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Tabby Twins

I hope you will oblige me back-to-back feline posts.

Those of you who are pet owners have probably noticed that rarely does another animal look EXACTLY like your pet. There are the obvious differences such as breed, color and length of fur, etc.,  but there’s also the shape of the face/head and just your pet’s expressions that are usually different from others.

That being said, every once in a while, you see a picture that is a dead ringer for your pet. That happened to me over the weekend.

This picture was posted on one of the “animal” Facebook pages that I follow:

Now, either our Gypsy is moonlighting or she has an identical twin.


Okay, maybe Gypsy’s white bib is a little larger, but that’s about the only difference I can see.

There’s something else that makes that resemblance even more convincing: Gypsy is our shop cat, and her bed is on the counter right as you enter the office. So, in a way, she DOES approve all of our guests.

Purrhaps it’s true that each one of us has a twin out there somewhere.

~These Days Of Mine~


Today seems a good day to share recent kitty pictures.

Marshall sent me this of his sweet kitty, Sibyl/Sibs/Sibby “chilling” on an old dresser.

This is Marshall’s kitty, Snugg, posing by a flowerpot of pansies.

Marshall has two other kitties, Chessie and Scream, but he hasn’t sent any recent pictures of them.  Maybe we’ll feature them in the next kitty post.

Our shop kitty, Gypsy on Motor Man’s desk. Caption: “life is good please rub my tummy “.

And our “home” kitty, Sundae.  Whenever she lies on our bed, it’s always on Motor Man’s side. Hmmm..

The kitties here at These Days wish you a purrfect weekend. The humans, too.

~These Days Of Mine~



Poetic Thursday: Mama’s Flowers

Once again, I’m participating in Poetic Thursday with Pam and her “boys”, Teddy and Angel Sammy over at Two Spoiled Cats. Here’s the photo they provided us last week for inspiration:

And this is my poem:

Mama’s Flowers

Flowers in bloom make my mind slip away
to Mama’s yard on a summer day.

Roses, iris, petunias, too.
Mom’s thumb was ‘green’, so everything grew.

Two plants that weren’t needed to make her yard complete:
marigolds were too stinky, and gardenias too sweet.

Few houseplants for her that I can recall,
but her yard was in bloom til late in the fall.

Since Mama was raised a country girl,
there were no flower shops in her world.

But she would love this picture with the beauty it shows.
And her favorite flower? Always…the rose.

Click here to visit Pam today to read other “flower shop” poems.

~These Days Of Mine~

Love Is In The Air

Early Sunday morning, Motor Man and I met our friend, Mark, who owns the hot air balloon business that I’ve written about several times recently. He had a very special flight booked: a marriage proposal.  How romantic!

(And thanks, Mark, for the title of today’s post.)

It was another beautiful morning for a just-after-sunrise flight.

Of course, the upcoming proposal was top secret (well, I think the bride-to-be was the only one who didn’t know).  Before the flight, I smiled as I noticed a ring box in the back jeans pocket of the groom-to-be and how he kept pulling at his shirt-tail to conceal it.

After the balloon is inflated with cold air, it’s time to light the burner to fill it with hot air. Then it rises to an upright position.

A few minutes later, Mark and his passengers climbed in, and we had lift-off.

Their flight was just about an hour long.  Flight times vary depending on many conditions, mainly the wind.

Motor Man and I don’t drive the official ‘chase vehicle’, but we keep track of where the balloon is and, of course, I take lots of pictures of it in flight. It’s always fun to experiment.

When they landed, the question had been “popped”, and she said yes! I wish I had gotten a clearer picture of her ring.

The balloon launch was at our county fairgrounds, and we noticed this LOVE sign when we arrived.  Since our county is very rural, the hay bale, tractor tire, corn stalks and farm gate are very appropriate elements.  The county fair was last week, so most likely this was put on display for that event.

Even without knowing in advance about the LOVE sign, Mark chose the perfect spot to launch this particular flight.

We wish this sweet young couple much happiness.

~These Days Of Mine~



That Ol’ Moss And Ms. Addlee

This post was originally published in April of 2011. I’ve italicized the original text.

“That ol’ moss” was given to me by a sweet lady named Addlee. I only met her a couple of times, and hadn’t seen her in several years.  Last week, I read her obituary in our local paper. She was 90.

When I was growing up, my mom had a plant growing outside in an old enamel dishpan.  It required very little care and it “came back” every spring. By the end of summer, it was trailing down the sides of the pan. Mom didn’t know what it was,  and I never knew how she came to have it. But I always liked it.

Whatever happened to the old dishpan and the plant, I can’t say. Looking back, I wonder why I never asked Mom for some of it for myself. I’m sure she would have shared.

Through the years, I had always kept an eye out for it. I never saw it at any greenhouses or nurseries and never saw it growing in anyone’s yard.

Until about five years ago.  I took an elderly friend to visit a neighbor, and I spotted it. She also had hers planted in an old dishpan. (Maybe it should be called the dishpan plant?)  She probably thought I was a crazy person, the way I ran from the car to get a closer look at it, then ran back to her asking what it was.  She said: “you mean that ol’ moss? I don’t know what it’s called”. Her name for it was ‘that ol’ moss’.

But she had lots of it growing around a couple of trees. (Guess you don’t HAVE to grow it in a dishpan.) And she offered me all I wanted. I was so excited to finally find it.

Now I have it growing in areas all around our yard. This picture was taken a little over a month ago.

This picture of the same area was taken yesterday.  That ol’ moss is fast-growing stuff. It makes a great ground cover, and in a few weeks, will briefly have tiny yellow flowers.

And yes, I even have some growing in an old enamel dishpan.

That ol’ moss is now growing in several areas of our yard, and I’ve shared “cuttings” of it with many of my friends. (I’ve even sent some to Texas to my blogging friend, Pix.)

I’m sure this sweet plant will continue to remind me not only of my mom, but also Ms. Adlee.

~These Days Of Mine~



Change Of Plans, Per The Atlantic

Yesterday, Motor Man and I had a little ‘down time’, so we planned a quick trip to the beach to see the wild horses.

And…..the mighty Atlantic made short work of our plans.

First, here’s a picture showing what the beach is like on most of our trips:

This is what we found yesterday:

Things were a little dicey.

The tide was just too high to safely drive on the beach.  So, less than a half mile later, we decided to cancel our plans. This was on our way back off the beach.

Yes, just a little concerning. This is the backside of the sign in my third picture (above). In some spots, there was very little travel area between the dunes and the ocean.

Here’s a quick video I took of that angry ocean once we were safely off the beach. Obviously, the red flags were flying to warn folks that no swimming was allowed.


And this is that same fence on a much calmer day:

So,  no horse sightings on this quick trip.  But, we’ll return soon and, most likely, find much more favorable conditions.

~These Days Of Mine~





Poetic Thursday: The Pirate

It’s Thursday and that means it’s also time to participate in Poetic Thursday with Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy over at Two Spoiled Cats.

To celebrate today being “Talk Like A Pirate Day”, this is the photo inspiration for today’s poem, provided by Pam and the boys last Thursday.

And here is my poem:

The Pirate
Known as a menace wherever he sails,
he’s only trouble and tough as nails.

Heartless and cruel, it’s all part of the job;
always in search of someone to rob.

No vessel’s his friend, just potential prey,
but when the storms rage, he’s as cautious as they.

So the lighthouse stands as a welcome sight,
and guides them all with its impartial light.

Come on over to Pam’s blog to read other “pirate” poems.  Aargh….

~These Days Of Mine~