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Finches: Friday’s Feathered Friends

Throughout the winter, I rarely saw any birds at our feeders other than red-winged blackbirds. And they’re pretty enough, especially when the sun glints on that tiny streak of red on the wing. But, I must admit that it’s been nice to see the goldfinches return over the past week or so.

I mistakenly thought that finches only ate “finch seed”.  Wrong: this feeder is filled with sunflower seed.

Double-decker feeder being put to good use.

THIS is the place I expected to see the gold finches: on a “finch seed sock”, a Christmas gift from my friend, Donna, aka Bird Nerd.

Such sweet, pretty birds.

I had just taken this lighthouse feeder out of winter storage and filled it just a few minutes prior to these pictures.

Welcome back, little finches. Happy Spring!

~These Days Of Mine~


The Stories It Could Tell

Since my early adulthood, I’ve been a fan of old furniture, preferably oak and pine. As with many things, those old pieces seem to be of better quality than anything you can find in furniture stores these days. And they all have stories, which, sadly, they’re unable to tell us.

In previous posts,  I’ve shared photos and stories of some of the items in our home. A few things have family connections, such as this old table, and, of course, those are the most treasured.

There’s a wonderful little vintage shop in our town, and a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in for a visit. I was smitten with an adorable desk. ( Motor Man bought it for me…. oh, shall we say for…. Saint Patrick’s Day???)

The glass in the mirror is beveled, which is a good sign that the desk is rather old. The next picture shows the center space below the mirror.  The “My Trip book was the subject of this blog post.  The story about that little book is worth reading (or re-reading).  The glasses belonged to my dad, who passed away when I was an infant.

That center section folds out to provide a writing surface.

And, apparently at some time in the past, there was a little ink mishap…or two. Just imagine all the handwritten letters that may have been penned on this surface in years past.

The doors in the bottom section open up to reveal an interesting little storage area.  The wooden box isn’t part of the desk, but seems to fit well there.

Whenever we acquire an old piece of furniture, I can’t help but wonder about the folks who owned and loved it in the past.

If only we knew the stories this old desk could tell.

~These Days Of Mine~


Two Points

Yesterday morning, Motor Man and I had one of those moments that really start you to thinking. This is an unusually long post, so I apologize in advance. I am eventually going to “get to the point”, actually two points.

We were on our way to the Outer Banks and had stopped at our local Bojangles for breakfast. Motor Man had a to-go box in one hand and his drink in the other, and was negotiating all that, trying to unlock the vehicle AND dealing with the curbing right beside his door.  He misjudged the curbing……and fell.

I was on the other side of the vehicle, and heard him scream in pain.

When I made it to him, he was lying on his back on the ground.  He had landed on his left shoulder.

I wasn’t able to help him up on my own, but a fellow customer Good Samaritan immediately stopped his vehicle and came over to help. We thanked him, and he went on his way.  A few minutes later, Motor Man said to me: “I need to sit down. I’m going to pass out”.  He managed to get in the driver’s seat, put his head back….and lost consciousness.

Every few seconds, he’d open his eyes, then “go out” again. Silly me: I’m blowing in his face, slapping his face, asking him if he’s okay….and he’s not responding – even when his eyes were open. I took my cell phone out of my back pocket (convenient) and dialed 911.

A volunteer firefighter/paramedic was next door at a convenience store, and was with us in just minutes. He asked Motor Man to grip his hands, then told me his left hand seemed weak. When the other paramedics arrived, MM was still somewhat unresponsive, and they thought he may possibly have had a stroke….or a heart issue. He was able to walk a few feet to the stretcher, and by then, was starting to become more cognizant.

They asked him where he was, and he gave them the correct answer. They asked where we were heading before he fell, and again, he had the right answer. Then they asked: “What’s bothering you right now?”  He replied: “Going to the hospital”.  Hmmm..sounds like my Motor Man might be coming around.

They loaded him in the ambulance and had me wait outside. I immediately called Marshall and a couple of our friends to let them know what was going on.

The first point of this post: while I waited outside for word from the EMT’s, I couldn’t help but wonder:  is this the moment when our lives change?  Has he had a stroke?  Did he hit his head when he fell? Is there a heart issue?

It seemed like forever, but a few minutes later, the paramedics came out and told me that he wanted to see me. And as soon as I saw him, I knew that, mentally, he was okay.  He was joking with the EMT’s and was “himself”. And his vitals (pulse and blood pressure) had greatly improved from when the paramedics first arrived.

Speeding through the remainder of the day, since I’m trying to get to the other point, we spent six hours in the ER. X-rays were done, as well as a CT scan and blood work.  The tests showed two fractures in his left shoulder. We waited and waited for word from the orthopedic surgeon as to his opinion on what should be done.

Finally, the ER doctor came in and said that they were sending Motor Man home with his arm in a sling and to make an appointment to see the surgeon in one week.

Here’s the second point of this post: as I write this on Sunday evening, we are thankful for SO many things.

1.) That, as bad as a broken shoulder is, we aren’t dealing with anything worse. No stroke, no heart issues, no head trauma. Apparently his passing out was because of the pain (and perhaps the shock of falling).

2,) We’re thankful that it’s his left shoulder (he’s right-handed), so as difficult as things will be for a few weeks, he’s still able to do quite a lot with his good hand/arm.

3.) We’re thankful that, as far as we know, he won’t be facing shoulder surgery.

