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Wildlife Wednesday: Playtime

Monday afternoon, something outside our bedroom window caught my eye.  I grabbed the camera and went out on the deck.

First, I took this still shot.

Then the action began. A group of about five or six deer (I lost count) were romping around in our side yard. I was especially happy to get video of the two of them “boxing”.

I left the sound as recorded, so you can hear the wind from a tropical disturbance off our coast.


Thankfully, my presence during their playtime didn’t bother them in the least. You’d think they were accustomed to seeing me with the camera.

~These Days Of Mine~



Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today, we’re participating in a day of remembrance for our pets who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

(Sundae very graciously forfeited her turn to post Monday Morning Mews this week.)

There have been so many cats in my life, but the one that was dearest to me was Beezy.

I adopted Beezy from the animal shelter in the summer of 1995, when she was two years old. Later, I learned that her former owners had been acquaintances of mine, and that she was born in my home town of Bacon’s Castle, less than a mile from my childhood home. I like to think that, perhaps, we were so close because we were connected by way of our home town.

I’ve often said that Beezy was my “kitty soul mate”. She just wanted to be with me no matter what I was doing. When I first adopted her, I’d carry her around on my shoulder like a baby. In fact, her given name was Baby. But, as we often do with our pets, her name morphed from the original into something else. Baby became Beezy. I’m not quite sure how that happened: “Baby, Babeez, Bee-Beez, Beez, Beezy”…perhaps?

Beezy was shy and hid whenever visitors came around. But Marshall was family, so she was always comfortable with him.

And when Motor Man came into my life, she accepted him as her own.

You’d never know this man is allergic to cats.

Beezy lived a long life.  But in November of 2009, her health failed, and we had to make that sad, but most unselfish, decision that all pet owners dread. Beezy was 16.

Looking through pictures for this post was bittersweet, and memories came flooding back  of the love I we had for her.

Interestingly enough, we always thought of Beezy as a girl and referred to her as such, but “she” was actually a neutered male. It’s probably best HE didn’t really know the difference. I think HE would have been a bit embarrassed to be sporting this look. With all that long hair, the vet would occasionally have to shave the mats off poor Beez.

This picture was taken at the vet’s office as I held Beezy for the last time.

“Our animal friends teach us more than we expected
and love us more than we could have hoped.
That’s why we miss them
much more than we could ever have imagined.” 

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~These Days Of Mine~




Random Five Friday

Randomness for the final Friday in August, and I’m reminded of the quote “August is the Sunday of Summer”.

1.) Motor Man and I hadn’t gotten caught up in the excitement of the eclipse, even though my friend, Donna, had given us two pair of glasses. On my way home that afternoon, I spotted our 80-something year old neighbor, out in his yard, looking up at the sky.  I pulled in his drive and he was so excited about the eclipse, I decided that we’d take a look. Friends had posted a selfie of them in their eclipse glasses, so we took the tripod out and captured the moment.

2.) Sharing a sunset from earlier in the week.

3.) And this has to be one of the silliest things I’ve ever shared on my blog. You know how you get those little wind-blown pieces of debris (leaves and such) on your windowpanes? One recent morning, I saw this on a window when I opened the curtains and thought it looked like a comical little cartoon kitty. Wearing sunglasses.

4.) Back in the spring, my friend, Donna, gave me a couple of packets of zinnia seeds. (She’s a very generous friend.)  One pack was an old-fashioned speckled variety. This is my first bloom. Look at those tiny little “starfish” around the center.

5.) Keeping everyone in the path of Hurricane Harvey in thought and prayer, especially my niece, Donna, her son and their friends. She texted yesterday that they aren’t in the direct path, but will be on the “dirty side” and are expecting some flooding.

~These Days Of Mine~

Butterflies In The Jungle

Okay, this zinnia plant TREE is outta control!

Last week, I measured the tallest bloom, and it was 68 inches from the ground. I’m pretty sure this plant was a volunteer from last year, but it is definitely happy.

After posting the following picture on Facebook, friends asked what I’ve been feeding it.

Nothing at all….. I think I watered it once or twice this summer.

There are other zinnias (although not as tall) in the same flower bed. I love going out and standing among them and watching the butterflies.

And take pictures, of course.

Motor Man snapped this of me attempting to measure the height of the tallest bloom.

He has previously mentioned that the flowerbed looks like a jungle.

A jungle with butterflies? Yes, please.

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews – Celebrating

Hello, readers! Gypsy here today with the mews, which, this week, is a celebration!

Four years ago this past Saturday evening, I adopted my pawrents and became their shop kitty.  This picture was taken that night; look how tiny I was in Motor Mommy’s lap.

It soon became obvious that, although I dearly love Motor Mommy, I am definitely Motor Man’s kitty. (He looks pretty content with the idea, don’t ya think?)

Now I’m all grown, but still love my pawrents SO much.  Just the other day, Motor Man spoiled me by giving me a good brushing.

Ahhhh, have I got “the life” or what?

I definitely picked the right family to adopt, and am so thankful to be celebrating my Gotcha Day anniversary here on Monday Morning Mews.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all kitties (and doggies) could have a happy home and a family to love them this much?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Friday again and time for five random thoughts:

1.) I’m still enjoying the zinnias in our yard.  When I snapped this pic, the butterfly and bee were both on the bloom, but in that split second, the butterfly took flight.

2.) Marshall sent me this picture of his newest kitty, Scream, and gave me permission to share it here.

Marshall believes Scream may be part-Bengal.  His coat is striped on his back, but he has spots on his tummy.

3.) If you’re looking for something to do during the eclipse (other than chance looking at it), check out the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page and “be there” at 2:00 on Monday afternoon. Here’s what they’re going to attempt: “Our plan is to locate a harem of horses and do a live Facebook video documenting their behavior during the eclipse. There are a lot of variables (the horses, our internet connection, etc., etc.) but we’re going to do our best! Be sure to tune in.”  I plan to be watching and wish them much success with this project!

4.) These horses live just “down the road” from us, and one day this week, they were standing near the highway.  I turned around and went back for a picture. They happily posed for me.

5.)  My friend, Donna, and I are hoping to make it to the Farmers Market tomorrow.

I’d love it if you’d share your Friday randoms.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wilde Horsey Wednesday

*Edited:  The title of this post has been edited due to a trademark issue.

Today I’m sharing a few photos from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks to see “my” wild horses.

The first ones we saw were enjoying a lunch of sea oats up high on one of the dunes.

Further up the beach, we saw these two nose-to-nose.

Many of the roads were flooded because of recent heavy rains.  It may be that the water isn’t really that deep in some places, but since we don’t know for sure, we err on the side of caution.  That limits us to how much distance we can cover to look for horses.  So on this particular day, we only saw 14.

But, by far, my favorite picture of the day was this one, which I affectionately titled “Miss Tina Turner”.

“Maybe she’s born with it: maybe it’s “Neighbelline”.”

~These Days Of Mine~