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Poetic Thursday: Mabel And Maudine

Time just goes by so quickly; I can’t believe it’s Thursday again. Not only is today Halloween, it’s also Poetic Thursday, hosted by Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats.  I find myself looking forward to Thursdays to share my feeble attempts at poetry AND see what photo Pam has chosen for next week.

This is the picture provided for this week’s poetic inspiration. Cute!

And here’s my poem:

Mabel And Maudine

Oh, what shall we be for Halloween?
I know: you be Mabel, and I’ll be Maudine.

We’ll wear wigs of gray yarn with lots of curls,
and be little ol’ lady little girls.

Glasses and pearls make our costumes complete.
Folks will say: “Aw, you two look so sweet!”

Hmm, wonder how much candy we’ll get,
’cause we can’t even say “trick or treat” yet.

Happy Halloween from Mabel and Maudine!

~These Days Of Mine~

My Halloween Tradition

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I share a certain video each year at Halloween. The video was one segment in the series, Halloween Haunts, produced by WHRO, our local PBS station, in 2007. The series aired during the last two weeks of October.

These next two paragraphs are for readers who are new to the blog. The video, whose link I share below, was filmed at historic Bacon’s Castle (1665), located in Surry County, less than twenty miles from where Motor Man and I now live. My maternal grandparents and their twelve children (including my mom) lived in the house from 1921 to 1940. Although they moved from there many years before I was born, I remember them sharing stories of seeing “The Castle Light”. Their descriptions of it, however, were quite different from its depiction in Halloween Haunts.

My son, Marshall, became an interpreter (guide) at Bacon’s Castle in 2000. He was employed there several years, and gained a wealth of knowledge about the history of the house, its architecture and the families who made it their home. My mom and most of her siblings had passed on by this time. But two of those who were still living at the time (then in their 80’s) re-visited the Castle, and shared first-hand with him their childhood memories of the house and property.

I know my mom and her family would think it fitting that Marshall had the opportunity to participate in this video filmed at their homeplace.


Happy Halloween!

~These Days Of Mine~



Rainy, Sunny Sunday

Motor Man and I hadn’t been to the Outer Banks for a few weeks, so even though yesterday’s weather forecast was iffy, we took a chance.

And we had a very interesting day.  First we had menacing clouds over the ocean.

But, then we had some blue sky.  There would be rain, then some sun, then rain again, then sun again.

We saw fourteen horses. Not a huge number, but not too shabby for this time of year.

Something had this handsome guy’s attention.

And, after a very changeable weather day, we came home to this amazing sunset.

The weather: it was a-changing…all day.

~These Days Of Mine~



A Name From The Past

I love E-bay.

You just never know what will show up on that site.  I have saved searches for my hometown (Bacon’s Castle), county (Surry), as well as the town we now live in (Smithfield).

Last week, a simple little matchbook appeared in the Bacon’s Castle search.

Here’s why finding this little matchbook was special to me:

Those of you who know me well know that my father died when I was an infant. Mom and I lived in the country, several miles from the nearest town. And Mom couldn’t afford a new car by any stretch of the imagination. So it goes without saying that she had many issues through the years with the cars she owned.

Although for much of that time, I was just a child with no concept of adult responsibilities, I knew that it was upsetting to Mom when her car was out of commission.

“Berkley Poole” operated a tiny gas station/repair shop within a couple of miles of where we lived.  I remember him as a short, mild-mannered gentleman who always came when Mom called. I’m certain that most of those calls were to start her car.

So finding this matchbox on E-bay made me smile even though those memories are somewhat bittersweet.

~These Days Of Mine~

Poetic Thursday: The Blink Of An Eye

Thursday has rolled around again. Time for Poetic Thursday with Pam and her kitties over at Two Spoiled Cats.

Here’s the photo inspiration for this week’s poem:

And this is my poem:

No More Time Clocks

No more time clocks; no more bosses,
no more watching profits and losses.

No more alarms to start the day,
just friends to visit and games to play.

Each day they meet, and a new game begins,
but it’s the friendship that matters; not who wins.

And to all you young folks passing by:
this will be YOU in the blink of an eye.

~These Days Of Mine~

Full O’ Hot Air

That would be a good description of our weekend.

Early Saturday morning, we helped our balloonist friend, Mark, with a launch.  Once again, it was another beautiful morning.

After nearly an hour-long flight, Mark landed near a cotton field.  The farmer is a friend of ours and just happened to be in the field that morning.  He took this photo as the balloon was landing and gave me permission to share.

Photo courtesy of J. Oliver

Once the balloon was back on the ground, Motor Man and I took off on the 5-plus hour drive to Statesville, NC for the Carolina Balloon Fest. A coastal storm forced cancellation of the activities scheduled for Saturday afternoon and evening.

But, by lunchtime Sunday, the storm had passed.  Between those gorgeous blue skies with the white clouds,  and the vibrant colors of the balloons, it made for quite the photo op. There were a total of around fifty balloons at the festival; about half of them had flown early Saturday morning.

Many of the others launched on Sunday afternoon.

Not all of the balloons launched: some did what’s called a “candlestick”, where they just fire the burner. Another photo op.

Sometimes the balloonist “burps” the burner, and I was able to catch this poof of fire during one of those times.

Mark put us in contact with a friend of his who was at the festival, and he allowed me my first chance to “fire” the burner.

Then Motor Man had a turn.

There were so many beautiful balloons, including this…cheetah (I think).  The afternoon sun illuminated it perfectly after its launch.

And, in keeping with the season:

So, yes, our weekend was full of hot air….in a good way.

~These Days Of Mine~


Poetic Thursday: Snug And Unplugged

It’s Thursday…! You know what that means: time for Poetry Thursday with Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy over at Two Spoiled Cats.

This was our photo inspiration for this week:

And here is my poem:

Each one of us has an idea in mind
of the kind of place where we like to unwind.

It could be a mountaintop or a tropical isle,
maybe a place in the country is more your style.

Perhaps your spot is closer at hand.
It could be right there on your own plot of land.

Imagine a “tent” built with canvas and pine,
oh, the possibilities; what fun to design.

It’s rustic, it’s cozy and so very snug,
a place created to just relax and unplug.

But there’s one little detail I find hard to ignore:
if I’m sleeping outside….it’s gotta have a door.

To read other poems inspired by this photo, stop by to visit Pam and the boys.

Programming note: I’m taking a mini blogging break. My next post is scheduled for next Wednesday.

~These Days Of Mine~