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Two Weeks: The Circle Of Life

In the past two weeks, I’ve witnessed “the circle of life” take place among some of the people closest to me.

On September 14, I watched Brad, a young man I’ve known since “before he was born”, marry his beautiful sweetheart. And I cried.

brad laura kiss 9-14-2013 5-54-10 PM

Three days later, my father-in-law, lying in a hospital bed, neared the end of his earthly life.  I watched as he motioned his children closer and kissed each of them on the cheek.  And I cried.


Eight days later, I learned that my great niece had given birth to a baby boy. (Surprise: during the ultrasound, they were told to expect a girl!) And I cried.

gail and son

The circle of life.  (And many tears.) In just two short weeks.