4.) And last, but not least, we are so thankful for our family and friends who have, through FB comments and messages, texts and phone calls, offered their thoughts, prayers and  help.

Sometimes we just don’t realize how many folks care about us until we’re faced with a difficult situation.

heading home from the ER

We. Are Thankful.

~These Days Of Mine~





A Giveaway!

After taking a year off, The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is once again having a photo contest for next year’s calendar. Rather than waiting until later in the year as they have done in the past, entries must be in by the end of this month, and they’re hoping the calendars will be available for the busy 2019 summer tourist season.

I have been thrilled to have my photos selected for previous calendars, so I will, once again, be entering pictures in the contest. Each entry may contain up to three photos, so I’m sharing with you the three that I’ve chosen:

Picture number 1:

Picture number 2:

And picture 3:

So, to enter the giveaway, leave a comment HERE ON THE BLOG POST, saying which photo you think may possibly be selected for the calendar.

If I’m fortunate enough to have any of these photos chosen, I will draw a name from my readers who selected that photo. That person will receive a gift package, to include the 2020 CWHF calendar. If none of my photos are chosen, a reader who commented will be randomly chosen as the giveaway winner.

Be sure to leave a comment with your selection HERE on the blog. (Your email will not be visible to anyone but me.) The winner will be chosen from the comments left here on the blog post.

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Weekend Updates

Just to update you on some things mentioned in my Friday’s “random” post:

My friends and I had a wonderful lunch and visit on Saturday, all decked out in our greenery. (I was desperately in need of my sunglasses....)

And April, the giraffe, did indeed have her calf this weekend, on Saturday to be exact.  She timed it to coincide with our lunch.  And I am so thankful for those understanding friends. I propped my phone up in front of my plate and (hopefully) discreetly caught glimpses of April as we ate and chatted. And I was fortunate enough to actually be watching just as the baby was born.

If you’ve never watched the April cam, here’s the link.  Warning: VERY addictive. Oh, and April and son are both doing fine. By the way, her “baby” was 5’11” and weighed 139 at birth. Wow.

My Motor Man and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday with yet another trip to the Outer Banks in search of horses.

Speaking of the Corolla wild horses, tune in Wednesday for some fun news and a giveaway!

~These Days Of Mine~




Random Five Friday

How about a little randomness?

1.) Last weekend, Marshall attended a “Monster Mania” movie convention.  I’ve mentioned before that he likes to go to those and meet some of the stars he sees in movies. You may recall that I posted a couple of years ago about him meeting Robert England,  who played Freddy Kruger in the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. Last weekend, he met Christini Ricci, “Wednesday” in some of the Addams Family movies. (Just between us, he had a crush on her in the 90’s.)

He’s also a big fan of the Soska twins. Sylvia and Jen. Last weekend, he participated in a “bloody photo op” with them. The Soskas began the bloody photo ops to bring emphasis to their work involving blood donation, definitely a worthy cause. I told him later that he was the happiest looking bloody man I’d ever seen. (Not sure if you can enlarge the picture, but he has “blood” all over his face.)

2.) Yesterday morning’s sunrise, taken with my cell phone.  When I posted this on Facebook, my friend, Donna’s comment was: “Tangerine delight!”.

3.) Yesterday was Sundae’s “gotcha day”. She adopted us 8 years ago.  She’s feeling better, but still is not making it easy for us to give her the meds. At least she isn’t holding a grudge.

4.) You’ve probably heard that April, the giraffe, is expecting another calf any day now. Yes, I’m a fan, and have been watching the live cam quite a bit, hoping to see the birth as it happens. We’ve been to visit April twice at her home at Animal Adventure Park in New York and are planning another trip this summer.

5.) Some of my former classmates from school are meeting tomorrow for lunch to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We’ve dubbed our group “The Surry Girls”, and we have our greenery all ready. Will you be wearing green this weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~






My Facebook friends know that our kitty, Sundae, paid a visit to the vet last week. Sundae had been experiencing some tummy issues, so last Friday, it was off to the doc.

Motor Man offered to go with us, but he’s up to his eyeballs in race engines (first race is a little over two weeks away), so I assured him that we would be fine.

Our previous kitty, Beezy, was such a gentle soul, when it came time to put her in the carrier, a tiny, encouraging shove was all that was needed.  Not so with Miss Sundae.  I have to put the carrier on its end and attempt to “drop” her in – feet first. It’s at that time that she seems to quickly grow ten extra hind legs, all going in different directions.

After about a half dozen tries, she was safely in the carrier and began to sing the song of her people.

When we arrived at the vet’s office, there were two huge dogs in the waiting area singing the song of THEIR people. At that point, Sundae decided to remain silent.  And, as upset as she was with me earlier, she nuzzled my hand through the door of the carrier while we waited. That’s forgiveness.

In the examining room, Sundae was as good as could be. We were left alone for a few minutes to await test results. So, we did what most folks do in those situations: we took selfies.

I stood close to the examining table and cradled her in my arms. And she never whimpered.

The vet’s diagnosis was a bacterial infection, and we were given a prescription for liquid meds.

Now, if we only had a video of Motor Man and me actually trying to get those meds IN Sundae:  that would be interesting indeed. Two words: tag team.

And, as upset as she is when that takes place, a few minutes later, she comes back to us to be loved.

That’s forgiveness.

~These Days Of Mine~