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Only Parent Chronicles

….As We Remember

I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day.  I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it.  We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did. “
                                                                                                     ~Benjamin Harrison

Sunday Stroll

One of my blogging friends posed the question this week: which season of the year is your favorite?

I think, for some of us, it would be impossible to answer that question. There’s obviously beauty in every season.  So today, I thought I’d take you on a stroll to see the “beauty of spring” that’s blooming in our yard right now.

What’s not to love about this blue salvia? The color is so pretty, it’s a perennial, and the best part (for me anyway) is that the deer and rabbits don’t eat it.

My friend, Bev, and I went plant shopping recently and saw this citrus-colored purslane, which is similar to portulaca (one of my favorites). I like the look of plants on little wooden stools, like this one, in my flowerbeds.

 Several years ago, for my birthday, my friend, Doris, gave me a red Gerbera daisy in this little chair planter. The chair and flowerpot have gotten more rustic-looking with time. I think those purple flowers are referred to as “million bells”.  Maybe this year I’ll have better luck with those than I’ve had in the past.

Several years ago, I bought this plant in the middle of summer, when Motor Man and I were in Maryland for a boat race. It called out to me because it looked so pitiful. Evidently it’s a perennial petunia, which I didn’t know existed. It returns every year, and is the perfect plant: takes the hot, dry weather of summer and the animals don’t bother it. The plant behind it with the tall spiked flowers is guara, or “whirling butterflies”; another perfect plant.

And finally, I always have hanging baskets of ivy-leafed geraniums on the front porch.

If my luck holds out, all these plants should bloom through the summer. So far this spring, we’ve had just the right amount of rainfall. I’m hoping that will continue, because as much as I love having pretty plants, I don’t care for pulling garden hoses.

What spring beauties are in your yard?

There’s A Fire In The Sky


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Knee Deep*

“Sunrise – there’s a fire in the sky”

April 4, 2011

April 15, 2011

April 21, 2011

May 12, 2011

May 22, 2011

Now that your toes are tapping, have a good Saturday!

(And thanks, Marshall, for helping me with the music.)

*Lyrics by Zac Brown and Wyatt Durrette
Recorded by The Zac Brown Band, featuring Jimmy Buffett

Shall We Have Tea?


Yesterday, three friends and I met for lunch.  The four of us have been friends for around ten years or so, and we’re all connected through racing.

Allow me to introduce them to you.

Phyllis is on the far left. She and her husband own a race car. Karen is in the pink. Her son drives the car that Phyllis and her husband own. Doris is in the blue, and her husband is crew chief for the car that Phyllis owns and Karen’s son drives.  That’s me on the far right, and at one point, when Karen’s son drove in a different division, my Motor Man built his engine.  

We had lunch at the First Lady Tea Room in the Port Warwick section of Newport News.

I can’t really speak for the others, but I almost felt as though I was a little girl playing dress-up. See this beautiful condiment tray? I didn’t know that was raw sugar in the container with the spoon until the others clued me in. (Country girl has arrived in the city!)

My choice for lunch was the quiche and mixed greens. Nice pree-sentation.

To sum up our lunch: the tea room was lovely, the food was delicious, the friendship is special, and now I’ve seen raw sugar.

Ain’t life grand?

Little Girl In BIG Trouble


It’s Thursday! Time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!  The prompt I chose to write about today was:   “a time you got in BIG trouble as a kid”.

If ever there was a shy, timid child, it was me. I never wanted to do anything that would result in being reprimanded or punished and never wanted attention brought to myself.  

But, one time as a child, I really did get in big trouble.

The pastor (or “preacher”, as we always called him) of our church during my childhood years was a very gentle, kind man who was loved by the entire congregation.  Carol, his daughter, was around my age.  Since Carol and I were the only girls in the neighborhood, she and I played together quite a bit.

One day when we were playing, Carol did something that really made me mad.   Although I can’t recall the details, I remember that I was very upset.  So, to get back at her, I did the unthinkable.

I let the air out of her bicycle tires.

My mother found out; I can’t remember how.  (I seem to have erased a lot of this from memory.) When she did, she seemed certain that this sole act would deny me access to the gates of heaven. And I think she was worried that she might be in danger too. After all, she was responsible for this child that had suddenly veered off the straight-and-narrow.

My mom’s chosen method of punishment was always a scolding. And this was probably the worst one ever directed at me. She could not BELIEVE that I had let the air out of someone’s tires, ESPECIALLY  the preacher’s daughter!  I can still remember her horror.  I don’t think the preacher and his family were too bothered by it; I seem to recall them assuring us that it wasn’t a big deal.

But to my mom, it was. Looking back, it saddens me to know that I disappointed her by committing this childish (albeit mean-spirited) prank.

And I’ve never let the air out of anyone’s tires again. Ever.

Mama’s Losin’ It

A Sky Divided


Monday evening, our area was under a severe thunderstorm warning.  I really wasn’t expecting much in the way of a sunset.

But, ever the optimist,  as time for the sunset approached, I glanced out our garage window.  And then I hurried to get the camera.

This picture was taken just as I came out of the garage. Normally, my sunset pictures are taken from the “point” of our property, but I was afraid the sun would be completely gone if I waited to cross the yard.

Once I made it to the water’s edge, I was able to take a few pictures before the storm clouds completely overshadowed the sun.

The thunderstorms never made it to us, but skirted the area. I could hear the thunder as I was taking these pictures. Believe me, I wasn’t out there long. Looking at the times on the pictures, these were all taken within three minutes.

The clouds seemed to divide the sky, just as their reflection seemed to divide the water.

And now, I must go adjust the clock setting on our camera. These pictures were NOT taken at 1 pm, as indicated when holding the mouse over the image.