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Monday Morning Mews: Lock Screen

Hi, readers! This is Sundae, bringing you today’s mews.

In the evenings, when Motor Mommy relaxes in her recliner, I sometimes make my way to her lap.  A few days ago, she was checking something on her cell phone, and, while looking over her shoulder,  I discovered something that made me quite a happy kitty.

A picture of me!  Motor Mommy has this picture of ME as her lock screen photo – whatever that is…..

She thinks that’s a cute picture of me. Truthfully, I think I was in the middle of  a bath. (I ask you: can’t a kitty have any privacy…?)

Anyway, Motor Mommy must really like having a picture of me wherever she goes.  I bet she even shows it to strangers if the subject of kitties arises.

~These Days Of Mine~


Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a RFF, so I thought I’d start off the month of December with some random thoughts.

1.) For Mother’s Day, 2011, Marshall gave me this pretty potted mum.

It has definitely “gone forth and multiplied”.

2.) For the past couple of years, my friend, Donna, self-proclaimed “bird nerd”, has inspired me to feed our feathered friends. It IS fun to glance out the window and see them fluttering around the feeders.  Oh, and the snowman feeders was  a Christmas gift from Donna a few years go.

3.) We aren’t sure what the commercial fishermen were “harvesting” in our nearby James River, but Motor Man nor I had ever seen so many work boats as we did earlier this week.

It was difficult to get a good picture (we need a helicopter). This doesn’t really show the extent of the boats, they were upriver as far as we could see.

4.) Early morning is such a pretty time of day. I had to make a u-turn to go back for this fog-on-the-water shot.

5.) I’m sure if you were following my blog earlier this year, you know that I’m a fan of April, the giraffe.  Now, I’m not usually one to wear novelty clothing, but I saw this top recently and just couldn’t resist. Sweet April putting the star on top of her tree.

Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: The Winners

Hi, readers, it’s Sundae with this week’s mews.

Today, I really have special NEWS to share: Motor Mommy asked for my help in announcing the winners of her Charlie Brown Christmas tree painted rock contest.

She decided that, rather than just give away ONE rock, she would have Motor Man draw a winner from the list of bloggers who asked to be entered in the contest and another one from the list of non-bloggers. But first, she put all the slips of paper with names on the floor by the rocks, so we could have a photo-shoot with moi.

The blogger whose name was drawn is Cindy, the author of Mama’s Empty Nest. And the non-blogger is Joyce F . Motor Mommy wanted me to let you know that your rocks will be sent out to you in the next couple of days.

Concats to the winners!  Now, wasn’t that fun? We should do it again soon!

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: Profiling

Good morning, efurryone! I’m Sundae: it’s Monday.  (See what I did there?)

Motor Mommy took this picture of me recently while I was hanging out on my window seat.  It’s one of my most favorite places in the house.

I was watching five deer who were grazing in the yard.

There’s always something interesting to see from my window seat.

But…..way to get up close and personal, Mom…..


~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: The Photo Shoot

Hi, readers! This is Sundae, and it’s my turn to bring you the mews this week.

Recently, Motor Mommy happened to catch me in position for the purrfect photo shoot.

I was on my window seat, one of my favorite spots in the house.

Motor Mommy thought the way I was sitting was extra cute.

So I tried different poses while she snapped away with the camera.

I even did my best “Grumpy Cat” impression for her.

But I was just pretending to be unhappy. Posing for Motor Mommy’s pictures makes me feel like a model.

~These Days Of Mine~


Sadness Doubled

Wednesday morning, I received sad news two-fold. First, I learned that Janet, one of my first cousins, whose health had been declining for several months, had passed away.  Although we knew it was inevitable, we weren’t expecting it so quickly.

She lived nearby, and I always enjoyed our visits. I will remember her for her beautiful counted cross stitch work, which she had framed and displayed throughout her home, her corn pudding and the loving marriage she and her husband shared for 61 years.

Less than an hour after learning of Janet’s death, I had a call from Marshall.  He and I text each other often, but phone calls between us are somewhat rare, so my “mom radar” activated, and I knew it was something important.  He was calling to tell me that his grandmother had died.

I’d like to share a little about her with you.

“Granny” was born in the mountains of southwest Virginia in 1920. She and her husband were parents to four sons. Sometime in the mid 1950’s, her husband’s job brought them across the state to southeast Virginia.

I met her more than 45 years ago when I began dating her son, who would later become my husband and Marshall’s father. She made me feel welcome from our first meeting.

Granny was a kind woman with a strong faith. Many times, especially on holidays, she’d send a plate of food to an elderly neighbor who lived alone. If a stray kitty came to her door, it was homeless no more.

We lived about an hour away, so weekly visits on Sunday were the norm.

Granny & Grandaddy with Marshall

For Christmas, 1982, I gave Granny a doll that I had made. She loved dolls, and I think she approved of this one.

Even after my marriage to her son ended, she and I corresponded by mail. In one of her notes, she wrote that I would always be part of the family. She often asked Marshall to tell me to come see her.

So, two years ago, he went with me to visit her to celebrate her 95th birthday. I still recall her exact words when she opened the door: “My lands. I didn’t think you’d come”.

But her smile was quite a bit broader when she hugged Marshall.

And now, to end this somber post with a laugh…..a photo taken in 1972 of Granny and me. I don’t know that Marshall has ever seen this picture.  (And let me just say that there were (very) short shorts under that “dress” I was wearing.)

Granny was a very special woman. I can’t say that I’ve ever known anyone with such a sweet, Christian spirit, forgiving nature and generous heart.

I’m glad she was part of my life, and my heart aches for her family as they face life without her.

~These Days Of Mine~






Monday Morning Mews: Crafting

Happy Monday, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

Sometimes, Motor Mommy likes to celebrate those “National Days”, and last Saturday was National Card Making Day.

So I decided to celebrate right along with her. Let’s see….wonder what I do with this thing called ‘adhesive’?

And look at these little things. I think Motor Mommy calls those “embellishments”.

And, in the end, exactly how did I celebrate the day?

By batting everything I possibly could on the floor.

I AM, after all, a cat…..

~These Days Of Mine~