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Back Home

I’m not really ‘into’ art. So when this item was listed on Ebay, I was a bit leery about bidding on it.

BUT, seeing that it was of the ruins of the “Old Brick Church”, I just had to place a bid.

I realize that some of you are fairly new to this blog, so you may not be familiar with the old Brick Church.  If you click this link, you’ll be able to read more about its significance to my family.

Also, a few years go, I was asked to be the secretary for the small organization that oversees the cemetery.  And last year, I had the honor of speaking at the Memorial Day Service. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

But, back to the art work on Ebay. This was the description in the listing:

“Description: HENRY CURTIS AHL (AMERICAN, 1906-1996) VIRGINIA LANDSCAPE PAINTING, oil on canvas board, signed lower right, inscribed on back by HENRY AHL “Old Southwark Church / or / (Old Surry Church) / Surry County, Va. / (21 inch Flemish Bond brick used)”. Housed in a modern frame.
Dimensions: Ahl painting 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ sight, 11″ x 13″ OA.
Date: Circa 1970″

When I first read this, I thought “AHL” was a type of painting.  So, obviously, that search brought up nothing. Later I realized, through more Google research, that Ahl was the artist’s last name.  I placed a bid, and won the auction.

In my correspondence with the seller, I learned that he had purchased this painting many years ago. It was being auctioned along with another painting, which held more of an interest for him.  It is his opinion that the painting I won is an early work by this artist.

Henry Curtis Ahl (1905-1996) was born in Massachusetts, and painted mainly landscape scenes. How he would have come to know about the ruins of this historic church in this tiny Virginia community remains a mystery (to me).

Thankfully, I didn’t go overboard with this purchase, and I’m pleased to have won with my nominal bid. The frame is a bit too modern for my taste, so I’ll be looking for something a bit more rustic.

When I won this auction, the seller (a northern Virginia resident) sent me a message: “I’m glad the painting is going back home”.

Me, too.

~These Days Of Mine~