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Winter’s Bright Spots

My friend, Donna, is responsible for the many squirrel bird feeders that I’m now attempting to keep filled. Donna is a self-proclaimed “bird nerd” and encouraged me to begin feeding our feathered friends.

Motor Man and I, as well as Sundae, certainly enjoy seeing the activity around those feeders.

Although most of our visitors (other than the squirrels) are red-winged blackbirds, who come in droves, we do occasionally see other birds.  It’s always nice to see these sweet goldfinch, even in their drab winter colors.

And the cheery red of a male cardinal always catches the eye. This one was nice enough to stay in that feeder long enough for me to get my camera.

Although it’s difficult to see, there IS a bright spot in this next picture, too: that tiny flash of red on the wing of the blackbird on the back side 0f the feeder.

Are you a casual bird feeder like we are?  Or a bird nerd like Donna? What birds are you seeing in your area?

~These Days Of Mine~


A Special Way To Be Brought To Mind

As you can imagine, I follow several Facebook pages with origins in the Carova/Corolla/Outer Banks area.  And you probably also know that the main reason I do that is for news and pictures about “my” wild horses.

Last week, the Facebook Page “Corolla Beach House” posted this video. (Be sure your sound is on.)


Of course, you all know that I love it; it’s always exciting to see the horses running and to hear them whinny. And you have to wonder: was that last horse taking a short cut? Or did he just miss his turn?

In the days since that video was posted, several of my Facebook friends have shared it and tagged me in it.  A couple of them also sent the video to me in private messages. They all wanted to be sure that I saw it.

It makes me smile to know that seeing this video of these wild, beautiful horses caused so many folks to think about me.

And special thanks to Corolla Beach House for allowing me to share their amazing video with my readers. It was definitely a great capture. And, yes, I’m the tiniest bit envious.

~These Days Of Mine~



Opposite, Spouse’s And Chocolate Cake

By now, I’m guessing that you’re all depending on me to let you know what today’s “celebration” is. (See my posts from Monday and Wednesday of this week.)

Today is National Opposite Day. I’m not sure what that means or how we are to celebrate. Perhaps we could try writing with our non-dominate hand? That should prove interesting.

BUT, tomorrow is……National Spouse’s Day. And that is definitely worth celebrating.

So, here’s to MY spouse, my hubby, my Motor Man, who makes me smile every day.

Oh, and Sunday is Chocolate Cake Day.  We just may be celebrating that one, too.

Enjoy your weekend: celebrate!

~These Days Of Mine~


(Hand)writing On The Wall

One of my Christmas gifts (to myself) was a small desk calendar featuring each day’s celebration, as in: “National Day Of…” And I think it may provide me with some blog post topics throughout the year.

(You may recall that I posted Monday about Squirrel Appreciation Day. I’m hoping you all celebrated the day in a proper fashion.)

Today is National Handwriting Day.

As I thought about today’s post, it occurred to me how unimportant handwriting is now as opposed to just a few years ago. We used to write notes, cards and letters to friends, family and acquaintances; now most of us correspond by e-mail. For many of us, gone are the days that we make grocery lists or reminders to ourselves; now we just put a note in our phone.

Some school systems have even stopped teaching cursive.  I remember being so anxious to learn cursive in….second grade, I think?

As I planned this post, I began looking for some handwritten notes from years ago and found these to share. The first is my dear sweet mother’s attempt at poetry. I don’t really know when she wrote this, but I think it was when I was a young girl. Notice my mom said that they went to school “some time”. Mom grew up in a different era, when your schooling was complete around ninth grade. She also mentions her sisters and brothers and that she had quite a few (eleven, to be exact.)

I also found this note from my Mom’s sister, Lucille. The eldest sibling was Mattie, then Lucille, then Mom.  Although they lived locally, Mattie and Lucille enjoyed keeping in touch with family members through notes and letters.

This was a note to Marshall’s dad and me from Aunt Lucille. It was written soon after Marshall had minor surgery. I’m not sure about her segue into what she may have been able to do at age 4 1/2. (* see below)  That was Marshall’s age at the time, so I’m guessing that caused her to think about her life when she was a little girl. But I find it so interesting to read.

