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Little White Barn Charm

Last month, on our way home from lunch with our friends, Pam and Dave, in Sperryville, we passed by this sweet little white barn. I believe this first photo was a drive-by.

first white barn

As always, Motor Man gladly pulled over, so I could get better pictures.

white barn2

You may be able to click this next photo to enlarge it; the colorful “sign” on the end of the barn shows two horses. (My kinda barn…)

white barn

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Long-Time Friends And Uncooperative Peacocks

Shirley was a classmate of mine through elementary and high school. As so often happens, we lost touch for many years, and recently reconnected. Now we get together occasionally with our mutual friends, Linda and Donna.

Shirley lives in her family’s old home place, and last week, I was invited there to take pictures of the peacocks. Apparently, it’s getting-together season for boy and girl peacocks, and supposedly, their feathers are “in full bloom”.

We’ll get to that later in this post.

First, here’s Shirley’s family home, over 200 years old; what a beautiful place.

shirleys house

I love this view from one of her windows.

from shirleys window

Her sunroom is so bright and cheerful. She, Linda and I had a nice visit there, reminiscing about old times. (Donna had joined us for lunch earlier, but then,  returned to work.) Then, the time had come: we went out to see the peacocks.


Shirley’s late mother named all the male peacocks, George, and all the females, Georgette. At this time, Shirley only has two peacocks, and they’re both males. George Number One wanted nothing to do with us. After teasing us with a quick glimpse, he made his way to the farthest corner of a shed, where he stayed during our entire visit.


George Number Two flew to the top of a drying trailer under another shed, where he decided to flaunt his feathers.

george on trailer

I have to wonder if anyone has ever taken pictures of a peacock from that angle before.

george bottoms up

Thankfully, peacock displays aren’t a requirement to spend a nice afternoon with long-time friends.

george last

Maybe next year…

Friday’s Fences And A Floppy Ear

These pictures were taken earlier this month in beautiful, downtown Surry, Virginia (population 262).

surry horse1_Snapseed

Sadly, I didn’t have any horse treats with me. For shame.

surry horse3_Snapseed

Notice the floppy right side ear?

surry horse4_Snapseed

A friend was recently told that this is a retired carriage horse from Colonial Williamsburg.

surry horse5_Snapseed

I’ll try to verify that and report back to you. Whether it be true or not, I think he’s handsome, floppy ear and all.

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fridays fences

Stay IN The Water….Please

Today, I’m sharing photos of yesterday’s sunset.  The first shot is a bit darker, because I was having camera issues and playing with the settings.


Our “resident” geese couple has six little ones, and they were all out for a swim last night. They’re so cute, but I do wish they (and their parents) would decide to stay in the water and out of our yard.

geese family

So much for that idea.

sunset last

Cousins, Friends

Today is my cousin, Lona’s, birthday.

We were best friends before we were old enough to even realize it.

lona and db 1-14-2011 9-54-43 AM

We went to church together, and many Sundays, played together afterward. As young girls, we pretended to be secretaries. To The Beatles (we dreamed big).

lona db_Snapseed

Our grandmother owned a little country store and lived in the back part of that building. Lona and I once decided that we would surprise Grandma and”straighten up” the merchandise in her store. We got in BIG trouble; seems Grandma didn’t take kindly to having things moved around without her permission.

As adults, for several years, together we taught preschoolers in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. (Neither of us became secretary to a famous rock band.)


These days, we see each other often, talk on the phone, e-mail and are “there” for each other.

Happy Birthday, Lona.

lona 2nd bd

I love you.

Barn Charm – Bringing Back Memories

A couple of weeks ago, on our trip to Hertford, NC for our friends’ wedding, we passed by this old barn.

gray hertford barn1a

Nothing too charming about this one. Just a boring old gray barn.

gray hertford barn1

But when Motor Man pulled over, and I stepped up to the open door…

gray hertford barn interior

…childhood memories came flooding back. You may recall that I grew up across the highway from a dairy farm and spent many hours there as a little girl.  This barn appears to be no longer in use, except perhaps for storage. It looks nothing like the one from my childhood, but the interior, with its stalls and “aroma” immediately carried me back to carefree summer days.

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A “Great” Baby Shower

Because my sisters were teenagers when I was born, I became an aunt when I was two and a half, and a great aunt in my very early twenties.

And now, my great niece, Gail, is expecting a baby in September. That means I’ll be a great GREAT aunt.

Gail lives out of state, but was “home” this weekend, and her friends honored her with a baby shower at our house.

Gail’s mom/my niece, Lita, was there. It was the first time the three of us have been together since Gail was a little girl.

lita gail db_Snapseed

Gail received lots of gifts for the baby, including this beautiful afghan, crocheted by my sister, June.

junes afghan

The Peter Rabbit cake was made by Gail’s childhood friend, Diana.  It was so adorable, we hated to cut it. (Adorable AND delicious.)

ss cake

It was fun helping Gail celebrate this happy occasion. Now, if only she and her husband lived closer than the west coast…  Motor Man and I may have to redeem some frequent flier miles, so I can meet my great GREAT niece or nephew as soon as possible.

After all, it seems like just yesterday, Gail was a babe in arms.

dianne and gail.bmp_Snapseed