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Random Five Friday

Some random thoughts for the last Friday in August. This summer went by so quickly!

1.) Earlier this week, I came in our side garage door and noticed this. I have a bucket of shells on a table just inside the door, and something (I’m not sure what) had created a prism reflecting on one of the shells.

rainbow shell 8-27-2014 3-07-01 PM

2.) Speaking of the seashore, my friend and I went shelling Wednesday. And I found a shark’s tooth!  It’s much larger than the ones I recall my friends finding when we were kids. When you think of all the sand and all the shells at the beach, it’s just amazing to find something so special. For those of you not from this area, there are no sharks in that river now, so I can’t imagine how old this is.

sharks tooth 8-28-2014 7-50-21 PM

3.) Today is Motor Mum’s (Motor Man’s Mom’s) birthday.  We honored her at a party earlier this week, but will celebrate again at dinner this evening.

mom and cake 8-24-2014 5-32-32 PM

 4.) And at Motor Mum’s birthday party, I took this picture of our great niece, Livy, while she was playing in the yard. I love her expression; sweet little  barefoot-girl innocence.

livy with streamers 8-24-2014 5-11-27 PM

5.) One of my blogging friends said good-bye to her sweet kitty this week, and another is awaiting test results on her kitty. It’s important to indulge in those tummy rubs whenever the invitation arises.

gypsy 8-26-2014 3-01-53 PM

Happy Labor Day weekend, friends. Be safe.

~These Days Of Mine~