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Bacon, (Bourbon) And Beach Music

Saturday was a perfect day for the Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music Festival in our home town. The location was Windsor Castle Park.  You may recall this post from last fall when Motor Man and I helped launch a hot air balloon from the park.

When we arrived about 30 minutes after the 11:00 a.m. start of the festival Saturday, folks were beginning to stake out spots on the grounds. In this picture, you can see the old red barns to the right, and the chimneys of historic Windsor Castle to the far left.

beginning 9-27-2014 11-42-23 AM

A short time later, the crowd had definitely grown…

crowd 9-27-2014 2-08-03 PM

Throughout the afternoon, bands played the oldies Beach Music many of us remembered.

tfc band 9-27-2014 12-56-51 PM

This gal was the winner of the Bacon Eating Contest: a half pound of bacon in one minute, 20 seconds.

winner 9-27-2014 1-54-40 PM

The traveling Virginia Is For Lovers’  L-O-V-E sign was there for the occasion, so we had our picture taken with it (again). That’s Windsor Castle in the background.

db jr love 9-27-2014 2-39-05 PM

Included with admission to the festival was a half pound (cooked) bacon, which you could eat as is or dress up with condiments. It was delicious, but you know how bacon has a tendency to “stay with you”.

So Motor Man and I joked later in the day that we’d attended the “Burpin’ Bacon and Beach Music Festival”.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Glamorous Miss Gypsy

Gypsy is maturing out of some of her rambunctious kitten ways. I guess that happens when you reach the ripe old age of 15 months.

Recently she was particularly mellow while relaxing in her (new) kitty bed. This reminds me of those “glamour shots” that were all the rage several years ago. Is she wearing pink eyeliner?!


On this particular day, tummy rubs were welcomed, and kitty claws remained retracted.


But soon, our glamour girl tired of the papparazzi and announced: “Please! No more pictures”.

no more pics 9-25-2014 1-18-29 PM

Gypsy definitely knows how to work her audience.

~These Days Of  Mine~

Random Five Friday

Time for Friday randomness!

1.) I must say that I’m glad it’s Friday. This has been an exceptionally challenging blogging week for me.  I haven’t taken many pictures, and I’ve been at a loss for blog topics.

sunset1 9-22-2014 7-31-25 PM

2.) At first glance, it appears that this is some sort of kitty torture, but I’m actually giving Sundae a face massage.  Eyes closed, you can tell she was completely enjoying it. She was in my lap, and yes, those are my feet  in the background.

sundae massage 9-12-2014 7-48-17 PM

3.) Equal time for Gypsy: she has a new kitty bed. And approved it right away. Miss Gypsy will star in her own blog post one day next week.

gypsys new bed 9-13-2014 4-57-33 PM

4.) I caught Groom Swan and three ducks sleeping in our yard recently; Groom Swan standing on one leg….impersonating a sea gull, I guess.

groom swan sleeping 9-19-2014 3-38-15 PM

5.) Motor Man and  I are planning to attend the first ever Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music Festival in our little town this weekend. (Two different tickets are available: one includes bourbon, one doesn’t. Since we don’t drink, we bought the latter.) We’re looking forward to the bacon and beach music, and the weather is supposed to be just about perfect for an outdoor event.

bacon bourbon beach

 Happy Weekend, and I’m hoping for easier blogging next week.

~These Days Of Mine~

Focusing On The HAPPY

Recently, the news seems to be more depressing – and frightening- than ever. I don’t need to go into detail; our world is so small, you can’t help but hear or read about all that’s happening.

So today, I’ve decided to focus on the HAPPY, as in HAPPY BIRTHDAYS: two of them, in fact.

My dear friend, Pam, has a birthday today, and I’m wishing I didn’t live so far away, so I could help her celebrate. But I’ve promised her that we’ll have a big celebration the next time we’re together, which, I hope will be soon. If you don’t already follow her her cat, Sam’s, blog, One Spoiled Cat, how about stopping by today and leaving her a birthday wish?

pam and dianna 12-11-2013 12-22-42 AM

Also, celebrating his very FIRST birthday today, is my great, great nephew, Jase, whom you may recall I met for the first time in June, when he and his parents visited from the west coast.

Happy Birthday, Jase! Play us some HAPPY music!

jase and xylophone

Yep, today I’m avoiding the news (as much as possible) and focusing on the HAPPY.

~These Days Of Mine~

Yuck, Aggie!

Can you stand another post about horses? I promise this one is good for a laugh.

I’ve posted several times in the past about Aggie, the horse that we stop to visit on our trips to and from the Outer Banks.

Earlier this week, we made a quick trip to the OBX and stopped by her pasture. As I was walking the short distance from our truck to her fence, I noticed her head was down and thought she was drinking water.

She was actually eating. I’m not sure what it was (not knowing anything about what you feed horses), but it had the consistency of soupy oatmeal.  As I walked toward her, treats in hand, she lifted her head, and I saw her lunch dripping from her mouth.

Motor Man captured my reaction.

db yuck 9-22-2014 1-37-41 PM

And a close-up. (Of her, not me.)

aggies mouth 9-22-2014 1-37-41 PM

Oh, okay, if you insist.

db closeup 9-22-2014 1-37-41 PM

I put a few treats in her dish and we were on our way. Sorry, Aggie, no eating from my hand on this trip.

~These Days Of Mine~

It Found Him

Recently, Motor Man had occasion to walk on the beach with me for a short length of time.

jr 9-21-2014 5-17-59 PM

And during those few minutes, he found his very first shard of sea glass, frosted and worn smooth by the waves.  He obliged me by allowing me to take his picture with it when we got home.

mm and sea glass 9-21-2014 7-19-06 PM

This quote I found a few days ago (author unknown) seems appropriate:

You don’t find sea glass: it finds you.

But he says there’s no chance of beachcombing becoming an obsession for him. (Guess one in the family is enough.)

~These Days Of Mine~


A Beauty Of Its Own

As you’ve probably heard, autumn arrives this evening at 10:29. It’s been a beautiful summer.

horse in water 9-5-2014 7-52-19 AM

But, this year, autumn seems anxious to share her own beauty.

horses and trees 9-19-2014 7-28-27 AM

“Nature gives to every season a beauty of its own.”
                                                                                                               ~Charles Dickens

~These Days Of Mine~