ocean.  We caught these two enjoying a little morning rest in the warm sunshine in someone’s yard.

snoozing 2-20-2016 10-12-41 AM

And this one relaxing nearby.  We loved the markings on her face and how the breeze was ruffling her mane.

resting ruffled1 2-20-2016 10-14-31 AM

 Wonder how the horses keep warm in the winter? How about a furry winter coat?

winter coat 2-20-2016 10-16-20 AM

Oops: road block ahead. This is on one of the “back roads” over the dunes from the beach. The neon sign on the left is in front of the Carova Volunteer Fire Department. That area is named Carova because it’s near the North Carolina/Virginia border. There’s an ordinance requiring that you keep a 50-foot distance from the horses, so in a situation like this, you either make a u-turn or sit and wait (and take pictures) until the horses finish crossing the “street”. I don’t suppose there’s any question which of those options we always choose.

road block 2-20-2016 10-22-47 AM

Ah….a hubby who not only loves to drive, but is also very patient with his horse-loving, photo-taking wife –  plus a springtime day on the beach (with horses) in February.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

It’s the eve of the weekend and time once again for five completely random thoughts:

1.) My friend, Donna, gave me a solar snowman-shaped bird feeder for Christmas.  I shared a photo recently of a squirrel helping himself to a meal of sunflower seeds.  Donna and I both had been disappointed that I hadn’t seen a single bird at the feeder. Then,  Wednesday morning, I noticed Sundae completely enamored at something outside the window. YAY!  A bird!


2.) Speaking of Sundae, I was clearing out an old SD camera card yesterday, and found this photo from February, 2012.  It had never been uploaded to the computer.  Sundae must have been in one of her silly  moods. Love her question-mark tail.

sundae 2-10-2012 10-44-21 AM

3.) Yes, I think many of us can identify with this.  I saw it on Facebook this week.

taking pictures

4.) Our local newspaper has a Facebook page, and a couple of days each week, they share (in the paper) comments left on some of their Facebook stories.  Poor Jo Ann; I don’t suppose she’s considered a broom for the job.

joann 2-13-2016 7-38-00 PM

5.) And finally, Motor Man and I celebrated the 18th anniversary of our first date last week.  The restaurant that we went to that night has been demolished, and a Krispy Kreme built on that location.  So we celebrated there. Chocolate covered custard filled…..yum.

dbjr kk

 Temps in the 60’s for the weekend will have us thinking about spring….

~These Days Of Mine~

One Little Sign Of Spring

Snow has been “flirting” with us for the past week or so. We’ve had a couple of snowfalls,  both amounting to a couple of inches or less. And that suits us just fine; just enough to look pretty for a little while and then be gone.

cedar 2-12-2016 3-45-02 PM

While it was snowing, I went out to take pictures.  I find photographing snow a little tricky, but so pretty when you happen to hit it just right.

fence 2-12-2016 3-46-12 PM

Once it stopped snowing, I happened to look out toward the marina: the skies were still gray, but somehow the reflections were vivid.

marina reflections 2-12-2016 4-49-58 PM

So, enough of winter; it’s time for spring. And……

jonquils 2-12-2016 3-47-26 PM

….she appears to be on her way.

~These Days Of Mine~

Appreciating Pam And Sam

Today, I’m participating in the first ever “Anipal Appreciation Day”. This is a blog meme offering an opportunity to write about your friends in the animal blogging world.

Because of animal blogs, I met my friend Pam.  She and her ginger kitty, Sam, write One Spoiled Cat.  I really can’t remember exactly when Pam and I discovered each other’s blogs, but it seems that, once we did, we instantly became friends.

You will, most likely, recall that Motor Man and I have met with her and her husband, Dave, on several occasions.  We usually plan to visit a town somewhere halfway between their home and ours, browse at a local antique mall and then have lunch together.

four of us at va bbq 12-29-2015 1-30-03 PM

We’ve also been to visit them, and they made a trip to see us a couple of years ago, so we could show them around our town.

db and pam1 9-30-2012 8-56-06 AM

And, although their kitty, Sammy, has many girlcatfriends in the blogging world, he and our calico girl, Sundae, have been on several (virtual) dates.


Our lives are different in several ways. Pam’s dad was military, so she’s lived all over the world, whereas my roots are deep here in southeast Virginia.  Pam is an artist; I can’t draw a straight line.  She is a published author; I struggle to write a blog. Pam’s a great cook; Motor Man and I eat out.

But, she and I also have quite a bit in common, not the least of which are blogging and the love of cats. And those two things, combined, were the basis of our friendship. Pam and I email each other several times a day. She is a special friend, and I’m so grateful to the animal blogging world for introducing us to each other.

So, even though my blog isn’t a true “animal blog”, I wanted to participate in this meme today.  One Spoiled Cat is a very popular and well loved blog, and, knowing Pam,  it’s easy to understand why that is.

If you don’t already follow her Sam’s blog, you should pay them a visit. Chances are, you’ll come away with a new friend.


~These Days Of Mine~