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Tabby Twins

I hope you will oblige me back-to-back feline posts.

Those of you who are pet owners have probably noticed that rarely does another animal look EXACTLY like your pet. There are the obvious differences such as breed, color and length of fur, etc.,  but there’s also the shape of the face/head and just your pet’s expressions that are usually different from others.

That being said, every once in a while, you see a picture that is a dead ringer for your pet. That happened to me over the weekend.

This picture was posted on one of the “animal” Facebook pages that I follow:

Now, either our Gypsy is moonlighting or she has an identical twin.


Okay, maybe Gypsy’s white bib is a little larger, but that’s about the only difference I can see.

There’s something else that makes that resemblance even more convincing: Gypsy is our shop cat, and her bed is on the counter right as you enter the office. So, in a way, she DOES approve all of our guests.

Purrhaps it’s true that each one of us has a twin out there somewhere.

~These Days Of Mine~