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The Year’s Final Random Five Friday

Does anyone else find it difficult to comprehend that we’re in the last days of 2017?   Since I know some of you particularly enjoy my random thoughts on Fridays, I thought I’d end the year with a R5F.

1.)  Just to clarify: in my post on Wednesday, I shared an email I recently received. It was regarding a certain TRADEMARKED phrase pertaining to wild horses on Wednesdays. I should have been clearer in my post: that email was NOT from the organization who oversees the wild horses of Corolla on the Outer Banks, the ones I sometimes refer to as “my” horses.  The email was from an entirely different wild horse group, based in Texas.  (Which reminds me, I should probably let the wild horse folks in Corolla know about that trademarked phrase. They may have used it a time or two on their Facebook page…..)

2.) We had a quiet, nice Christmas.  Motor Man, Marshall, Sundae and I took our traditional family Christmas photo that evening.

3.) Santa brought Motor Man an impact wrench.  I think he likes it. In this picture, he reminds me of a little boy.

4.) Marshall had a little fun with a giraffe neck massager that Santa brought me. See my comment on #3 above.

5.) And it just seems appropriate to close out the year with a sunset photo.

I’m wishing you all a safe, happy New Year’s weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts. May 2018 be a good year for us all.

~These Days Of Mine~


“Untamed Equine Hump-day”


I recently received this message on my blog contact email:

Dear Diana,   I wanted to inform you that Wild Horse Freedom Federation has a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent Office of “Wild Horse Wednesday.”   I see that you have used these words on a couple of your blog posts on

We are asking that you please immediately remove the words “Wild Horse Wednesday” in all places on your blog and cease to use them in the future.  Thank you.

Debbie Coffey, V.P.
Wild Horse Freedom Federation****

****Please note:  this is NOT the organization who cares for “my” wild horses of the Outer Banks. 

Now….if you “Google” the phrase shown in red above, among the top seven returns are links to two of my blog posts with that title.  And I must admit that I consider that an honor.  (I’ve since tweaked those titles to be “Wilde Horsey Wednesday”).

And when I did a little research on trademarks, most of the information is related to commerce. My blog isn’t about selling anything: I’ve never made a penny from this blog, and it has never been my intention to do so.  But I don’t want to step on any hooves toes, especially those of folks who love and care for horses.

So Marshall helped me with a suggestion:  when you see posts here in the future titled “Untamed Equine Hump-day”, you will know the reason.


~These Days Of Mine~






Monday Morning Mews: Meowy Christmas!

Hello, efurryone! Sundae here, because it’s my turn to host Monday Morning Mews, but today, our entire family is making an appearance!

Motor Mommy and my step sis-fur, Gypsy.

Yours truly, enjoying Motor Mommy’s lap while she relaxes in the recliner.

And our pawrents, visiting recently with a very special couple.

Today will be a busy day:  Marshall will be visiting at breakfast  time(he gives the best tummy rubs)! Then, our pawrents will be scurrying from one place to another to spend time with other family members. And tonight,  Marshall visits again to exchange gifts.

We hope that all of you have a very merry Christmas Day!

Love, Sundae, Gypsy, Motor Mommy, Motor Man and Marshall 


And (At Last) The Winners Are……

It’s possible that many/most/some of you have completely forgotten about a blog post from November 4, 2016, in which I wrote about this contest. In that post, I shared the three photos I was submitting for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund 2018 calendar contest. I don’t know the reasons, but the calendar was later than usual being printed.

But, it arrived last week, and…… once again, I am honored to have not one, but two photos featured.

This is January, 2018:

And November, 2018:

Surprisingly, only a couple of my readers selected the photo of the horses running on the beach as their favorite. Of those, the name chosen as a winner of the contest was Jill Weatherholt, a fellow blogger that I’ve “known” for several years.

More readers selected the photo of the horses “head on”, and the name chosen of those is Phyllis S.  As I read back over the comments, I find it interesting that a couple of you thought that would make a nice picture for October or November. Apparently, those in charge of the calendar had the same thought.

I was rather surprised that the contest judges didn’t select this photo. I do believe it may be my favorite of the three.

I will be contacting the winners by email for mailing addresses and sending each of you one of the 2018 calendars.  Thanks to all of you who participated, and happy last weekend-before-Christmas.

~These Days Of Mine~






Looking (And Feeling) Like Christmas

With only five days left til Christmas, I thought I’d share a few pictures of how our holiday is progressing.

I recently found this wonderful old wool blanket at an antique mall, and Motor Man insisted that it come home with us.

We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend. Sundae approves; as usual she’s claimed a spot on the tree skirt.

Last Friday night, our little town held its Evening Christmas Craft Market.  My friend, Donna, and I attended.  Donna believes in dressing to celebrate every occasion, so she supplied me with the light bulb “necklace”. We glowed our way down Main Street.

We had a great time at the craft market. This was one of our favorite booths featuring rustic hand-painted signs and other country decor.

Donna’s Christmas gift to Motor Man was this cute Rudolph stocking cap.  He was such a good sport about posing for a picture, but was a little upset afterward that we didn’t tell him his “nose” was crooked.

The decorating adds festive touches and makes it LOOK like Christmas. But spending time with family and friends is part of the FEELING of the holiday. Yesterday: lunch with a close friend, and a visit planned today with a special cousin. And next week, of course, more gatherings.

Hope it’s looking (and feeling) like Christmas for you.

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: What’s THIS?!

Good morning, efurryone. Gypsy here with possibly some quite alarming mews.

One morning last week, we were having heavy rain in our area, and Motor Mommy arrived at the shop wearing her rain boots.  Of course, I immediately had to inspect:


Now, I’ve heard “RUMORS” of someone named Sundae…..and I suspect that’s another kitty.  But, let me tell ya, my nose does NOT lie…. those boots have been in the presence of another feline.

Hmmm….this is an interesting development.  Should I be upset about this?  Purrhaps….but I can’t help but be curious about this other kitty in my pawrents’ lives.

Stay tuned…

~These Days Of Mine~

…Like A Horse And Carriage

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, Motor Man and I took a trip to Indianapolis last week for a racing industry show. We broke up the trip there by staying overnight in Louisville.

And guess what?  We found a horse and carriage ride.  Meet Jacques:

Jacques was probably the most spirited horse we’ve ever had on a carriage ride. When we stopped at a red light, he would bring both feet up (slightly) off the ground, because he was so anxious to GO. And he whinnied several times. Our driver, Jim, said that Jacques’ brother also “works” for that carriage company, and when Jacques whinnied, he was calling his brother.

Because of Jacques’ enthusiasm, Jim was hesitant to step down from the carriage to take our picture at the end of our ride. So Motor Man and I just took pictures of each other with Jacques. (Not really Motor Man’s kind of horsepower, but….)

I think Jacques liked me.

In the Monument Circle area of Indianapolis, horses and carriages are lined up every evening, waiting on folks like us who’d like to ride. Our horse in Indy was Doc, who has a perfect heart on his forehead.

Our driver was Mikki, and since Doc was a bit more laid back than Jacques, she was able to take pictures of us.

I have yet another new friend.

Motor Man has his horsepower, and I have mine.  I love going to races with him, and he……goes horse and carriage riding with me.

(Actually, it was his idea to go carriage riding, because he knows how much I like it. What a guy.)

~These Days Of Mine~