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Random Five Friday

Since it’s been a while, I thought that today, I’d share a R5F post:

1.) Early Wednesday morning, I went out to fill the bird feeders. As I came around the corner of the house, this was my view.

2.) Speaking of bird feeders, the tiny goldfinches may be my favorite birds to watch as they enjoy the feeder sock.

3.) My niece, Donna, shared this photo of her son, Ray, at a recent track meet. It was taken by his coach. I know nothing about track, but I think this is just an amazing picture.

4.) An especially striking sunset from one evening last week.

5.) Last night, I went out to once again fill the bird feeders, and thought I’d share this little video of my outing. There is sound, whistling by me and quacking by one solitary duck. She later came up in our yard, and when I threw corn out to her, she flew away. The deer always seem curious when I whistle to them. In the background, you can see their entry way into the marsh grass.

~These Days Of Mine~



Sun Setting

The sun setting is no less beautiful 

than the sun rising.


~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Just for fun: five random thoughts for the final Friday in January.

1.) This little shrub is in a neighbor’s yard.  We can’t decide if it looks more like a Hershey’s kiss or a Dairy Queen ice cream cone.  During our recent snow event, we decided it look like one of the “Sno-cap” candies.

2.) Another photo op around the time of sunset on Wednesday.

3.) Marshall’s kitty, Snugg, enjoying the morning sun a couple of weeks ago (traces of remaining snow on the steps).

4.) This squirrel should soon weigh 200 pounds, as much bird seed as he’s devouring.  He’s resting up and planning his attack on that freshly filled bird feeder….

5.) Speaking of birds, I recently purchased this birdseed bell, and just placed it on an old bench near our kitchen window. Motor Man had called to tell me he was on his way home, so I grabbed the camera, cradled my cell phone on my shoulder and got a pic.  We rarely see cardinals in our yard, so this was a treat.

Looking over this post, I don’t think it’s very “random” at all.  Perhaps the title should have been “Nature Five Friday”.

Happy Weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~



Ice, Ice Everywhere!

You may recall that our area was in the path of the “Bomb Cyclone” winter storm last week. Since then, we’ve had warm temperatures and most of the snow is gone.   There was quite a bit of ice on the river, though, and some of that still remains.

It made for some nice photo ops, and I’m sharing some of those pictures today.

Sunset, ice and a contrail Tuesday evening.

The setting sun was reflecting on a thawed area of the river, and some of “my” ducks were enjoying their little swimming hole.

Others were doing a bit of ice skating nearby.

The deer heard  there was a photo op and cooperated by paying a visit.

I took this short video yesterday morning just before sunrise. The roar you hear in the background is that of a work boat heading out to the James River.  There’s also some duck “chatter” with one rather boisterous one. I think he was demanding that I stop videoing and feed them breakfast corn.


Pretty scenery indeed, but is anyone else ready for spring?

~These Days Of Mine~







Take Two Aspirin And…Watch A Sunrise

It’s rare that I have a cold, but that was the case last week. Although I slept fairly well during the night, I was awake very early every morning, and headed to the kitchen for a cup of hot tea to ease my throat.

That meant I was able to catch some pre-sunrise skies. I’ve often said that early morning is my favorite time of day, and here are some reasons why.

This first picture was taken October 22. It was well before sunrise, and sometimes those pictures  are the prettiest.

And later….and an egret had arrived in search of breakfast.

Still later that morning, I took this with my cell phone from the car window as I was leaving home.

The following morning, I was up – once again – drinking hot tea before daybreak. Add in a little fog for interest.

And a few minutes later, when things took on a pink glow. (Pink fog?)

I’m thankful to be feeling better, and able to sleep a little later in the morning. (But….I still don’t mind being awake before the sun if it means catching an interesting photo.)

~These Days Of Mine~




Morning, (After)noon And Night

Last Saturday was an interesting day to watch the skies. As you probably know from my pictures, that’s something I do quite often.

This was the sky just before sunrise, perhaps my very favorite time of day.

During the morning and early afternoon, we had showers, but the sun came out later.  When that happens, the sun on the white boats with the dark cloud in the background always makes for dramatic photos of the marina.

And….we had a misty soft sunset.

But, wait….there’s more.  Not to be outdone, the moon also put in an appearance later in the evening.

The day certainly kept my camera busy.

~These Days Of Mine~




Hope And Peace…….And Trust

Several years ago, I saw a quote that has been a favorite of mine since that time. The quote is:

Every sunrise brings us hope,
every sunset brings us peace.

Monday morning, shortly after learning of the tragedy in Las Vegas, I took this picture of the sunrise.

That evening, after a day filled with thoughts and prayers for all those affected, I took this of a beautiful sunset sky.

As for the quote, I’m not really sure the sunset, although tranquil enough, really brought me peace.

But, as difficult as it is to do, we just have to trust that there’s a plan in place by Someone greater than any of us. And it’s my personal belief that we aren’t meant to understand why things happen as they do; it’s just all part of that plan coming together.

~These Days Of  Mine~