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Celebrating 89

As mentioned in Friday’s post, we celebrated Motor Mum’s birthday yesterday with a party at the home of one of Motor Man’s sisters.

We all enjoyed the nice weather outside, then came in for lunch and birthday cake.

One of the sweetest moments was when the great grands unexpectedly sang Happy Birthday to their grandmother. I didn’t have time to set my camera on video-mode, so a still shot will have to do.

nanny josey livy lily 8-30-2015 2-27-48 PM

And she had a little help blowing out the candles.

nanny and christian 8-30-2015 2-26-37 PM

This is the youngest in the family, making his grandma smile. Little ones are good at that.

brenda and aaron 8-30-2015 1-59-04 PM

We posed for a group picture, and as always, I’m reminded of the saying: “All because two people fell in love”.

family pic2 8-30-2015 2-22-12 PM

 With five little ones ranging in age from 17 months to six years, it was a busy time.  Motor Man and I came home and took a nap.  And I’m guessing that Motor Mum may have done the same.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

My Random Five today is REALLY random….

1.) You have, no doubt, heard about the shooting Wednesday in a rural town in Virginia, in which two tv station employees were killed. When I first heard the name of the town, (about 3 1/2 hours from us) I didn’t recall ever having been in that area.  BUT, as the story unfolded, I realized that Motor Man and I had actually been in that same shopping complex a little over two years ago. We stopped there for lunch on our way to visit a family who raises Gypsy horses. You may recall this post that I wrote about our day. We also  bought this wind chime at one of the shops, probably just feet from where the shooting took place.  Is it silly to say that I will, mostly likely, now think of those two young people whenever I hear the chimes?

wind chime 8-27-2015 3-12-30 PM

2.) Today, I’m participating in The Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on Facebook in memory of my dear Beezy. She was my kitty soul-mate from 1995, when I adopted her, until we had to say goodbye in 2009. What a special kitty she was.

3.) I’m feeling a little nostalgic as another school year starts, reminded of putting Marshall on the bus for the first time as a kindergartener. Yes, that’s me: just a “few” years younger, pounds lighter… and hair curlier.

school bus 4-2-2005 4-34-20 PM 4-2-2005 4-34-20 PM

4.) Last week, I broke down and upgraded to a new cell phone.  I’ve been needing one for a long time, having to charge my old one two or three times during the day, but I’d dreaded learning a new one.  Thankfully, that hasn’t been too much of an issue. The most bothersome thing I’ve dealt with is that none of the ringtones that I had set on my old phone for my favorite folks  are available on the new one. But I’m sure “there’s an app for that”.

5.) This little exchange between Motor Man and his mom took place last week at lunch, and is an example of his quick wit:

Motor Mum: “Are you feeling okay? You look a little pale.” (typical mother)
Motor Man: “Yes, I’m fine. I just forgot to put on my make-up this morning.”
Motor Mum: (playing along) “Oh, you wear make-up? What brand do you prefer?”
Motor Man: “Oil of Engine.”

jr and mom

Speaking of Motor Mum, we’ll be celebrating her 89th birthday this weekend.  I’ll  most likely have photos to share next week.

Happy weekend!

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Wordless Wednesday – Serious Conversation

Motor Man and his Gypsy girl.

jr and gyp

~These Days Of Mine~

Sunset At The Beach

Motor Man and I made a quick trip to the beach this weekend, and we invited my our friend, Donna, to ride with us. Because of summertime weekend traffic, by the time we actually got to the beach, it was late afternoon. Sometimes that can make photos a bit tricky, but then you get lucky with that golden hour sun.

golden hour horses 8-22-2015 6-36-54 PM

We always think it’s comical to see a cattle egret hitching a ride on one of the horses.

horse and egret 8-22-2015 5-48-53 PM

Donna commented that these three appeared to be “on guard”:  keeping watch in all directions.

