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Little Miss Shoplifter


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4.) You Stole What!?! Spill it!

Like (hopefully) the majority of folks, I was taught from an early age that stealing was one of those things we just didn’t do. I was taught that at a very early age. Probably around this age.

In my hometown of Bacon’s Castle, years ago there were four little country stores. The largest of those was known as The Castle Store.  One day when I was probably two or three, maybe four years old, my mom and I stopped in to do a little shopping.

Since I was never more than a few feet from my mom at any given time, I really can’t imagine how this happened.  But, when we finished our shopping and returned to our car, she realized that I ………………….had stolen a candy bar.

Of course, I don’t recall any of this, but my mom was sure to tell me all about it…..and she did so while I was still very young.

And she said she promptly marched me back into the store to return the candy bar. I don’t recall that either, but I do know that it was the last thing I ever stole.

Now here’s where the story gets a little interesting. My dad died when I was eight months old.  According to my mom, his favorite candy bar was Baby Ruth.

And that’s what I stole. A Baby Ruth candy bar. I would imagine there were tears in her eyes as she escorted me back into that store.


Mama’s Losin’ It

Calm Before The Storm


If the weather forecast for our area holds true, March will be “going out like a lion”.

But Tuesday evening, it was calm and beautiful in our little corner of the world.

The geese were out enjoying the sunset.

So were the ducks.

So was I.

Sundae, Sundae


Yesterday was the two week anniversary of our adopting our kitty, Sundae.

She’s had a rough couple of weeks.  Moving to a new home, being declawed  (don’t hate: I already hate myself enough for all of us), some complications from the antibiotics.

Motor Man and I haven’t been her favorite people lately, since we’ve been having to give her pain pills and liquid antibiotics.  And we’ve taken her to the vet several times. None of these put you in good standing with a cat.

For the past couple of days, she’s been pretty much holed up under our bed, coming out only for the necessities.

And, occasionally, she’d sit on the windowsill.

So a few days ago,  I ordered a windowsill shelf seat for her. Our previous kitty, Beezy, had one that she loved. When we lost Beezy, I tossed everything kitty-related in the trash, thinking there’d never be another cat in our life.  Wrong.

Here’s the first photo of Sundae on her new seat.  And right on cue, there’s Groom Swan out there – waiting for bread.  And Sundae definitely spotted him.

 She watched.

 And watched.

And watched.

We think Sundae likes her new seat.  Hopefully, she likes it well enough to forgive us for everything that’s happened in the last couple of weeks.

Such A Pretty Face…


….should be dressed in lace. (Quick – name that song and artist. Bonus points for knowing the year.*)

Although I took Home-Ec in school, I really didn’t learn to sew in that class.  I sort of taught myself to sew many years later. I tried my hand at making clothes, but they never seemed to fit.

So I decided to try making dolls, using patterns I found in craft magazines. Making the doll bodies was always the tedious part of the job, but I enjoyed making their clothes.

This little doll has hair made of jute, an embroidered face (complete with freckles), and button accents on her dress. And I think the little bow with the button just “makes” her hat.

The embroidered face on this doll was the most “realistic” looking of any that I made.  I recall that it was also one of the most difficult.

I also made a few bunnies. I found the lace for this bunny’s collar in my Mom’s old Singer sewing machine drawer, as well as the button that I used on the collar.

This is Raggedy Ann. Some of my friends had young daughters at the time, so a few of the dolls were gifts for those little girls. I also sold a couple of Raggedy Anns and I kept one. 

I made a few pillowcase dolls. She also has an embroidered face, and her dress is made from…. a pillowcase. She has no legs – just a head, upper body and arms.

I always enjoyed using old pieces of lace,  buttons and other notions when I was making dolls. Those little embellishments were even more special when I knew they had belonged to my mom.

How about you? What are your hobbies?

* Rag Doll. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. 1964 (I had to look up the year.)

Sunset Sunday


Sunset, March 24, 2011

At sunset, nature is painting for us… day after day…
pictures of infinite beauty.

                                                                     ~John Ruskiin


Sunrise Saturday

Sunrise,  March 17, 2011

Delight in the beauty that surrounds you.

Update and A Reminder



**An update from yesterday. I received 24 comments on yesterday’s post. I had pledged $1 per comment to the Animal Shelter where we adopted our kitty. I know I have a couple of cousins who are too shy to comment, plus a few comments were left on my Facebook link,  so I am going to round up the amount of my donation to $35. That’s the cost to adopt, and therefore, we will be “sponsoring” a kitty for adoption. The kitties and I thank you!**


Wednesday afternoon,  I had the (thankfully rare) occasion to call 911.

Motor Man and I were driving down a very busy 4-lane divided highway. I was reading the paper, when Motor Man suddenly said: ” wreck!”.  Apparently the car approaching us from behind veered across the back end of our car (barely missing us), crossed the median, consisting of a very deep ditch, and went across oncoming traffic.  Motor Man saw it all in his rear-view mirror. The car ended up on the shoulder of the road facing in the wrong direction. 

Being good Samaritans,  we turned around and went back to check on the driver. Another driver also stopped. It seems he had been directly in the path of the vehicle, but fortunately had avoided a collision.

The driver was uninjured, but fire and rescue came to evaluate her condition. She wasn’t sure what happened to cause the accident.  Motor Man said her car was airborne at one point, and the accident resulted in a flat front tire on the driver’s side.

What amazed us was the fact that no other vehicles were involved.  Look at the traffic in this next picture. There really wasn’t a back-up; the road was never closed except for the right lane.  That’s the volume of traffic on this particular highway. And much of it is tractor trailers.

Motor Man gave his contact information to the police officers.  As we made the u-turn to continue on our way, I took this photo. It shows the area where the vehicle traveled off the highway, through the median and where it stopped.  I added the red arrow to show the vehicle.

It’s easy to see how lucky she was what a miracle it was that this accident wasn’t more serious.

Being the blogger that I’ve become, not only did I have my camera, but also remembered to take pictures.

It was a reminder. A reminder that things happen quickly, and situations can change suddenly. A reminder to be thankful that this incident didn’t become a tragedy.