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Happy Birthday To My Motor Man

Today is special in many ways: a new month, a new year, a new decade…

And, it’s my Motor Man’s birthday.

So, from your Gyp-Gyp:

Your Sundae girl:

Your stepson, Marshall:

And me, your Mrs. Motor Man:

We wish you a VERY Happy Birthday.

Let’s celebrate!

~These Days Of Mine~





Furiday: Lap Kitty

Our shop kitty, Gypsy, adopted us a little over six years ago when she was about two months old.

From the very beginning, she’s been a lap kitty. This was the night she found us.

I’ve always said that she’s really Motor Man’s kitty.

But she likes Marshall’s lap, too.

This is one of my favorite pics of Gypsy, taken a couple of years ago. She was lying on her back on my legs, and just as I snapped the picture, she raised her head.

Now, a few days ago, not the tiny kitten any longer,  she is still a lap kitty.

And quite a lap full.

~These Days Of Mine~


Furiday: Boss Lady

Today, I have evidence of just how spoiled/lucky/content/loved a kitty can be.

As those of you who have kitties know, their favorite “spot” seems to change from time to time. Our shop kitty, Gypsy’s, current spot is my office chair. Notice the chair to the right….the hard one…with no arm rests…. that’s the one I am using quite a bit now that the boss has claimed mine.

And she’s looking rather smug about the situation.

As you can see, the chair back doubles as her scratching post. And, yes, she does have a REAL one.

But it’s difficult to be upset with something so adorable.

Even though she’s enjoying my her chair these days, sometimes she just can’t resist her long-time favorite spot: Motor Man’s lap. Just how content is she?  Those hind feet tell the story.

Need further proof of her cuteness? (There is sound with this video. And, by the way, don’t we all speak baby-talk to our pets? And does it sound as silly to them as it does to us when we hear it recorded?)

But, as Marshall noted, she does have a plaque.

So, I suppose she does deserve the soft, cushy chair after all.

~These Days Of Mine!


Tabby Twins

I hope you will oblige me back-to-back feline posts.

Those of you who are pet owners have probably noticed that rarely does another animal look EXACTLY like your pet. There are the obvious differences such as breed, color and length of fur, etc.,  but there’s also the shape of the face/head and just your pet’s expressions that are usually different from others.

That being said, every once in a while, you see a picture that is a dead ringer for your pet. That happened to me over the weekend.

This picture was posted on one of the “animal” Facebook pages that I follow:

Now, either our Gypsy is moonlighting or she has an identical twin.


Okay, maybe Gypsy’s white bib is a little larger, but that’s about the only difference I can see.

There’s something else that makes that resemblance even more convincing: Gypsy is our shop cat, and her bed is on the counter right as you enter the office. So, in a way, she DOES approve all of our guests.

Purrhaps it’s true that each one of us has a twin out there somewhere.

~These Days Of Mine~


Today seems a good day to share recent kitty pictures.

Marshall sent me this of his sweet kitty, Sibyl/Sibs/Sibby “chilling” on an old dresser.

This is Marshall’s kitty, Snugg, posing by a flowerpot of pansies.

Marshall has two other kitties, Chessie and Scream, but he hasn’t sent any recent pictures of them.  Maybe we’ll feature them in the next kitty post.

Our shop kitty, Gypsy on Motor Man’s desk. Caption: “life is good please rub my tummy “.

And our “home” kitty, Sundae.  Whenever she lies on our bed, it’s always on Motor Man’s side. Hmmm..

The kitties here at These Days wish you a purrfect weekend. The humans, too.

~These Days Of Mine~



6 Years, Gypsy

Well, sweet Gypsy girl, when we woke on the morning of August 19, 2013, we had no idea that, at the end of the day, we’d have a new fur baby in our world. But, there you were, at the back door of our shop….tiny, scared, shivering, hungry.  But, also very loving.

We tried to find your owners, but were unsuccessful, so you became ours. Or did we become yours?

You’ve made us smile so many times during these six years.

And you’ve made us laugh more than a few times, too.

You definitely entertain us every day.

You’ve greeted dozens of our customers/racing associates/friends when they’ve visited our shop. Other than a couple, you’ve quickly won them over with your charm.

You give Motor Man advice.

And help me with my office work.

You’ve definitely grown A LOT in these six years.

And although you’ve nearly outgrown our laps,

Our hearts will always have more than enough room for you.

Happy Gotcha Day!

(Programing note: my next post will be Thursday of this week, rather than Wednesday.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Still A Kitten….

Ever since she was a tiny kitten, Gypsy has loved to lie on my legs. This has resulted in some rather interesting photos through the years.

This would be the first of many such pictures. It was taken the night Motor Man found her, shivering, scared and hungry, at the back door of our shop.

Some time later, after she had officially adopted us.

Still later.

And later.


And these days.

She’s still a kitten….at heart.

~These Days Of Mine~