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Five Photos, Five Stories – Day 5

Before Motor Man and I “got together”, I never paid much attention to sunrises or sunsets. That’s just one of many things that have changed in my life, thanks to him.

Now, if sunset “sneaks up on me”,  I find myself rushing to grab the camera and get outside before the sun sinks into the horizon.

sunset 5-26-2015 8-06-08 PM

We have coat hooks by the back door, where there’s always a raincoat handy, just in case I’m already in my pj’s. And there are flip flops waiting just inside the garage door.  Yes, our neighbors sometimes see some strange sights in our yard during sunset.

(Hopefully, their eyes are to the sunset, too.)

The rules of Five Photos; Five Stories are to post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph.  Oh yes, and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge . Today, I’m offering  an open invitation to anyone who chooses to accept the challenge.

~These Days  Of Mine~