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Mini Hot Air Balloon Festival

Motor Man and I are now friends with several hot air balloonists, a few of them in our immediate area.

Yesterday, our friends ‘put on’ a mini balloon festival: three balloons launched (almost) simultaneously. The first two to launch were Mark and Marcus.

After what seems like WEEKS of cold, wet rain and wind, we finally had a day with sunshine.  Although a scheduled morning launch couldn’t happen because of strong winds, the afternoon was just about perfect, and the sky was beautiful.

Motor Man snapped this of the fire in our friend, Mark’s, balloon prior to the launch.

This was Tim’s balloon. He and his family have just recently moved to the area, and this was his first flight here.

It was difficult to get a shot of all three balloons in flight; this was the best shot I could do. Later in the day, many of my Facebook friends posted pictures of the balloons as they flew over our little town.

It was a full afternoon helping to launch and then chasing three balloons. But we made some new friends and had a good time.

AND arrived home in time for a gorgeous sunset.

~These Days Of Mine~