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Two Weeks: The Circle Of Life

In the past two weeks, I’ve witnessed “the circle of life” take place among some of the people closest to me.

On September 14, I watched Brad, a young man I’ve known since “before he was born”, marry his beautiful sweetheart. And I cried.

brad laura kiss 9-14-2013 5-54-10 PM

Three days later, my father-in-law, lying in a hospital bed, neared the end of his earthly life.  I watched as he motioned his children closer and kissed each of them on the cheek.  And I cried.


Eight days later, I learned that my great niece had given birth to a baby boy. (Surprise: during the ultrasound, they were told to expect a girl!) And I cried.

gail and son

The circle of life.  (And many tears.) In just two short weeks.

Friday’s Fences – Pretty In Purple

For Friday’s Fences this week, a little section of fence in town, all decked out in purple.

fence1 9-23-2013 9-58-01 AM

I see asters in the back, purple heart in front and a couple of purple-blue petunias in the middle.

fence2 9-23-2013 9-58-06 AM

Random? Or carefully thought out and planted?

fridays fences

Eagle (Eye)

Yesterday morning, as Motor Man and I finished breakfast, he glanced out the window and saw this:

eagle2 9-25-2013 8-06-57 AM

An eagle perched on the pilings at the marina. I used the “long lens” to take the picture, and then cropped it. So he wasn’t nearly as close as it appears.

When I uploaded these photos, my first thought about this next one is that it looks as though he’s praying. (For our country, perhaps?)

bowing 9-25-2013 8-06-43 AM

I heard a boat approaching from upriver (to my left). The eagle heard it too. I knew he’d soon be taking flight, so I was ready.

eagle1 9-25-2013 8-06-45 AM

There he goes… (you should be able to click on the picture to check out those talons).

taking flight 9-25-2013 8-08-29 AM


streamlined 9-25-2013 8-08-30 AM

I’m so glad my hubby has an “eagle eye” (sorry, but you were probably expecting that).

The Blogosphere Celebrates

Today, many of us in the blogging world are celebrating the birthday of a special friend.

In case you haven’t met her, allow me to introduce Pam.

pam dianna

Pam is the “mommy” of Sammy, a ginger kitty who writes and IS One Spoiled Cat.   Not only is Pam a blogger, she’s also an author of mystery novels and childrens’ books, as well as a very talented artist.

Yes, all that is nice.  But Pam is much more than that. Pam is a friend; or “furriend” as the animals here in blogland like to say.  She is an encouragement to all of us, and always knows just the right things to say.

Motor Man and I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Pam and her husband, Dave. (Sammy is a bit elusive.) And she’s just in sweet in purrson as she is here in blogland.

db and pam

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend Pam, from Sundae and me. We hope you spend the day doing something you love.

db sundae bd

Barn Charm: Virginia History Lesson

In the county where I was raised, there’s an old plantation known as Pace’s Paines.  It’s about 25 miles from where I now live. Ever since I’ve been participating in Barn Charm, I’ve been eyeing the old barn, but never really stopped to get a picture. Until last Saturday.

paces paines barn 9-21-2013 10-58-24 AM

Here’s the Virginia Historical Road Marker located in front of the plantation:

paces paines sign 9-21-2013 11-00-01 AM

And a couple of memories I have of Virginia history relating to Pace’s Paines: the Indian who notified Richard Pace about the planned attack was named Chanco. I’m not sure why that fact was omitted from the sign.

And the Indian Chief Opechancanough?  We had to learn how to spell AND pronounce his name. It sort of sounds like “opa can canoe”.

My, but that sign brought back some long forgotten memories.

Linking up to Barn Charm.

Happy Is The Bride That The Sun Shines On

The date was set over a year ago. September 14, 2013: Brad and Laura’s wedding day. Motor Man and I were honored when they accepted our offer to be married in our yard.

(Brad’s mom and I met in 1978, and have been good friends since then. I wish I could say that we were just children at the time, but that would be stretching the truth quite a bit.)

The weather could not have been more perfect for a wedding.


The flower girl could not have been more adorable…

flower girl

…nor the bride more beautiful.

laura thru arbor

Right on cue, Bride and Groom swans showed up in time for the post-wedding photo op.

with swans

The ring bearer and flower girl stopped for a second in front of our 1932 Ford. I happened to be in the right place at the right time to snap a cute picture.

ring bearer flower girl

The newlyweds’ first dance.

first dance-001

And then the groom’s dance with his mom.

brad bevs dance

Bubbles as a send-off…



bye bye bride

(sigh…. ) I just love a wedding, don’t you?

Three Years And Counting

Three years ago today, I published my first post here on These Days.

I couldn’t have known at that time that starting a blog could create so many friendships.   My blogging buddies brighten my days with their comments here, and entertain and encourage me with their posts. A few of us have met in person, and there are others that, hopefully, I’ll be fortunate enough to meet in the future.

Motor Man still teases me about the days just prior to my first post “going live”.  (Let’s just say that I struggled with some technical difficulties.)  He said that he fully expected our computer to go flying through a window at any given moment.

Thanks for stopping by each day to see what’s happening here. You’ve been subjected to countless photos of sunrises, sunsets, kitties, swans, horses, fences, barns and family members. And thankfully, you keep returning for more!

My father-in-law will be laid to rest today in a service with full military honors. Your heartfelt comments on yesterday’s post, as well as your thoughts and prayers for our family, are so very much appreciated.


“Pop” — April 6, 1922-September 18, 2013