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Windowpane Wednesday: Safe Travels!

Today on Windowpane Wednesday, I’m sharing photos from a few weeks ago of our sweet hummingbirds.

On day, I noticed a hummingbird visiting these pink flowers I planted just outside our bedroom window last year. My friend tells me the plant is “Society Garlic”. I like them because the foliage is green year-round, they have pretty pink blooms from spring til fall, AND the deer completely ignore them! It’s a bonus that hummingbirds are drawn to them.

I decided to place a hummingbird feeder nearby.

Within an hour, we had a visitor.

I thought it was nice to capture a few pictures with the pink flowers in the background.

I know these tiny birds will begin their long journey soon. Although I still have the feeders up and filled, I always wonder with each sighting if it will be the final one of this season.

Safe travels, sweet little ones.

~These Days Of Mine~