As I shared above, Aunt Lucille was the second eldest of the twelve. I think it’s sweet, and also a little sad, to read that she remembered wishing she could sit on her Mom’s lap and be rocked. And I love that Grandma sang to all the little ones.

** I stumbled upon another note from Aunt Lucille; this one written just a few days prior to the one I shared above. This part explains why she mentioned what she could do at age 4 1/2. I believe this came about because Marshall had written his name on a note to her.

All this thinking about handwriting has given me an idea: I think I’ll challenge myself to write one letter each week.  (And Motor Man, I know what you’re thinking: “when is she going to find time to do that?”)

Could I interest anyone else in joining me in this challenge? Hmmmm…is stationery still sold in stores? Perhaps we can find some vintage writing paper on E-bay.  Remember scented stationery?  Seems that was always a popular gift amongst the older ladies at church.

Who’s in?

~These Days Of Mine~





Appreciating The “Troublemakers”

I have a public service announcement:

Today is… (drum roll)  Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Who knew?

I can’t say that I have ever actually “appreciated” squirrels.  Mostly, they annoy me by clearing out our bird feeders in record time. But, I must admit, there have been times that squirrels have been rather entertaining.

So in honor of this special day, I thought I’d share a few of the amusing photos I’ve taken over the years of “our” squirrels.

Must be a mommy-to-be squirrel, gathering material (from my flower planter) for her nest.

I have yet to find a feeder that’s any match for a hungry squirrel. And, seriously: aren’t they ALWAYS hungry?

Do you think that bird bath is large enough to satisfy your thirst?

Obtaining food is apparently good squirrel exercise.  S-t-r-e-t-c-h.

And, how can you not just laugh at this? It’s free entertainment from our kitchen window.

Aw, how sweet; all curled up for a nap.  Must have finally gotten a tummy full at the bird feeders.

So, even though I can’t say that I appreciate them, the bird squirrel feeders are full and waiting.

Are you celebrating??

~These Days Of Mine~






Sibyl To The Rescue

Marshall’s kitty, Sibyl, heard that I was in a blogging slump.

So she came to my rescue by having Marshall send these adorable pictures.

Playing peek-a-boo, hiding one eye with a paw.

Ah….what a life.

Marshall’s bed is her favorite place to relax.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille, Marshall.

But, even a diva has an occasional less-than-flattering shot.

Keep on being cute, Sibbie.  And thanks, Marshall, for the blog material.


~These Days Of Mine~

Soaking Up Sunshine

Motor Man and I took a trip to the Outer Banks recently. It had been a couple of weeks since we’d been, and I was beginning to show signs of withdrawal. He predicted that we would see horses because it was a sunny day, and the horses probably had a sense that a storm was approaching. So he thought they’d be out soaking up some vitamin D.

And he was right.

These three beautiful mares make up Raymond’s harem.  For those of you unfamiliar with Raymond, he is the resident…..mule of Carova. And, yes, he has a harem. A Corolla Wild Horse Fund staff member once posted on their Facebook page words to the effect: “Raymond thinks he’s a stud. Shhhh, don’t tell him he’s sterile”.

Here he is relaxing in the background. He was just out of camera range in the first photo. As those of us who frequent Carova like to say: “Everybody loves Raymond.”

And just to reinforce how accurate Motor Man was in his assumption that the horses would be enjoying the sun:

Soaking up those rays for a rainy/snowy day. (Love the outstretched front legs on this beautiful horse in the next photo.) And, as I often note, we weren’t nearly as close to these horses as the photos would indicate. I use a zoom lens, then crop the photos on my computer to bring the images in closer.

Just in the few years we’ve been going to the four-wheel-drive beaches of Carova, we’ve noticed more and more stumps being exposed on the beach.  It was such a pretty day, I braved the winds to get a picture.

Meanwhile, from inside the vehicle, using his trusty flip phone, Motor Man snapped one of me. I like it: it makes me appear much taller than I actually am.

Were you able to soak up any sunshine before the storm?

~These Days Of Mine~