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Monday Morning Mews: Crafting

Happy Monday, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

Sometimes, Motor Mommy likes to celebrate those “National Days”, and last Saturday was National Card Making Day.

So I decided to celebrate right along with her. Let’s see….wonder what I do with this thing called ‘adhesive’?

And look at these little things. I think Motor Mommy calls those “embellishments”.

And, in the end, exactly how did I celebrate the day?

By batting everything I possibly could on the floor.

I AM, after all, a cat…..

~These Days Of Mine~


Morning, (After)noon And Night

Last Saturday was an interesting day to watch the skies. As you probably know from my pictures, that’s something I do quite often.

This was the sky just before sunrise, perhaps my very favorite time of day.

During the morning and early afternoon, we had showers, but the sun came out later.  When that happens, the sun on the white boats with the dark cloud in the background always makes for dramatic photos of the marina.

And….we had a misty soft sunset.

But, wait….there’s more.  Not to be outdone, the moon also put in an appearance later in the evening.

The day certainly kept my camera busy.

~These Days Of Mine~




Hope And Peace…….And Trust

Several years ago, I saw a quote that has been a favorite of mine since that time. The quote is:

Every sunrise brings us hope,
every sunset brings us peace.

Monday morning, shortly after learning of the tragedy in Las Vegas, I took this picture of the sunrise.

That evening, after a day filled with thoughts and prayers for all those affected, I took this of a beautiful sunset sky.

As for the quote, I’m not really sure the sunset, although tranquil enough, really brought me peace.

But, as difficult as it is to do, we just have to trust that there’s a plan in place by Someone greater than any of us. And it’s my personal belief that we aren’t meant to understand why things happen as they do; it’s just all part of that plan coming together.

~These Days Of  Mine~



Monday Morning Mews: From My Window Seat

Hello, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

Today, I’m sharing a recent picture that Motor Mommy snapped of me enjoying the view from my window seat. Not long after I adopted my pawrents, they bought that seat for me, and I love it.  I can see rabbits, squirrels, turtles, birds, geese AND these big creatures from my window.

And, although it flew away before Motor Mommy snapped the picture, there WAS a hummingbird there at the feeder just a few minutes earlier.

I am one lucky kitty girl. What do you see from YOUR window?

~These Days Of Mine~

Love Notes And Pancakes

Yesterday, Motor Man learned that it was National Love Note Day.  When he came home, I was at the opposite end of the house. He “ducked” into the kitchen, then called to me that the ducks were outside and demanding to be fed.

I walked by the kitchen without looking in and went out to the garage.  This is what I saw:

As I turned to come back inside, I saw this on the interior door:

On the refrigerator door in the kitchen:

This was on the computer monitor:

On my pillow:

And on my bathroom mirror:

In the meantime, I had heard that it was National Pancake Day, so we headed to Cracker Barrel for yummy Pumpkin Spice Pancakes. (We shared.)

Love notes + pancakes = a sweet celebration.

~These Days Of Mine~

Seven Years And Counting

Today is my blogging anniversary. Seven years ago today, I published my first post.

In my previous anniversary posts, I’ve shared how much blogging has meant to me, the friends I’ve made through blogging, the bloggers I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person, and the struggle with blog topics. Blogging has even introduced me to very distant relatives.

So here are my blog’s stats to date:

I have published 1,748 posts
My blog has 1,033 followers
There have been 330,425 views of my posts
Readers have left 31,641 comments (thank you)

As in the past, I’m thankful to Motor Man for putting up with this time-consuming hobby of mine, and to both he and Marshall for reading every post and alerting me to possible blogging opportunities.

And to all of you who stop to visit and read my posts.

Now, who’s ready for more adventures with family and friends, and pictures of kitties, deer, ducks, sunrises, sunsets, wild horses and beach trips?

We sure are!!

~These Days Of Mine~




Random Five Friday

Once again, it’s time for five random thoughts to end the week.

1,) On Labor Day, Motor Man and I drove our little yellow ’32 (Vicky) to a nearby 50’s-type drive-in for lunch.  On the way, we passed the War Memorial Museum in Newport News and took a little drive around the premises. Motor Man commented that our car is older than those tanks. It’s certainly brighter…

2.) The butterflies continue to enjoy my zinnias. And I continue to enjoy the butterflies.

3.) Earlier this summer, I rescued this hibiscus from the “orphanage” at Lowe’s.  I do believe it’s happy here in its new home. Since the deer find hibiscus yummy, I’m planning to bring it in for the winter and hope it survives for next year.

4.) A sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.  It almost looks as though that one area is being spotlighted.

5.) My friend, Bev, asked if she could come to our house last night to have me help her with something on the computer. She and her daughter, Lacey, enjoy painting rocks and leaving them in public places as inspiration for others. So Bev asked Lacey to paint a rock for me in appreciation for my help.  I love it.

Care to share some randomness from your world?

~These Days Of Mine~