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Treasure Hunting: E-bay

For several years, I’ve been discovering treasures on E-bay. I’ve bought everything on there from my wedding dress to furniture to cylinder heads for Motor Man’s racing engines.

One of my favorite things to find are items pertaining to this area of Virginia where I’ve always lived.  Last week, I discovered three yearbooks from the school I attended. I was in elementary school in the most recent of these, the 1962 Colonial Trail.

(The yearbook’s namesake is the section of state highway 10 as it passes through  Surry County, where our school was located).

yearbooks 7-30-2013 3-27-28 PM

As I looked through the 1950 and 1958 volumes, I recognized many of the students’ names as folks I came to know years after they had graduated high school.

Just as with the music from that era, seeing the photos in these yearbooks makes me think of a “nicer” time in our country. The students seemed more innocent in a way, and much more respectful of themselves and others.

For example: this photo of the 1962 May Queen and her court. The girls look so graceful in their beautiful evening gowns and long gloves. And the guys look proud to be escorting the queen and princess.


I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the lovely young lady on the right is my friend, Linda, whom I came to know about 15 years ago. I’d say she was the perfect choice for May Queen.

See? You just never know what treasures await you on E-bay.

One of the top hits of 1962 was this instrumental by Acker Bilk. Listen and be taken back to a simpler time.

Barn Charm – Maryland

Motor Man and I were in Maryland this weekend for a boat race, and whew! just in time, found a few barns for Barn Charm posts.

We found this pretty old red charmer with the barely-hanging-on loft door. This is the rear of the barn.

barn rear 7-29-2013 8-05-16 AM

Sometimes I think silos are almost as charming as the barn.

barn1 rear7-29-2013 8-05-20 AM 7-29-2013 8-05-20 AM

And this was the front. Apparently, the loft door on the front couldn’t hang on any longer. I think that’s it on the ground in front of the window.

barn front 7-29-2013 8-06-02 AM

And, of course, there’s the obligatory power pole.

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Groom Swan In Training

You may recall that my niece, Donna and her son, Connor, visited us a couple of weeks ago.  One afternoon, shortly after we’d returned home from an outing, Connor went outside. He hurried back in to tell me that Groom Swan was there.


Motor Man says that he fully expects Groom Swan to ring the doorbell one day when he tires of waiting for me to come out with bread.

db and groom swan1 7-16-2013 6-10-38 PM

On this particular day, I handed the camera to Connor and attempted to have Groom swan take the bread from my hand. He did that a couple of times a few years ago, but hasn’t done it recently. Right after Connor took the next picture, Groom Swan did take the bread from my hand. But he did it so quickly, that Connor didn’t have a chance to get a picture. And of course, Groom Swan wouldn’t do it again.

db and groom 2 7-16-2013 6-10-45 PM

So Groom Swan training will continue.

Song-ography: Here Comes The Sun

Although I stopped posting on the weekends quite some time ago, recently I discovered a blog meme for Sundays that I think will be fun.

This one is called Song-ography, and is hosted by “Kath” at You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out. Each week, Kath suggests a song about which to post. This week’s song is “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles.

Well, you know, with my hundreds thousands of sunrise photos, I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. This is the sunrise from July 4.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right…

sunrise1 7-3-2013 5-53-18 AM

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces, little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here…

sunrise2 7-3-2013 5-55-48 AM

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
It’s all right, it’s all right.”

sunrise3 7-3-2013 5-59-38 AM

Happy SUNday!

Friday’s Fences – Summer Finery

Two fences in our little town…

fence and roses 7-13-2013 11-45-17 AM

…all decked out in their summer finery.

fence and hydrangeas 7-13-2013 11-46-08 AM

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Favorite Moments Of Summer

The prompt I chose for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week is:

4.) List your top 6 favorite summer moments so far.

We’ve had several family gatherings this summer, which of course, are always special. But today, I’m focusing on some simple moments of summer.

1.) A butterfly on one of my Sweet Williams. My grandma always grew these flowers, and my mom loved butterflies.

butterfly on sw william 7-8-2013 2-16-25 PM

2.) My grandmother also grew gladioli. This is a photo of one of mine, taken during sunrise.

glad at sunrise a 7-9-2013 6-07-50 AM 7-9-2013 6-07-50 AM

3.) After several dry days with 90+ degree temps, rain was a welcome sight.

rain2 7-11-2013 12-45-45 PM

4.) Although every moment spent with my “babies” is special, they’re even more beautiful during golden hour.

swans and marina 5-22-2013 6-22-44 PM

5.) You know that seeing “my” horses on the Outer Banks would be among my favorite moments of summer.

horses on the beach 7-21-2013 7-18-23 AM

6.) And although I love waking in time to catch the sunrise, there’s something peaceful and calming about a sunset.

sunset june 23 6-23-2013 8-18-02 PM

Feel free to share some of your favorite moments of the summer…

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Mama’s Losin’ It

Treasure Hunting

My friend, Donna, and I have recently become antiquing buddies. She suggested a (possibly) weekly blog post focusing on my treasure hunt finds.

Earlier this summer, Donna told me about a new-to-me antique shop. It’s only open one weekend each month, and this past weekend was “it” for July. Unfortunately (for Donna), she was out of town on vacation. But Marshall readily agreed to accompany me. He IS his mother’s son.

To torment Donna keep Donna informed, we placed all our finds on the tailgate of Motor Man’s truck and took this picture. I then texted it to Donna.

the haul 7-20-2013 9-57-53 AM

My half of the goodies includes all of the enamelware and the miniature rolling pin. The antique Arithmetic book, published in the 1800’s, the 8×10 glossy photo, and the tiny collection of fairy tale books (pink cover) are Marshall’s. He’s still researching information on the photo, the fairy tale book set is identical to one he had as a child, and he’s finding the word problems in the post-Civil War math book to be interesting reading.

The graniteware coffee pot will be displayed in my kitchen, and the more well-used enamel pieces will probably become outside flower planters.  I thought the the little yellow pail would be cute filled with seashells.

Here’s the large white enamelware pitcher that’s barely visible in the background of the above photo. It makes the perfect planter for this sedum.

pitcher and sedum 7-22-2013 4-21-29 PM

As of now, I’m planning on Wednesdays being Treasure Hunt day here on These Days.  Feel free to comment and tell us about your favorite shops and the treasures you find.