 3 on watch 8-22-2015 6-52-04 PM 8-22-2015 6-52-04 PM

I guess the grass really IS greener on the other side of the fence.

grass is greener 8-22-2015 6-33-11 PM

This is Wash Woods Coast Guard Station, originally built in 1917, now restored and serving as a Real Estate office. When I first downloaded this picture, I thought the sand looked like snow.

wash woods at sunset 8-22-2015 7-34-32 PM

This watchtower in front of Wash Woods is a replica of the original, also built in 1917, but destroyed by a hurricane in 1933.

sunset18-22-2015 7-33-51 PM 8-22-2015 7-33-51 PM

Motor Man and I aren’t usually up on the beach at sunset. The time of day made for a different experience: less traffic, fewer people on the beach, soft, afternoon lighting. And just as we thought we’d seen all the horses for the day, we spotted this one up on the dune.

horse silhouette 8-22-2015 7-24-20 PM

Gorgeous weather, a wonderful breeze, 40 horses, a very patient husband, a good friend and an amazing sunset made for one perfect day.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Once again, it’s time for some Friday randomness:

1.) On Wednesday of this week, I missed a very “impawtant” milestone:  the 2-year anniversary of the day Gypsy came to live with us. Yes, she still loves to cuddle on Motor Man’s chest, but it’s a little more uncomfortable for him than it was at one time.

gypsy lying on jr 9-8-2013 4-05-10 PM

2.) Some folks have a dog waiting for them in the yard when they get home…This is what sometimes awaits us.

swan 8-17-2015 1-27-55 PM

3.) Easiest cake ever: one box angel food cake mix and one can of pie filling. Stir together and bake in a 9 x 13 pan at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. When I make it with apple pie filling, I top it with walnut pieces before baking.

apple cake 8-7-2015 8-58-53 PM

4.) A storm moved “down river” late yesterday afternoon, giving us minimal rain, but impressive scenery.

storm clouds 8-20-2015 7-28-02 PM

5.) Yes, I’m still peeved that they’ve destroyed nearly all my plants, but this is, perhaps, one of the sweetest deer pictures I’ve ever taken: baby nuzzling mom.

baby deer nuzzling mom 8-19-2015 6-49-29 PM

Farmer’s Market tomorrow with friends.  Your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~

A Summer Sunday Evening

Sunday evening, I noticed the golden hour glow outside and headed out to take a few pictures.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw that Mama and Baby Deer were out in our side yard.

Do you suppose he'll ever grow into those ears?

Do you suppose he’ll ever grow into those ears?

A few minutes later, Baby Deer ran to the other side of the yard from Mom, and I found myself in the middle.  Mom looked anxiously at her baby.

mama deer 8-16-2015 7-48-47 PM

And, then, at me.  I don’t know much about the body language of deer, but I knew enough to immediately get myself back inside. Between a wild animal and her baby is not somewhere I want to be.

lookin at me 8-16-2015 7-49-03 PM

Once all that was settled, I continued on with my purpose for being out there in the first place: sunset pictures.

A sailboat was anchored just off from our yard.

sailboat sunset1 8-16-2015 7-50-06 PM

It was one of those “soft” sunset skies.

sunset and marsh grass 8-16-2015 7-50-42 PM

Well worth fighting the mosquitoes and chancing possible Mama Deer attacks to capture.

sunset sky 8-16-2015 7-54-40 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

Sundae’s BFF (Best Feathered Friend)

We often hear of animals making friends with other species that are normally thought of as their enemies.

I think we have a similar situation right here at our house.

One of our hummingbird feeders is in front of Sundae’s window seat, and she often lets me know that one is there by “chattering” at it through the window.

 hummie 7-25-2014 12-43-09 PM

Normally, when that’s the case, I glance over at the window, and Sundae is in “alert” mode, as you would expect of a cat who’s looking at potential (if impossible) prey.

Yesterday morning, however, I heard her chatter, and glanced over a few minutes later to see her acting cute, as if she were flirting with a new friend.

sundae1 8-16-2015 7-50-08 AM

I ask you: is this the face of a predator?

sundae2 8-16-2015 7-56-11 AM

Now she’s even turned her back on the enemy!

sundae3 8-16-2015 7-56-20 AM

Seriously, Sundae? For goodness sakes, that’s a bird, and you’re a cat.

sundae4 8-16-2015 7-56-46 AM

Sundae: “What?

sundae5 8-16-2015 7-57-35 AM

“That cute little hummie is my friend.  Case closed.”

Enough said, Sundae.

~These Days Of Mine~