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Surf’s Up!


Last Friday was particularly windy ’round these parts.

No, I wasn’t holding the camera at an angle. Groom Swan was catchin’ a wave.

The river by our house is a protected body of water and normally rather calm. But the wind that day made for very rough waters.

We even had whitecaps!

And Groom Swan has a new nickname:  Surfer Dude.

Just For Fun


Sometimes my husband’s antics leave me speechless. Or in the world of blogging: wordless. You have no idea how funny that man can be. But occasionally I attempt to share his humor through this blog.

So, I thought it would be fun to ask my readers to write a caption for this photo.

Leave a comment and make a suggestion.

Are you up to the challenge?

Groom Swan’s Sunset Visit


Groom swan stopped by for a visit one day last week. And he timed his visit right at sunset. You can see the reflection of the setting sun on the water. If you’re new to my blog, and aren’t familiar with Groom swan, you can read about him here.


This time, he was at a different area of our yard, so I didn’t have marsh grass to deal with and could get closer to him. You can see I was having some difficulty getting to the water’s edge, because it’s slightly downhill. And bear in mind that this was just two days after my scary vertigo experience.

Groom swan has taken bread from my hand once before, but this time he just couldn’t navigate the rocks and bricks along the shoreline to get close enough.

But he really wanted to.

Motor Man was taking the pictures. He got this shot of water droplets falling from Groom swan’s beak after he had eaten some bread I’d thrown in the water. Mmm… good.

Bye, Groom swan! Come back soon!

Smile Photo – Fly By


Here’s another installment in my series of photos that make me smile whenever I look at them.

These pictures were taken in the Bahamas. Motor Man and I had gone there many years ago with a group of friends. During our time there, we visited Garden of the Groves,  a beautiful botanical garden on Grand Bahama island.

We came upon a really pretty spot with a waterfall in the background. Each couple posed for a photo.  I’m going to post these photos in reverse order. This was the second one taken of Motor Man and me. See the waterfall?

But this next photo was the first one taken, and it’s pretty obvious why we had to do a re-take.

At the exact second that our friend snapped the picture, some exotic bird flew right in front of us. We laughed so hard, it took us awhile to settle down enough to pose for the second photo.

And after all these years, that picture still makes me smile. Every time.

The Bluebird Of Unhappiness

Excuse me, ma’am. Do you realize how old the water is in this birdbath?

Honestly, when WAS the last time you cleaned this?

There’s a reason it’s called a birdBATH, you know. How am I supposed to bathe in this old dirty water?

Yes, I know: “it’s been a long, cold lonely winter”, and all that.  That’s really no excuse. The swans have been bragging that you fed them all winter – even when you had to trudge through the snow!

So what does a poor little bluebird have to do to get a little fresh water?


No Big Deal


Remember this photo from Friday’s post?

Guess where it showed up on Saturday?

In our local paper!

Our paper features a daily column entitled “Your Pix”. Readers upload their pictures to a web-site, and each day, the newspaper prints a photo from that site.

I’ve been occasionally submitting photos for a couple of years now, but had never had one selected for publication.

And as I accept this award, I’d like to thank my husband, Motor Man. You see, he allows me to use his camera (that’s a post for another day).  And, seeing the beautiful sunset that evening, he rushed me home to take pictures.”

I guess having a photo published in the paper really isn’t a big deal.

But in my little world, it is.

Start With A Sunset


Start with a sunset.

Invite a few friends.

And a very special friend.

And you have the perfect evening.