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“I Just Play”

An anchor on one of our local tv stations frequently shares his beautiful photos on the station’s Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, he posted an amazing picture of the sunset in an area similar to where we live…. water, marsh grass, etc. There were many, many compliments on his photo. And, there was this comment:

Nice, now what was the subject if it was the sun then the grass is in the way but if it was the grass the sun compliments it, a successful landscape image needs to contain at least 3 elements. Or the image should make the viewer see at least 3 things. Here’s the tricky part, the 3 things can be but don’t have to be objects. By objects I mean trees, rocks, mountains and such. The 3 things can also be any combination of the physical objects and contrasting colors, repeating patterns, negative space vs. positive space, the color of the light, the angle of the light, shadows, silhouettes, seasonal colors, opposites (like blue clouds and white sky as opposed to blue sky and white clouds), reflections, seeing what is under the surface of the water and on and on. Try to include one of these non-objects in as many shots as you can, they will make your landscapes stand out.”


And in response to that comment, the anchor (who is, obviously, a class act), replied:  “That’s why photography is an art. I just play.”.       ~ Tom Schaad

Me, too, Tom.

sunsetss 4-24-2014 7-23-59 PM

Me, too.

~These Days Of Mine~